University of Central Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People to stay away from UCF are those that do not have the willingness to work hard. So if you are lazy, there is no hope for you.


This school is extremely well suited for almost everyone, but the school offers a lot that requires students to get involved. Students who didn't want to get out and get involved would probably not enjoy their time at UCF.


The type of person that cannot do things on their own and manage their time. It is an incredibale amount of learning that takes place on your own. professors teach at a level 3 and test at a level 12. on a 1 to 10 scale.


A person who is adverse to large crowds, loud music, alcohol should not attend this school. Furthermore, if you need frequent academic guidance, you will have to either learn to do your own advising or leave the university.


I don't think UCF actively discriminates on any type of person, however I would suggest a smaller University to someone who comes from a very sheltered or conservative background.


UCF is one, if not the largest in the nation in terms of student population., therefore it is extremely diverse. UCF was FTU - Florida Institute of Technology and was founded primarily as an engineering school to satsify the needs of the space coast. It has grown to be an all-encompassing school with majors in countless fields. Most recently, a medical school has been a proud addition.


The University of Central Florida has something for everyone...the academic, the athlete and even the 'Average Joe'. It is a multi-cultural and welcoming to people of all races, ethnicities and orientation. Anyone respectful of other people would find a home at UCF. A political extremist or person htat is not respectful or tolerant to people of different faith or orientation might feel unfomfortable at this welcoming and unclusive campus.


This school is very accepting of all types of people.


Someone who needs to socialize and isn't willing to give everything they have to school.


The type of person that should attend UCF should be a person that is well prepared and ready to be surrounded by nearly 70,000 students. UCF is a massive campus and has a massive student body so people who apply to UCF should be students who are not afraid of commitment or are seeking a large campus and surrounding city area.


To be honest, I cannot think of a type of person who should not attend. I have met so many people of so many different sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, socioeconomic status, race and ethnicities around here. People who are outgoing and people who are shy all attend here and with the amount of clubs and communities on campus, it is not too hard to find your niche. UCF is a diverse and warm community willing to accept its members with open arms and boundless enthusiasm. There is so much support for differences on a small and large scale.


Students who don't know what they want to do with their life. Like have no idea what so ever. No genuine interest in any subject offered at this school. Students who are not self motivated.


Someone who isn't serious about their career or ready to put in the amount of work it takes to get good grades


Students who are not willing to put in an effort to be at least average students should not attend UCF. They will find themselves losing money, because this school is academically demanding. If a person wishes to "party hard" and not do any work, then they should choose another school.


I would recommend this school to anyone. If studying here made me a better, well-rounded individual, this school will work for everyone.


Someone who isn't good at reaching out to get involved. There is a very large student body with so many different clubs and activities, but if you don't make the effort to join a club, then it is easy to get lost in the crowd.


Anyone who prefers rigorous course work in small, artistic minded environments should not attend this school.


The type of person that should not attend this schoo is an anti-social person.


People shouldn't attend the University of Central Florida if they are not willing to try hard and work toward success. If you just want to be a crazy party kid who never attends their classes then this is not the school for you.


The kind that only wants to party and never wants to put in the work for good grades.


Somebody who is seeking only a bachelor's degree should not attend this university. They will find no assistance with job placement or course planning if they reveal they are not seeking another degree (see: giving UCF more money), with the institution.


Someone who is looking to skate through school should not attend here. If someone goes to UCF hoping to drink and do drugs, they will find out very soon that they will be kicked out of school in a split second.


Someone who does not want to try hard in school


Students who love nature but also want other things to do outside of the campus. There are plenty of jobs and housing and activities you can find here. There are parties but you can avoid them completely without a hassle.


A person who doesnt enjoy working hard as well having a great time. Basically anyone who doesnt enjoy happiness.


People who do not have a vision in their life. I believe thar everyone is given an opportunity in life and education is one of them. For those who prefer the minimum job lifestyle and not work hard, then my advice is to stay away from school. School is not for everyone, but for those who want to pursue and obtain and education should allow to enter and for those who don't, then they shouldn't.


Some one who is interested in Engineering, Medicine, Film and the Arts, Business, Tourism. There are a ton of internship opportunities!


Since it is a large univeristy, I wouldn't recommend students who don't like very large crowds.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the student who is unwilling to focus on their academics. Students who believe that college is all about partying and drinking will not fit in here. The University of Central Florida will not tolerate students who do not give their utmost ability to do well in school. If any student is not willing to try their best and give their all to their college career will quickly realize that this university is not for them.


The university of central florida is a school that is open to everyone who wishes to get a great education. The only people who should not attend are those who take their education lightly in my opinion.


