University of Central Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Central Florida know before they start?


You have been created for something bigger than yourself. Look outside of your current circumstances and dream of a future with an education. You have the capability to make straight A's in college. You are smart enough and brilliant enough that anything you set your mind to do you can achieve it beyond excellence. Do not let life distract you from your dreams, hold onto them and you can change your destiny by furthering your studies. Life is too short to stay within your comfort zone. Go out to the colleges and see how you can make a huge impact on this world for the good. If you can dream it you can achieve it. There is a destiny out there for you that you must grab onto now to help others to learn how to dream. Ignore the naysayers in your life and reach for the stars because you have the strength, the intelligence, and the stamina to make it through whatever the future holds for you. Seek knowledge and that knowledge will help you have a more positive experience for not only your future but for those that surround you.


If I could go back in time, and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life and the transition, I would tell myself to buckle down. I would concentrate on passing and understanding because college life throughs harder balls. There is no bell or teacher making you attend class. You do not need permission to leave class early but if you do, whatever you miss is on you. Teachers give out the homework, assignments, and tests, which is sometimes very different than what was discussed in class. Some teachers do not even tell you what will occur on a test, some would say read the book and just give you the exam date. It is up to you to make college count because once you slip off track, it is very hard to get back on the road you were once headed. Many consider college as a second high school, when in fact, the major difference is the freedom. So you need to choose what you will truly do with that freedom. Which should be to get an education so that you can go onto the next part of your life and prosper greatly with this education.


Knowing what I know now about college life my advice to myself would be is start planning early. I would have taken more foreign language. That will give you the most flexibility. I would have taken the hardest classes that I could manage. If you have the option of taking advanced classes, do it. Also, I would have read a lot more rigorius books. It’s the activity which will have the greatest impact on your future. If you read, your SAT and ACT scores will be higher. If you read, your grades in English and Social Studies will be higher. Also I would have worked on improving my writing skills. The best way to improve your writing skills is to write frequently, writing with intent and determination. Also, I would have taken as many classes that I could of handled. Even if that meant no lunch. Get your requirements out of the way as early as you can so you can take more interesting electives that may only be open to juniors and seniors. Never have a free period if you can manage. Get to know your guidance counselor. They will have to write a college recommendation for you.


The question is rather what I might have changed about my first year in University. Well, knowing my desire to pursue a career in the arts but not how to achieve this goal, forced my hand as it were to indulge in disparate disciplines my first year. Knowing how isolated each college has become within the University, I would like to have chosen more wisely which programs I became involved in. Rather than experimenting with a major in the sciences, for instance, I would have rather continued my music education. I cannot regret, however, the choices I made, which is what this question is attempting to force me to do. So my real answer is that I would not change anything. I would not give myself any advice. Above is what I might have done with the mindset I now have, but my past self did exactly what he needed to do to become my present self. Therefore, the knowledge that I have is only useful in the present. It is impossible for me to claim that I would rather have been someone else, as I would not now possess the knowledge to become that person.


I would tell myself to better prepare for college.


Keep on presevering and never give up on your dreams! Believe in yourself and reach for the stars. You can make positive changes in this world, for you were born with a special purpose to do so. Do the very best you can and you will experience endless possibilities. When life takes a turn and you experience failure and defeat, don't give up. Instead, learn to turn those moments inside out into learning opportunities for success. Don't lose focus and never quit, for your shining moment is around the corner.


During high school, my family encouraged educational growth as a personal journey. There were a few paths I would have chosen differently. First, an Associate's in Business Administration would be priority. This foundation would open many opportunities within the professional world. Encouragement to pursue a desired career path would follow. After enrollment into a Bachelor's program, a certification/focus in professional writing would be strongly recommended. Obtaining tools to successfully read and write within a professional atmosphere is essential to the growht process. Secondly, establishing an immediate internship would be fundamental to successfully obtaining a long-term, post-graduate position. Strengthening skills throughout coursework will enable understanding of core concepts as well as gain expertise toward future positions. Maintaining a strong network will also benefit future opportunities whether it corresponds to increasing knowledge or available positions. The following recommendations to my past self would enable a greater success in obtaining future goals. Start with a business oriented Associate's, encourage individual growth toward a Bachelor's accompanied by a focus in professional writing, obtain an internship during the first year, and establish networking opportunities. Maintaining given resources is essential to the successful implementation of future goals.


You are a strong and beautiful women who has the entire world of possibilities ahead of her, don't let the words of others bring you down to their level. Keep your head up; never forget who you are, what you are made of and what you can be destined for.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to stress about anything. I would tell myself to keep trying my best and if I did not get into the college I wanted to keep calm. Everything will be all right and everything will be taken care of no matter what because I have amazing friends and a extremely supportive family that will be there. I would advise myself to go to a community college to get my basics out of the way and help cut the costs of incoming debt from tuitions. I am an extremely religious person so I would end with saying that God ultimately knows what is going to happen and he will not lead me astray. He will lead me down the path that he wants for me and it will be better than what i have or wanted for myself anyway. Everything will work out in the end, so overall just keep calm.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships so that I wouldn't have to take out so many loans.