University of Central Missouri Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


A typical weekend here in Warrensburg consists of sleeping in the mornings after a fun Friday or Saturday night and homework on Sunday. Some of the things I do on weekends are go downtown to thrift stores, go out to dinner, see a sports game, hang out in the dorm, play board games, work out, pick up basketball games, etc.


Weekends are packed with opportunities. There's Greek stuff, sports, plays (I really like that part), and other stuff. Not to mention, you can hang out with your friends if you like, or you can go home for the weekend.


A typical weekend at UCM is what you make of it. If you like to party, you might consider it to be really fun and exciting, however; if you are not included in this crowd you might have a boring weekend studying, sleeping, and eating. I would encourage new students to make as many friends as you can on campus so that you are not lonely. Getting involved in activities on campus can also help you with having a "fun weekend". We have a lot of volunteer opportunities that arise on the weekend and it would behoove yourself and others if you participated.