University of Central Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody even if your shy or a person with outgoing personality UCF has students that will make you feel comfortable for who you are. CHARGE ON!!


The person to attend UCF is one that is goal oriented and wants to pursue a career.


This university accepts all kinds of kinds. There is always a place for everyone to feel like their presence impacts the community in a positive manner. As long as you be yourself, you're a perfect fit.


Someone should attend this school who is dedicated to their education and prepared to attend such a large University. You need to have excellent time management and be able to focus on your studies.


Someone should attend UCF if they are divers in any aspect. People that attend UCF should be hardworking, motivated, focused on academics and social lives, and anyone who just wants to go to a good, fun school. UCF is perfect for extrovert and introverts. People shuold attend UCF if you are in or out of state students. UCF accepts ALL types of people.


In order to attend UCF, you should be a very focused person with a lot of potential to grow educationaly and personally.


Anyone is welcome to join the school; it is a friendly and inviting community for people from all kinds of backgrounds.


The ideal person to attend UCF would have to be someone extremely outgoing and adventurous. This is not a place for the timid. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of and with enrollment at over 50,000 students, you have to be able to put yourself out there or you will just fade into the sea of students.


I believe anyone could attend, the school is a very welcoming environment and there is a vast selection of major choices.


A person who is a hard worker and doesn't have any difficulty in separating social life from acedemics. If you're someone who needs to go out and socialize every weekend then I would avoid this school. the classes are highly demanding and require a majority of your time.


Someone who is open minded, willing to meet a lot of new people, and love gettting involved should attend UCF.


The kind of person who should attend University of Central Florida should be someone who is ambitious, outgoing, and always willing to try new things. It is a sort of jack-of-all-trades school, with many different majors and programs readily available for everybody. Particularly, anybody who is heavily interested in art, engineering, or business would appreciate the wealth of knowledge in the expansive list of majors.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that wants to get a great education and doesn't mind working for it.


Since this is a 4-year degree university, the prospective student should be determined to have long-term goals toward their particular interest(s). Also, since UCF is the second-largest university in the United States, the prospective student should be willing to be surrounded by a variety of individuals while studying here. Regardless of other personal qualities, such as school involvement or intellectual prestige, UCF offers programs, organizations, and clubs for a variety of interests.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Central Florida (UCF) is an individual who is not afraid of new experiences, new people, and new ideas. UCF is a wonderful up-and-coming school. The student body as a whole is upbeat, friendly, and diverse. An individual planning to attend this school must be comfortable with a very large student population, as UCF has over 50,000 students. More than likely, an individual who attends the main campus of this school would be in classrooms filled with 100+ other students.


An ambitious person should attend the University of Central Florida. There are a myriad of opportunities to improve grades, as well as many resources to prepare for careers. If you are an individual open to meeting a diverse group of individuals at a school of over 60,000 people then this is the place to be.


The University of Central Florida has a very diverse population.


I honestly believe that any type of person is suited to attend UCF. Due to the diversity of the campus, a plethora of different personality types blend to make UCF unique. This uniqueness gives UCF its charm. Whether youre goal-driven, incentive-driven, introverted, extroverted, or none of the above, you will be accepted into the UCF community with open arms, make new friends, and guide your desired lifestyle as you see fit.


The best person to attend the University of Central Florida would be someone who is ready to make your mark. You really have to make an effort to stand out and be succesfull as a student. Our campus has a big population. In a lecture class with 200 students or more, you must decide to sit in the front. When you are in the front, do not be afraid to participate in discussions and ask intelligent questions. Beyond academics, be adventurous. Explore and make the effort to participate in fun events.


A strong knowledge seeking person should attend this school.


I think this school is best fit for people who are outgoing and love to go to events. Not necessarily parties, just events. There are so many events around campus, that if you look, you can find at least one every day. The people here are super friendly and love to talk to people as well, so I wouldn't really recommend it for people who like to stay in their rooms. Of course, you can always do that if you want, but you won't really be getting the full experience.


UCF is great for a student looking to succeed in the arts. There are a lot of opportunities for artistic students here in Orlando. I am happy that I chose this school. I have made some of my best art while at UCF. I made my first commission on some of my work. I believe all of that is due to the fact that I chose to go to UCF. It's also been a great place to find some real friends. Since fall 2009 I have made two of the best friends I have ever had. It's great!


The kind of person who should attend this school, is someone who is looking for a great education and school experience. You can't go wrong with the school being located in Florida either, the weather is great year round. Go Knights!




The kind of person who should attend this school is the kind of person with ambition, dedication, and a flexible mind.


Any person can attend this institution. UCF is very diverse and accommodates many areas of study. The professors are open to encourage and assist in the growth processess as well as continuous future communications that may address personal concerns.