From my perspective, the type of person that I would not reccomend to attend UCF would be one who fits the following descriptions: A close-minded, parental dependent and/or mega-religious person. Also one who is overwhelmed by large classroom sizes and in need of motivation by outside peers or Professors. Here at UCF, most students have a well developed identity and are self motivators. We are constantly encouraging ourselves to succeed and are in favor of large classes because of the high student to student interaction.


One must be motivated to becoming an individual of excellence. He/she must be willing to put forth 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into their education and his/her future. They must be willing to read, learn and follow the pollicies of the school. Those that do not fit the profile described above should not attend the University of Central Florida.


I wouldn't exclude anyone from saying they shouldn't go, but always be prepared for change. UCF is constantly growing as a student body and new buildings are constructed. If you don't like a big school environment, UCF can be intimidating when you first step on campus. It takes a multiple times going throughout campus to feel comfortable.


Well to be honest you can not judge or tell who can or cannot come to this school. As the saying goes everybody is different and there should be no type of discrimination throughout the education system. So, honestly I do not have an answer for this question because it is a choice of the students who want to attend any school in order to recieve a proper education and to succeed in the world.


a person who's always negative, doesn't look at the world brightly. Whos truly not motivated to be here and will just laz around.


The only kind of person who shouldn't attend the University of Central Florida is someone who is lazy and will not work hard to earn their degree. We are working to be the top school in Florida and there is not room for slackers. Not only are they the type that should not attend this university, they will also be unable to succeed. They do no just hand out diplomas.


I don't believe that there is one specific type of person/persons who shouldn't attend UCF. It's a school for everyone honestly. Regardless of your background.


If a person is not independent and disciplined, it would be hard for them to be successful at UCF. This a large campus with many activities and many people to interact with, and so it is very easy to get distracted. While UCF is a fun campus, the classes are also challenging and should not be taken lightly. I have learned to balance my free time and my work time, and I believe that is why my college transition has not been very hard. Discipline is the key to a successful semester at UCF.


Those who don't like large schools


Those who are not willing to work hard in order to succeed would have a difficult time at UCF. Overall it is strenuous to picture a person who would not fit in UCF since it is so diverse. In my opinion the only case in which this school would not be adequate for someone is if that person is not open to other ethnicities or opinions. Even then UCF could broaden up their point of view and expose them to a new set of ideas that could broaden their horizons and allow them to understand the world around them.


Somebody who doesnt want to succeed


The type of person who should attend this school is a person who wants to work hard in their classes and prosper in life. They should want to be part of a big community where there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet a lot of really great people.


Anyone who isn't willing to put forth the effort and work hard shouldn't attend this school. There are a lot of teachers who are very strict about the attendance policy and who give no forgiveness for any late assignments. People attempting to skirt by lazily are not going to succeed in this environment and should thus steer clear of the university.


Someone who doesn't like to get involved.


If you are not ready to put your academic skils to the test and find no motivation for doing work then UCF is not the school of your choice. UCF stans for integrity, scholarship, comminity, creativity and excellence and if that is not something you find worth your time then you may need to seek other options for college. If you are uninterested in social events and looking for a school that is more low key with a small population than UCF may not be the right school for you.


You have to be self motivated to attend any College and have a strong desire to finish what you have started. If you do not have these qualities than college is not for you. My moto is to never give up and it has helped me through out all my years of college. It took me 5 years to finish college at CFCC and it is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. So I would say that college is not for someone that likes to quit.


University of Central Florida is a great school! They offer a wide variety of majors and programs at several different campuses. Many of the classes are also available online, which makes going to school possible for many non-traditional students, such as full time workers and parents of young children. The only kinds of people that shouldn't attend this school are people who are not willing to learn.


I would say that if a student is not willing to work hard or be a part of their school's community, they should not attend this school. UCF is all about their creed of integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence. If a student is not willing to show these core values, you should not want to be a part of the University of Central Florida.


Anyone and everyone should attend. You can really be who you are and find others like you. Academically, someone who needs small class sizes should inquire to the student size in the program he or she wants. You will have 400 person lectures as a freshman though. After that a class size of 60 is pretty normal.


The University of Central Florida should appeal to most but for students that want a more intimate education UCF may not be their first choice. UCF is a very large school and the classes are quite populated, as is the campus. The university does, however, offer many kinds of tutoring and help for students struggling in certain classes. Also being in Orlando, the area is always busy and crowded. There's usually a lot of traffic and Orlando's crime rate is pretty high. Students that don’t care for the city scene might want to look at another school.