University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Do not attend this school if you have to live in a big town to be happy.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend UCM is one that does not believe in hard work.


I do not feel that any student should be excluded from this or any other school. We have a large diversity of students currently attending UCM and everyone melds together wonderfully. I haven't witnessed or heard of any conflicts between any students. I'm a very firm believer in equality regardless of race, gender, or background. Education is important and everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.


Someone who is intent on engineering probably wouldn't find this to be the best college.


If you are a person who likes to have everything walked through to you step by step, don't attend UCM. They don't give very good instructions about anything, and almost everything is done on computer rather than talking to a person. I'd be willing to bet half the student body has never seen their achedemic advisor or even know their advisor's name. Everything is very "do it yourself".


Students looking for a school with large class sizes and an urban feel should not attend this school. Also students looking for a modern campus feel will be disappointed.


Rich kids, kids who like big schools, kids who are reliant on their parents, kids who want a more generalized education


People who dont have the will or drive to succeed


Any person there are many differnet types of people, international students, althetes, and people of all religions.


if you are looking for a huge university in a good sized town, then this college would not be for you. if you don't like being around helpful people who are looking to get you involved with activities around campus, then this college would not be for you. these class sizes are fairly uniform to most small universities. if you are looking for really small classes, then this college would not be for you. i recommend giving this college a try. i think you will be happy with your decision.


Someone who wants to be a medical doctor.


Somebody from a large city looking to stay in a laege city would not enjoy University of Central Missouri. It is located in a small town that sometimes can have conservative views.