The kind of person who would thrive at Central Florida would be outgoing and self-motivated. Someone who enjoys the community of a large school and doesnt mind large classroom environments.


There is no 'kind of person' who should attend any school. There is something to do for any kind of person. Whether you're a person who loves to be out at night partying or someone who just likes to keep to themselves at night and turn in early. Really anyone should attend UCF, it already has the largest student body in the United States, so why not add more?


A hardworking, determined person should attend UCF. A person who is interested in this school should be able to adapt to the college life and be prepared to show their school spirit! Another characteristic a person should have is being able to network with different people. At UCF, you should join clubs and different organizations to get connections for your future. So it is an extra bonus if you have a nice and easygoing personality. When it comes to academics, you must be organized with your assignments. The professors will not "baby" you like in high school.


People who want to have internships while attending college should attend UCF.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is truly looking for the college experience. However, they must keep in mind that the classes are challenging and if they expected to get through school like a breeze, they should not be looking into UCF. This school balances social and academic life very well.


Anyone could attend Unversity of Central Florida. There are groups, clubs, and personalites to match each and every person. No one feels left out. So many people at the school are great and friendly, simply wanting to meet new people.


I believe any type of person can and chould attend this school. There are so many clubs and groups for all types of people regarding race, ethnicity, religion, and more. Everyone can fit in here.


The great thing about UCF is that it is accessible to just about everyone that is serious about getting a college degree. UCF primarily focuses on programs for science, technology, engineering, and medical professions, but there is a vast number of degrees outside of these programs. They've even just recently revamped the performing arts programs. Due to the large population, anyone who is okay with having large class sizes and an occasional partially online course should attend UCF.


Someone looking for a great value at an affordable price with a wide variety to choose from.


The type of person who should attend University of Central Floida can vary all around. I've visited other colleges in Florida due to my friends attending them and I have to admit UCF is the most diverse. If want a school that's growing more every day than UCF is for that person. The campus is always changing and expanding which creates an exciting atmosphere. The area around UCF such as downtown Orlando and Disney World are a fantastic benefit for those who want activities on the weekend. UCF is an amazing university and great place.


Studentsa who interestedin Math and Sciences should attend the University of Central Florida because it is an ABETcredited school. Which in most cases is a pre requisite for engineering majors and is many companies seek future employess from ABET credited institutions. Furthermore, UCF has great internship programs with many of most noterized companies today such as Lockheed Martin and Siemens. As well, university of Central Florida is second largest school in the nation.


Someone who does not have the need to focus on anything other than school and has no big financial burdens.


Someone who is dedicated and willing to work hard, it is sometimes challenging but also offers great ways to not only learn academics but to grow as a person and excel in all aspects of life. A person that wants the perfect balance to enjoy college but still be focused on school should definitely attend!


They type of person should attend UCF those with a mind willling to learn and strive toward a higher level beyond B.S. degree major.


The kind of person who sould attend UCF is someone who wants to encounter all sorts of people from different backgrouds, and who wants to gain a great education.


I truly believe a person that is highly motivated and dedicated to their success in the future. I believe if a person is serious about recieving education as well as meeting a wide variety of excellent professors he/she should attend the Univeristy of Central Florida. Orlando is a great area, so the local people around the school calls for a welcoming enviroment, so one who is friendly and open-minded should attend UCF.. UCF has many great departments from professions majoring in stem cell research to psychology, so if one likes to explore, UCF is the place for it.


Someone who is work focused, but also knows how to have a personal life.


This institution is extremely diverse therefore it would be befitting for anyone. There are multiple majors and the institution is currently adding more programs.


Anyone who needs a lot going on around them. UCF is the 2nd largest in the nation and offers a wide variety of activities. It's hard to get bored here with so much opportunity.


The University of Central Florida has opened its arms to me; a 34 year old, father of four daughters. If they will do this for me and make me feel at home, then why would they do anything different for anyone else. I do not believe there is a type of person for this school, I believe that all students would be very happy attending.


People that attend UCF go there because it providesstudents with both an education and college experience. Some schools can be too socially based, while others are academic. UCF provides the best of all worlds, which makes the student bond to the school forever. The student has to be willing and able to excel in coursework while maintaining a social life. The people at UCF are normally intelligent, school spirited, friendly, and motivated.


The kind of person who loves being around people and wants to be involved in campus life should go to UCF. Orlando is a big city so there will always be something to do. The campus population is HUGE so there will always be someone to do those things with. Although the school population is big, the campus is compact into a big circle so the student body is always in one place, it is amazing.


Fun, outging people. Engineers. Someone who likes big schools. City people.


There are no specifications for this school. Wanting a higher education is qualifying enough.