University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visit the campus and meet with the instructors. The biggest reason why I like this university is because of the professors. We don't have the best facilities (at least in the music department) but the faculty are so knowledgeable and helpful that it makes up for that a hundred fold.


meet as many people as you can at the college to learn about the school better before you go


Find somewhere with an atmosphere that the students enjoys being in. If they are from a rural area dont go to a densly packed city or vice versa for a city student. If enjoy being outdoors dont live in a cement jungle and if a student dosnt enjoy the outdoors dont go to a college in a rural area. Get involved with something such as a group, cause, or a way in which the student would be able to meet new people and have something to work at besides school. Broaden horizons such as meeting international students and people who share different backgrounds than what the student came from. Find people with whom you can trust and journey through this stage of life with. Dont be a loner even if inclined to be one it is not the best choice trust me.


To find the right school for you, the process is simple. First, look up schools that have the area of study in which you want to major in. Secondly, look at the cost. Even though your parents said that they will pay for it, just think about if they weren't, and how much debt you are willing to be in. I know it's scary but it can happen! Thirdly, follow your heart and find a school that truly interests you. The most important thing to keep in mind to make the most out of your college experience is to be open to new ideas. Be open to campus activities that, in high school, you did not participate in. As well as keeping an open mind to meeting new people. You never know who will be your best friend or your co-worker when you graduate! To conclude, if you want to select the right college and make the most of it, do not let the opinions of parents or friends justify where you are going to get your education. Remember, you are the one that is going to have live with this decision for the next four years!

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