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What are the academics like at your school?


The education department is one of the best in Missouri and offers many different options within the different degrees without having to add a lot of extra years of schooling.


There are a ton of different classes. I know that some of the classes are challenging and really fun.


What I like most about the academics at UCM is the general class sizes. Most classes are 30 people or less, and the professors truly care about your success. They generally know your name and are determined to help you succeed in whatever you do. The best class I've had is my flying instruction. Being a Professional Pilot major, I have the opportunity to go out and learn to fly with quality instructors. The program is very concise and organized and is designed to push you through and succeed in your field.


The teachers at my school are great. Most of them know all their students names. My favorite teacher was my psychology teacher. For most of my classes class participation is key. The teachers like to get the students involved so the students will remember the information. I personally feel as though schooling is just to get a good job. If a good job did not come from getting a college degree I doubt many people would go to college.


Yes most of my professors try to remember my name, but it's hard to do when the professor teaches 2 or 3 classes on the same subject matter. All of my teachers so far have been great at their jobs. My favorite class so far has been History from 1877 to Present. This class contained a large amount of students, but it was taught by the Dean of the History & Anthropology Department so it was very informative. Class participation is very common at UCM because almost all of the teachers take roll before each class begins. They use this to give extra points sometimes or just to see if you are trying hard in the class. I live in the Honors Dorm. It provides a great place to have conversations with other students about class matters or just talk about things going on in the world. I always to meet with my professors when I am having troubles. If I am unable to meet with them they always reply to my emails right away. I am in the secondary education program and I love it. My advisers are very helpful with whatever needs and concerns I may have. Overall I would have to say that the academics at UCM are great.


The academics at UCM are top-notch. I can tell that each of my teachers are extremely knowledgeable in their respective field. For the most part classes are interesting and entertaining. I have plenty of one-on-one time with my teachers and I have even hung out with some of the teachers in my major outside of a school setting. I always know that there are teachers who care for me and who I can always turn to if I need advice.


I'm an English major, and I absolutely love the department! The professors know and remember my name: I'll never forget the one time that I was sitting in a hallway waiting for another class to start during the summer. A professor walked by that I had taken only for one semester a year prior. However, he stopped and walked back to me. He called me by name and then mentioned that he noticed my name on his roster for one of his classes in the fall. He proceeded to inform me that if I sent him an email, he would send me a copy of the fall syllabus in advance. The advisers are incredibly helpful. There have been instances where they met with me for anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour in order to help me figure out what I was doing. They do everything that they can to help you succeed. The environment is very friendly and familiar. It's not uncommon to find a group of English majors in the lounge studying for exams together. We all collaborate to try and do the best that we can.


UCMO is a very close knit community. The class sizes are typically small with professors that know you by name. Once you decide on a major you become very close to fellow students and professors. Students can always be found studying in the department computer labs on campus, in the library, or in the union. Typically classes are highlighted by interesting open discussion which gives every student an opportunity to participate. I am a psychology and sociology major at UCMO and plan on graduating in May of 2013. I work within the psychology department as a teaching assistant, offer tutoring to fellow students, and am working on undergraduate research.


Professors only know your name if you speak up in class, and who knows, one day you might need them for a reference so it will be in your best interest for them to know who you are. My favorite class has been race,class, and gender with Miss Greer. My least favorite class is Geology. I spend about 40 percent of my time studying, and I know most students probably spend less. Students really get into and enjoy in depth class discussion, it is a time where you can really experience both sides of a subject. I hear all the time students having intellectual conversations outside of class. Here, students really get into their school work. My major is psychology I spend a lot of time with professors outside of class clarifying notes, and furthering discussion concepts. I feel great about the schools academic requirements. They aren't too tedious and they aren't too loose. I think that the education at this school geared more toward learning for its own sake.


The academics at UCM are great. Most of the professors take the time to learn your name even in a class as large as 50 students. They have office hours where you can go for individual help with homework or other questions regarding the course. Students study for a couple hours at least three times a week. Some study in the library or the union or in their dorms. Students can be competitive depending on the class and area of study. The most unique class that I have taken is Freshman Seminar. It was only one credit hour, but we learned about all the things that freshman need to know to be successful. My major is actuarial science and it is in the department of mathematics and computer science. The advisers in my department have always been very helpful and willing to meet with me when my schedule allows. I think the school's academic requirements provide students a chance to be well-rounded upon graduation. The education at UCM is geared toward both getting a job and learning for its own sake. They take their 92% job placement within 6 months of graduation very seriously, but teachers also provide information to enhance student learning.


I know all of my professor's names and they know my name as well. My favorite class is a Music Class called Aural Training one because the teacher is outgoing, funny, and is very helpful when teaching his students new things. Students typically study a few hours a night, depending how far into the semester it is. Towards the beginning not very much, but when it gets to the last month and to finals week, that's when most people start hitting the books. Class participation is very common, in fact, if a student doesn't participate in class the instructor will probably ask the student to leave. Some students have intellectual conversations outside of class, some don't. It really depends on what the student is into or what their major is. Students are competitive, in the classes that i am in the students are always striving to get the best grade possible. Music of the World's Cultures is the most unique class I've taken. This general education class exposes students to music from all around the world and integrates listening to music where most of it is not from the western side of the world. My major is Vocal Music Education. The department of music is extremely friendly and takes a great interest into all of their students. Being in the vocal program i get to work with voice professors who all have different backgrounds in vocal music and they have taught me so much already. I only spend a few minutes after class with professors if i have questions which is usually right after class or I make an appointment if i am concerned with something going on in the class. This school doesn't expect every student to be a straight A student, but if you fail a class, you'll be put on academic probation. I feel that UCM has pretty good academic requirements, but there are still a few people who get accepted that i wonder how they got in. UCM is very geared toward getting a job. UCM holds a job and career fair once a year and has a career service website with job postings and applications to help students use their degree or to get jobs while at school.


Most professors take the time to learn your name, unless the class sizes are too big, but even then they usually have a pretty good idea of who you are. The largest class I have ever had was 100 students. I am a fashion merchandising major, and we are trying to become the only accredited fashion program in the U.S.The instructors get to know the students by name and they show genuine interest in your life. And they are very approachable by during class and outside of class. The most unique, and fun class I have taken would have to be either the apparel construction class or the professional image management class. At UCM education is important, but they also have a career services office that helps students find and prepare for a job. Everyone there genuinely wants students to succeed.


In the business college professors are very good about getting to know the students. Most classes are fairly small (15-30 students). The closer you get to your degree, the more that attendance is watched. Most students are somewhat competitive while others seem to party more than go to class. The management classes are very nontraditional. There are some where you actually start your own business and others where students get to practice being managers with little instruction by the professors. It's very intriguing.

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