University of Central Florida Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I chose to go to Ucf because it seemed less expensive than other school and it offered my career goal.


For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the idea of becoming a Forensic Scientist. When my family decided to relocate form Maryland to FLorida I refined my search to school in Florida. The only two universities in Florida at the time with a Forensic Science degree at the bachelors level were Tampa and UCF. Tampa is a private university and therefore costs more $$$ but i fell in love with the campus at UCF. I was immediately hooked, it is like its own little city.


Because it is not very far from home ( Miami, Fl), it is a huge city which thousands of opportunities and there is just so much to do.


I decided to come to the University of Central Florida because of the location and the opportunity. Having lived in Colorado all my life I was ready for a change, and a warmer one at that. Additionally, I hope to work for the Walt Disney Company one day especially at Disney world. I figured, if I want to end here I might as well start here.


The reason I chose to go to the University of Central Florida is because of their amazing Hospitality Management College. The college itself has its own campus locatted in the heart of the tourism key for the major and by having their own campus it enables Rosen, the school's name, to offer various experiences such as trips to local parks such as SeaWorld and Gatorland to get a behind the scenes view of how operation actually run. The school offers a hands on experience with culinary labs and courses that take you in depthwith professors who have worked within the industry for many years. Though UCF is quite large this seperate campus enables me to have a more personalized and tailored learning experience based off of what I would like to pursue as a career.


I wanted a safe environment to learn at. Coming from Miami, I did not want to stay home and be influenced by the negatives of the city and I did not want to move up to North Florida either for school, so UCF was the perfect place for me.


I decided to go to this school because of the huge variety of majors. It was the only major school in Florida that had both the criminal justice track and environmental science. Sinice I want to be a park ranger, but did not know if I wanted more of the law enforcement, science, or political background, it was just a great choice for me. Now that I've gotten here, there are even more majors to learn about. Also, this campus is really pretty. It is not the old college town, where college is in the middle of the city with brick paved streets, UCF is almost a little town within itself.It has lots of food, two general stores, bookstores, and plenty more!


My father attended the University of Florida, my brother is currently at the University of Miami, and my sister stayed close to home to attend Florida Atlantic University. I decided to check out UCF, and as soon as I visited the campus and took the tour I really considered making this my final choice. After talking with some friends who go here, and doing a little research, I really felt comfortable making this my final decision, It may sound a little biased, and I am aware that almost everyone really enjoys the school they attend, but I really do love it here. You are getting a great education, the people are extremely nice, the campus is beautiful and there is plenty to do when you are not focusing on academics.


Initially my heart was set on Florida State University and I receive my acceptance letter from this institution. However, after visiting The University of Central Florida during my senior year of high school, I knew where my loyalty stood. UCF seemed to be on the cutting edge from the use of technology in the classroom, to the continued construction of contemporary buildings on campus, to the large market for jobs in the Orlando area. Although UCF lacked the tradition that FSU had, I decided that instead of joining a tradition, I'd rather MAKE tradition. Go Knights!


The school was beautiful as well as intellectually stimulating. The school really tries to accommodate students with choosing a major and networking. The school offers many student programs that promote safety which really attracted me to chose UCF over other Florida universities plus the money that UCF spends on their students shows in so many different places. The student union is completely upgraded as is the library and many of the study areas in various buildings.


The moment I stepped onto the UCF at campus, I just felt welcomed. Everyone on campus was very friendly. The layout of the campus (giant concentric circles) also just made sense. It wasn't confusing at all and buildings were easy to locate. Plus there were trees! The campus just blended in with the environment and I felt at home.


I decided to go to this school because it was not too far away from home and it offerered everything I wanted it a school. There is plenty of things to do on and off campus, there are enough clubs and activities that you could never get bored, and there is a large student body and lots of different people to meet.


Born and raised in the Midwest, I had decided at a young age that I would move to Florida, where I could pursue my dream of becoming a dolphin trainer. I had applied to various schools in Florida, but I didn't know much about any of them. I made a trip down with my two best friends to take tours of each school, and as I pulled into the UCF campus, I knew it was the school for me. Everything about UCF seemed right, and during the tour I could actually visulize my dream coming true. If you are unsure about which school to go to, I would highly recommend taking a tour. I can't guarantee you will get the feeling I had, but I do guarantee a better understanding of the school & life beyond the classroom.


i was accepted into the BFA Musical Theatre program


The Psychology program is very great.


The Psychology program is very great.