University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Since I am only a freshman most of my classes are lecture based, but I am currently taking an ecology lab that is very hands on. I enjoy these classes more and I have heard that the farther you get in your major, the more hands on the courses become. So I am excited about that.


Classes in my major are pretty hard now, but that's because I'm up in the upper-level courses. It's a lot of work and paper writing, but it's okay by me. I love my major and what I do, so it's kind of fun. My other classes are a piece of cake. I've got most electives left, so I just take what I want.


Most of my classes are small- except for the science classes that are usually in huge lecture halls. The classes here are pretty engaging because we have wonderful teachers here at UCM. Many of my classes are discussion based which may aid to your type of learning. In one word, our classes are fun.

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