University of Central Florida Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The energetic and dedicated atmosphere of the campus invigorates students to succeed to the best of their ability while having fun in the process.


I like the size and all of the oppurtunities it offers.


I think the best thing about University of Central Florida is the diversity. Not just the diversity in the people, but the diversity in the ideas, in the clubs, and in the options you can choose from.


The best thing about UCF is the location. Orlando is a great metro area with lots of dining and entertainment options. There's also a lot of job opportunities for students because of the tourism industry. It's also 45 minute drive to the beach. Yes, UCF offers great academics, on-campus activities and student organizations, but I really like UCF because all of that happens to be situated in a great city!


The best thing about my school has to be the opportunities that come from UCF. Every major is very demanding but very very promising from UCF. A degree in any field here will take you far in your life. The internship opportunities are endless at this school and are acquirable at any level of schooling.


My school has really helped me learn how to be independent and self-driven. The university offers many opportunities, you just have to be determined enough to get them!


The best thing about the University of Central Florida is the diverse population. Diversity is extremely important in an education environment because it keeps you from thinking inside the box. UCF has students from all over the world so it's quite easy to find yourself becoming friends with someone from a completely different culture.


Very affordable and helpful financially


I love the appearance and layout of UCF! The campus is very green and bright because it's covered in foliage. Many students enjoy relaxing, studying, or socializing infront of the beautiful reflection pond near the center of campus. I also love the layout of UCF's campus. The campus was designed in a circular fashion with the student union in the center. As a result of this modern design, it is very easy to find where you're going and difficult to get lost. Another thing, because UCF is conveniently 45 minutes away from my parents, I visit often.


The best thing I consider about UCF is that it is known for it's diversity. Being a multiracial student myself, I find it interesting to meet other people from different cultural backgrounds as well.


The best thing about my school is the many offices and resources we have, for practically anything. If a student is struggling in a class, he or she has the ability to go to somewhere called SARC and get turtored by certified student tutors. We have a career services that I have personally been to and gotten a lot of help from. They do mock interviews, help you pick a major and/or a career, critique resumes and ultimately get you ready for the career world. We also have resources to be able to have good, clean fun.


It is centrally located so finding internships and jobs are easy.


The diversity of the students and the large campus both contribute to making the UCF experience an unforgettable one. Many types of students from all over the world unite on this campus, striving for similar goals and ideals. The ability to meet new, interesting people on a regular basis makes every day fresh and exciting.


The people, the diversity, the large campus, and the good vibe.


There are an infinite amount of groups focused on career-specific goals. I find this to be very important because it provides real-life experience of the field of study, and it exposes the student to challenges they might face as a professional in that career.


The best thing about my school would probably be the people on campus. No matter what time of the day were I am going or coming from I can always run into a friendly face or gesture. I like how others are so welcoming and polite to individuals who are around the same age as of them.


The best thing about UCF is that there is a place for everyone. No one should ever feel as though there isn't a club they could join or an organization to get involved with. It is such an accepting environment that welcomes all people! Everyone is able to do what they love as long as they're not harming anyone. It's a wonderful feeling.


I like UCF, because I have the flexibility to attend classes on campus and on line. The professors are very helpful and nice, and I have not had any bad experiences at this college. There are lots of ways to get involved in clubs and activities, and make new friends.


The friendliness of the teachers and how engaging they are. Every teach I have had are very insightful and know endless amount of information about their subjects. The teachers are very good at explaining things I didn't understand or helping me when I couldn't keep up. They involved the whole class in lecture in a way that didn't make even a struggling student feel belittled. The teachers are definitely the best thing about the school.


Our school is constantly renovating and growing. We are only 50 years old and have grown physically, academically, and in athletics tremendously in those years. This means that UCF has a lot to offer it's students and has the ability and capacity to manage a student body of 60,000. This would be the best thing about my school, because it has made the opportunity for me to get an education and grow as an individual if I set myself up to do it.


I think th best thing about my school is that we have caeer fairs and also a career email that gets sent to us. It lets us know who is hiring in the area and if we need to apply for an internship the list is updated. It gives us a chance to have an idea on where to start.


I love the fact that there are so many clubs to attend and a lot of activities to partake in. It's never boring.


a good education can be had attending this school. It is large in size but gives that small school feel.


The location, online class opportunity, and regional campuses are what attracted me to UCF.


The best part about the University of Central Florida is that I get to learn what I love. I didn't learn much my senior year of high school so it's refreshing to fill my head up with knowledge again.


