University of Central Missouri Top Questions

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The campus is very nice and easy to navigate. The program I am enrolled is nationally recongnized.


UCM has great on-campus activities, and an amazing Rec Center. They pay their student athletes very well, and lots of scholarships are available for people who apply early (ie, almost a year before they intend to start), which I did not know when I transferred.


I am very happy that I went here. Before I started I was freaking out because I did not know too many people that were going to this school because it is 4 hours away from my home, but I am so thankful that I went here. This has been the best decision of my life and I don't regret it at all


My college is GREAT! I think that there is a little something for everyone here.


University of Central Missouri is a perfect size school. We have the perfect ratio of teacher to student. We also have a variety of opportunities to get involved on campus with not only fraternities and sororities but as Residential Advisors, SGA, intermurals, clubs, and so much more. What is most unique about our school is that we have a great campus. With great landscaping, we are able to walk around and interact with other students while all our classes are within walking distance.


Pine Street and College Girls equal late nights and foggy memories


University of Central Missouri is the perfect size. There are about 12,000 students and it takes at most 15 minutes to get across campus. It is also reasonably priced and has a great nursing program. UCM also has fun activities and very involved in sports events. It is in a small town, which can be boring, but downtown is very quiant and surrounding areas are fun to explore and hike through. Kansas City is only 45 minutes away, so that is a fun weekend activity.


I don't know how unique it is, but we have a great sense of school spirit. Espeically with the music students, they bond together very closely.


There is an awesome combination here of knowledgeable teachers, friendly people, and engaged students. There is a very good balance of social and academic life, and everybody in any given group is very welcome to newcomers.


The Central Missouri campus feels "homey."


What is unique about my school is that it gives the advantage of big school education by having teachers who are well known and knowledgeable in their fields but at the same time provides small school comfort and atmosphere.


At this school, students don't just come to school and do nothing..most students work part or full time on top of going to school full time. There is a lot of drinking still involved...but I really feel, expecially in my degree, that people want to succeed and graduate!


There is no seperation between class ranks: seniors hang out with freshman and everyone in between. Grad students also socialize with everyone.


What is unique about UCM is that we have an excellent Communication Department.


UCM is a small college with a large school atmosphere. I am an Honor's College Student and the other colleges really didn't seem to care that I was coming to them with a 4.0 gpa. UCM recognizes us for our accomplishments.


The school was close to my home town and i needed to be close my family. I also love the professors and the field i went into was highly rated in my state.


The school is a decent size, but it is just the perfect size that everyone knows everyone. It is easy to network and make friends here.


This campus makes you feel at home and welcome instead of just a number. The classes are small so there are more chances to get to know the professors and get the help students may need to succeed. I have never not felt welcome here. The town is smaller yet has all the things a student would need so as not to feel "in the middle of nowhere". It is a centalized location so it is fairly close to everyones home no matter where they are from, which makes it nice for first year students.


SMall compus


The most unique aspect of the University of Central Missouri, in my opinion, is the class size in comparison to the quality of knowledge aquired. One would think that with small classes, one would not be getting a quality education by a qualified professor, but in this case they would be wrong. The University of Central Missouri is the perfect mix between larger schools' learning programs and small school interaction in classes. I love it!