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University of Central Missouri

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Why did you decide to go to this school?

I decided to go to this school because it wasn't too far away from home, but far enough so I couldn't always feel my parents breathing down my back. Being a music major, I saw the marching band and how devoted they were and I hadn't seen a college marching band who sounded and preformed as well as UCM's. UCM was not only my top choice for college, but after visiting campus for the first time it was my only choice. The huge thing that settled me on this school was when i met with the professors. They were excited to meet me and answered all of my questions even about different areas in college. And when i visited for a second time they remembered my name!

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I personally don't like big schools and I felt this was the perfect sized school for me. When I toured here I felt that the people were very nice, the facilities were kept in great shape, and the campus was beautiful. They also have a well-known teaching program which was another draw for me.

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I decided to attend this college because it was very affordable and relatively close to my house. I also liked the small class sizes as they fit will with my learning style.

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