The many opportunities there are to better educate and prepare yourself to be sucessful. For example, study abroad programs, interships, co-ops, and more!


Its local and they offer the bachelor's program that I want.


The best thing about the University of Central Florida is the community feel to the campus. Everyone is pleasant at my school! There are plenty of activities that the school put on for the freshmen, so we can have an easier transition into college. I was nervous about going to college but attending UCF in the summer helped me get use to the college lifestyle. The academic advisors were very helpful and made sure that you picked the correct classes for your major. UCF have activities were everyone can meet new people.


The best thing about my school is the internship and job opportunities. The career center has a lot of information on where and how to get internships, as well as help you with your resume.


Teh vast career oppunities avalible after graduating


The best thing about UCF is that there are so many things you can do to get help or learn about something and there are so many classes you can take and majors you can choose from.


The best thing about my school is its size. This effects all of the opportuities that are offered-- which amount to endless.


The best aspect of the University of Central Florida is the size of our school. I love that I attend one of the most populated schools in America. I like this about my school because I like seeing new faces everywhere I go. I could not imgaine going to a small university where I knew the majority of everyone there. Attending a large school like this gives me more opportunities to meet unique and interesting people that I most likely would not meet attending a smaller school. I think that the diversity big schools give to its students is important.


The campus is nice.


What I consider the best thing about my school is how it is laid out. The campus is organized in a circular fashion, making it very walker friendly, and reducing the need for major crosswalks and such. Virtually everything on campus is no more than a fifteen minute walk away, which is also very convenient when you happen to be running late or you have a very short amount of time to get from one class to another.


the price of tuition and resources available. you can actually afford the education and its easy to find informationa and learn.


UCF is a beautiful, engaging campus. The campus is always growing and expanding which encourages the average UCF Knight to do the same. The atmosphere the surrounds the university is one of motivation, excitement, and progress!


The best thing about my school they have 24 hour security and info student when there is major problem on campus through email alert.


I love that the regional campus I attend is close to home and has convenient class times. I do not have to travel to get to my classes at all and can take all my classes at this campus.


I believe there is not one factor that defines UCF and all it stands for. I cannot differentiate on a scale how everything compares, but combined is what makes UCF the best in every field. I respect the professors for they are very open-minded and reasonable. They also present themselves in a very well manner and obtain a lot of valuable information that students are likey and should be honored to recieve. The meals there are amazing and their housing is very close to the main campus.


I feel the best thing about the University of Central Florida is the unity amongst the students. There is a very large sence of pride in being a Knight, and the student body and the school does not take this lightly. We as Knights thrive on excellence and set a standard in the community that is second to none. We believe in one motto, "-and then some."


It is the second largest campus in the nation, UCF is extremely diverse. UCF is also a wet campus so we are allowed to drink on campus while we tailgate. UCF has many new buildings and we have our own cute shopping center by the UCF Arena.


First off, we have a 150,000 square foot recreation and wellness center that houses a climbing wall, multiple basketball courts, an indoor track, so on and so forth. Our homecoming celebration includes spirit splash, where once a year students are allowed access to get into the fountain outside Millican Hall. Memory Mall, the area surrounding the new UCF arena houses a multitude of restaurants and even a clothing store, and a full liquor bar. Overall the more the student body explores the campus the more they find to love about and find a bit odd or unique.


We are the SECOND largest school in the nation. We are also considered an up-and-coming university.


You can be your own person no matter what. UCF is a large school and diversity is a constant thing.


The open nature of the campus makes me feel free and in control of my own academic path, while within an arm's reach of the resources I need to accomplish my academic goals.


The overall experience you gain from going there. There is a lot of school spirit and everyone comes together. The classes become more challenging once you begin your classes for your major and my major had a clinic on campus. Also, spirit splash is a favorite of everyones!


We have the 2nd largest university in the Country.


Out of all the other colleges in Florida that I toured, UCF was the most welcoming. The students and faculty were so friendly and remain so today. One thing I liked the most was how the entire campus revolved at the Student Union. To me that said the student was the heart of campus.


UCF is going to start something that probably will be controversial soon in 2012 but it's great to help students and well being. Our basketball team has Michael Jordan's two sons on it which is really cool because we get to see Michael at the games. We also have a day called Spirit Splash where all the students get to run into the reflection pond and celebrate early for homecoming week. Our gym is stellar and the university is highly ranked!