University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is motivated and enjoys getting to know their classmates and teachers.


UCM is great for anyone. It is located in a small town surrounded by farm land. The town has all the accomadations you could need. UCM's library is especially great, it's size and features are outmatched.


Someone who’s very eager to learn and to socialize with their peers should attend this school, and who is interested of being part of a community and giving back to the community as well.


Any student who is interested in a small community with a hands on school atomosphere. Also any student who plans on majoring in Education or Criminal Justice.


Central missouri has a large diversity in it's students so any one can attend.


A person who wants a liberal arts education without paying for a private university. Also, UCM is good for a person who wants to be close to a city without living in one. It's a good mid-sized institution in a small to midsize town.


Any kind of peron should attend this school. More diversity is welcome!


Students that are interested in a mid-sized school that offers a variety of programs, has decent class sizes, strong school spirit, and easily accessible campus buildings from all types of housing.


The tpye of person that should attend this school should be well rounded, out- going, positive, and friendly.


This is school is very diverse and has programs and activities for student of any kind. I think no matter what type of person you are you will find your place in the school. Its not only a social place its a new family. The people you meet here, you meet for a life time. The classes suprise you becasue you will learn more in the short time you there than you ever expected. Its a home away from home.


Goal oriented friendly people.


a person , whom wants to experience campus life but who doesnt want to go to a d-1 school. This school has a good criminal justice, communication and aviation program. its a little diverse not that much though. Its a small town , so if you like big cities dont come here. its not a party school anymore either thats a lie !!!


Anyone should attend this school. The campus is very welcoming to all types of people. I have friends from the town and friends from California. It doesn't matter where you are from, your sexual orientation, religion, etc. Everyone is welcome.


This campus is the perfect place for someone who is used to a smaller town and a close knit community. The campus is beautiful, clean, and not over populated. Class sizes are perfect for class discussions and the ability to get to know the professors, as well as recieve the help a student may need. There are hundreds of activities and groups to become involved in. This university strives to make everyone feel at home and get students involved in what goes on throughout campus. Help is never far away and security is not an issue here. It's perfect.