University of Central Missouri Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The sports on this campus are a lot better than I thought coming into this school. Each sport's season the school sends teams to the national championship tournaments. All of the teams are in the top 5 of there division so we are a very competitive sports school. The local people always come to support the teams. I just went to a basketball game this weekend. We won the MIAA championship for the 5th year in a row.


Our games are always a pretty big deal. You see the red and black out everywhere. At the same time, it's really cool to have those athletes in your classes with you. It's not uncommon to have brief little discussions or congratulations regarding how they did.


The sports scene here is pretty wild. EVERYONE has school spirit whether it be for the volleyball team, the basketball team, or the football team. I don't have much info on intermural sports, but i do hear that they are fun and a great way to make friends and get involved on campus.

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