University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


UCM is a great school that seems small when you are in the process of looking for the right school for you, but once you are here you love it. The residence hall life is great. The school offers many activities and events that are put on for the students. All of the sports teams are always in the top 5 in their division. If there is one thing that I would change would be the food that is offered here. I would say school pride is average, many people support the sports teams and wear their colors, but it's not as boasted as the bigger colleges. Most of my time is spent in the beautiful rec center, playing basketball or working out. If I'm not at the recreation center I would be studying in the library or my dorm's lounge doing homework/hanging out. When I tell people that I go to University of Central Missouri they usually have never heard of it, but I think the word is starting to get out of how great this middle of Missouri-school is.


UCM is great because of the faculty, plain and simple. Most class sizes are small, but even in a lecture hall setting the teacher knew my name and cared about my progress in the class. There is lots of one-on-one time with faculty which means you will always have someone to seek advice from. Warrensburg isn't the biggest town, but there are plenty of things to do and the friends you make will ensure that no matter what you're doing you are having a good time.


There are better schools out there; I won't deny that. However, I still think that this one has some very good qualities. They have great scholarship programs for freshmen, and there are more than a few opportunities to get involved on campus. Their treatment of transfer students leaves a lot to be desired, but once you get into your classes, the professors and advisers are all very helpful. The college is small enough that the class size doesn't often go over 25, but at the same time the college is large enough to have state accreditation and recognition. Despite the small campus, there is enough diversity that you never feel like you're going to a small school. Not to mention, the tuition is very reasonable, especially compared to some other state universities.


The best thing about my school would surely be the school spirit. I rarely find a college student without it. When students get involved on campus they get more out of their college experience One thing that I would change about the University of Central Missouri is really nothing. I love this school. From the amazing price range to the wonderful teachers. I think that my school is just right. The class sizes are not too big and not too small, they are usually about 30 students. When I tell people that I go to this school, their reaction is excited. I have never had a bad reaction from telling people that I attend UCM. On campus, I spend most of my time studying in my room or hanging out with friends. When you are in college you have a responsibility to you education, and I surely take that seriously. UCM is a typical college town. My opinion of the school's administration is fairly good. If you have a question, it will be answered in a timely manner. However, I have had issues regarding the transfer of some files to UCM. This may have been a slight hiccup in their business handling.. There hasn't been any large controversy on campus. There is so much school pride here at UCM! The students here take their sports seriously. The unusual thing about the school is that there may be a ghost in Yeater. There hasn't been any experience here that is of any special quality. There hasn't been any frequent student complaints that I am aware of.


The best thing about the University of Central Missouri is the campus feeling. The school is large enough that you don't necessarily see people you do not want to see on campus. However, the campus is small enough that you do not need a car to get around to the academic buildings and dorms. To change UCM, I would add some kind of fun attraction to the town where students can go and have fun. The size of UCM is just right. There is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to basketball and football. It is a fun atmosphere on campus on days where those teams play. Something unusual about this school is that there is a bowling alley in the University Union. We also have a brand new student recreation center that is very environmentally friendly. I think the most frequent student complaints would be regarding the dining halls. Their hours are strange during the weekends and it is hard to go for four hours during the middle of the day without any food from them.


University of Central Missouri is the perfect size. It is located in Warrensburg, which is a small town, but the campus has over 11,000 students so it there are still a wide variety of opportunities. The best thing about UCM is the professors and classroom size. Most classes have 30-40 people and the professors are interested in their students. Unlike other colleges and universities, the kindness of our professors allow the transition from high school to college to be less stressful. When I talk about this school with my friends, they usually reply, "I heard it's a good school" or "It has anything that any other University in Missouri has to offer." Most of my time is spent in UTT music building because i am a music education major. UTT is where most of my friends have classes also and that's where we like to practice and catch up. The Administration doesn't reach out to students often, however the President is well seen around campus. There are no controversies going on right now. UCM prides their athletics, especially football. Every game the stands are always packed with UCM students and alumni. Every major takes pride in their major as well, so much so that there are designated halls for specific majors. The only unusual thing about UCM is that all parties occur during the week since hardly anyone stays on campus for weekends. An experience I'll always remember is at the beginning of the year and our hall had a "Pizza with the Professors" but the professors didn't show up. I got to meet so many cool people and i still hang out with them today. Students typically complain about the size of Warrensburg because typically students are from the Kansas City area and are not used to restaurants closing at 10 p.m.One thing I would change at UCM would be that i allow more restaurants to accept points that students get for the meal plan and have a Starbucks open every day of the week.


Here at UCM the whole town follows what is going on around campus. Warrensburg is most definitely a college town. Students support the sports teams and have strong school pride. The administration is great. The president of the university is very student driven; he wants the school to be centered around the students, our wants and needs. One complaint is the parking, sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough of it, and you have to fight for a spot, but if you live on/ close to campus you can just walk and avoid parking all together.


Small town fill just outside, Kansas City Area. Great if you like that 15,000 person interaction.


UCM has a lot of student athletes. The campus and town is very supportive of the Football, Basketball, and Volleyball teams. The campus is fairly small and it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone you know. Pine street was once notorious for a great place to party on Thursday nights, but recently the city installed a 21 and up policy at the bars. The bars are still full on Thursday nights, but not overflowing, like they used to be. UCM is usually referred to as a suitcase college; the students clear out on the weekends, for the most part. All-in-all, UCM is a fun place to go to school. It is easy to make friends and there is always something going on.