University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Certain people are placed in your life at different times. Just because they won't be there forever doesn't mean they weren't meant to be there at that time.


The worst thing about UCM is the location. We are in Warrensburg, MO and the biggest store in town is a Walmart. Aside from activities on campus there isn't a lot of things to do in the town and as a result most people go home every weekend. We are often referred to as the suitcase college because of this. Overall UCM is a really great place to be and there is nothing else really wrong with the University.


School doesn't prepare you for life on the outside. Its a closed ecosystem with minimal consequences for failure. You assimilate and regurgitate facts that have no meaning outside the context of school. But the papers are the worst. No one outside an academic setting wants to read academic writing. In real life you say what you need to say and then stop. You don't fill up the extra space with fluff and fancy words that no one knows the meaning of.


Some people may not like it's location. Not being close to any large town there aren't a lot of jobs available and often it's hard to find housing.


Students were removed from the dorms when the electricity went out or extreme bad weather. Students living in the dorms had no other place to go.


The worst thing about my school would be the location. The town of Warrensburg is very small and does not have much to offer for activities and other neccesities. The town can be a "ghost town" majority of the time which can make the down time very slow and boring.


The town. If you are looking for a job while in school, it is hard to find a job in this area. The town is very small and not a lot of businesses to work for. Also, for any job on campus, you must be a work study student.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that there isn't much to do off campus if you want to get out and do something. There is a movie theater, a few restaurants, a few places to shop, but most places that you would normally go to to get things or places you would go to to shop aren't here. You have to drive at least 30 minutes to the next biggest city that would have those things. But other than that it's pretty awesome.


I consider the variety of times courses are offered. Some courses are not offered at convienent times for you. A lot of the gen ed courses will be scheduled at the same time and it is hard to make a schedule that works for you when there isn't a variety of times when the courses are offered.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of extracarricular activities. There are not very many campus activities, and absolutely no campus sponsered activites that don't involve drama, athletics, or band. I am a student that loves playing indoor games such as video games or board games, but there is no promotion of events like this, and therefore hard to meet other students with the same extracarricular interests.


The cafeteria food is the worst thing about my school.


The only problem I have found would be that once you enter more towards your degree classes, you have less options, which makes it very difficult for working students, because the classes fill up so fast. There is only a a few of the same class and they fill up quickly which makes your options limited so it takes longer to get the classes you need.


I consider the worst than about my school is the lack of elevators. I believe this the worst things about my school because most of our buildings have many floors. It is not a problem but it would help in getting to class faster.


The dining halls and residence halls are somewhat outdated, but luckily they are all getting fixed up and made nicer in the coming years.




the walk to classes


The town of Warrensburg isn't that great, so you have to make your own fun...but trust me, it's not hard to make your own fun here!!


It's very difficult to achieve a high GPA, however, it is very easy to scrape by.


the amount of partying


Sometimes living in the dorms wasn't too much fun because at times it would get really loud at night when I was tired and wanted to sleep.


The School Boards and President. They lack the ability to make decisions decisevely.


It can be hard to get enough financial aid to cover your tuition and I would avoid the academic advisors as much as possible because they screw up schedules more than they fix them.


No one is dedicated to this school and are here for education but go home on weekends and any chance they get.