University of Central Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Central Florida know before they start?


The number one piece of advice I would give myself before college is that mom is, in fact, always right. I left high school as an all-knowing adult. I knew what I was doing in life, what my major was, and how to pay for it. My first semester I hated my degree and I had no idea what I was passionate in-a problem my mom warned me would happen. Prior to moving out she had given me the advice: 1. Do not declare your major until you have to. 2. Things have a way of working out. 3. The fastest way to make God laugh is to make plans. What I wish I would’ve realized is that my mom had been through college; she has been through 2 ½ times more life than I have. Mom does know everything and for me to take on the arrogant all-knowing teen persona was the biggest mistake of my life and it definitely gave me a small set back. If I had ultimately come to that realization the mother knows best, I would’ve been more prepared for college than I was a few years ago.


AsI've grown as an individual and professional throughout my college years , I've learned to take pride in myself, my accomplishments, and the decisons I've made in the past that led me to where I stand today. I currently find myself holding a 3.57GPA, on the Dean's List, employed at the university's Recreation and Wellness Center as a certified Group exercise Instructor, and interning with the Human Resources Department at an astonishing non-profit organization. All this takes place while I perform my duties as a full-time college student. Considering my present standing, if I were to give my High School self "advice", I'd actually "encourage" myself to be sure of the decision I was making to pursue my goals and dream career at the University of Central Florida. As a senior, muddled by my various college choices, I was inlcined to go for the "big name school" like most of my peers. This meant neglecting my career intersts and financial standing. However, today I'm honored to be Sophia Fernandez, a University of Central Florida student, because of the choice I made in High School and perseverance I've had since then.


Assuming I could go back in time to offer myself advice as a high school senior, I would first and foremost assure myself that relocating myself to a different city is a fantastic idea. I would let myself know that, despite my somewhat dismal high school experience, that I would have the time of my life in college. Everything from the classes filled with students that are excited about studying Psychology to the Philosophy Society populated with outstanding thinkers to walking around campus and enjoying seeing the scenery and the people is worth all the planning and stress. I would tell myself to take a step back, take a deep breath, and continue working hard to get everything sorted out before leaving for school. I would commend myself on working 30-40 hours a week because the money that I earned ending up saving my skin when I was searching for a job. Most importantly though, I would tell myself not to be afraid to be exactly the person I want to be because, unlike the judgmental people that populate my hometown, the individuals that I will end up meeting will absolutely love me for exactly the person I am.


If I could go back in time as a high school student I definitely would. The things that I know now about college if I really understood the importance of it then I think i would be really succesful. I would of made sure I applied for any scholarships that they had availble for me. I would of did many more community service hours. i also would of been more organized. I would stress to myself the importance of deadlines. I think if I would of did that stuff back then everything would run more smooth now.


Hey Delaine, don't get a meal plan. The food isn't good and it's a total waste of money. Just remember that with college there is a lot of freedom but there is also a lot of responsibility. Don't be lazy and strive for success.


To the Chris of 4 years ago, I would say - Get ready to get it together. There's a lot heading your way, more than you could ever expect. If you're going to do the graphic design program, you've gotta go full blast. No holding back. Any idea you have, use it. Any method of learning, make use of it. Any professor you need to talk to, TALK TO THEM. A lot of things are going to be tested. Your desires. Your faith. Your integrity. Even your sanity. Believe me, the time is coming when you will do things you never thought you would do, fail in ways you never thought you would fail, and lose people you hoped you would never lose. You need to be ready for all of this. Not just in word, but in action as well. Talk gets very cheap, very quickly at this point. Have the heart to go through with what you say you will do, and don't allow yourself to merely procrastinate and let it slide. Lastly, value the relationships that got you this far, and the ones that will take you further. And SAVE SOME MONEY, PLEASE. Peace.


I would tell myself not to worry so much, but make sure to aply myself. It's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be, but it's still important. I would also tell myself not to worry about becoming a studio art major. It's makign me happy, and nothing is more important in life.


Be more outgoing and learn to make friends easier. It is a tough adjustment but hang in there. It does get easier and it is so worth it.


As a college student now, if I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior; the advice I'd give is always do your homework, because without homework the concepts or things you've learned doesn't stop in the classrooms. Homework helps broaden and expand minds, helping you remember everything that you've just learned hours before. It is always great to offer more than what is given when working on projects and such, to be what is known as an "over-achiever". Teachers are here to help you and you have the opportunity to be successful; though what you do with the help given is entirely up to you, for you are your own person. They are there to teach you, so that you may go out into the world with the knowledge you have gained, and with that, land you a successful career. You have achieved this successful path by becoming educated with the homework and skills you have learned by your teacher. Without these resources given, we are fish thrown into a big pond, not knowing what we want to accomplish in life. Remember, “Never, never, never give up” ~Churchill.


I have several things to tell myself as a high school senior, but one of them is not school-related. I would tell myself about the new diet I discovered that helped me manage my mood-swings and to remain focused. I found out that what I have been eating severely affected my academic performance and social status throughout my life. I would also tell myself to stop doing everything at the last minute because something bad always happens to prevent me from doing my work at that moment. Above all, I would tell myself that-regardless of what goes on in the world- I am only responsible for myself. The world can never be how anyone wants it to be because it is bigger than all of us, and because-if we are constantly complaining- we still won't satisfied even if it is how we want it to be.