University of Central Missouri Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms are older than most, but they have everything you will need; a lounge where you can escape from your room to study or hang out, full package cable, great wireless internet, the furniture is older in my dorm, but they are working to get the new furniture like the rest of the dorms on campus. Overall my experience at the dorms couldn't be better. It is a great way to meet people!


I actually never stayed in the dorms. I've been a commuter student my entire career. However, I have been inside of a couple of them. There are too many people for my tastes.


The dorms are really nice. Most of them have new furniture. There is adequate storage space for both you and your roomate's needs. We have a lot of activities that go on in the dorms. It is a great place to meet new people and get involved on campus. In Fitz,where i live, all the plug-ins are on one side so you will need many extension cords.

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