University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Central Missouri is how the students work together to help eachother succeed. Out all of the classes that I have taken here it has been easy to get a study group together. Whether we meet to be tutored in the student success center, or meet up to share our own knowledge, the study groups have been extremely effective!


The best thing about my school would have to be the teachers. They are wonderful at explaining the information and are always willing to help. Of course, they expect a lot more since this is college but they are very fair.


I loved the integration of other programs with the major sports programs on campus. This allowed virtually everyone to become involved with the major school events on campus.


Even though we are a small school, we have an excellent campus. It is nice not having to wake up for class and leave thirty minutes early because your class is a 25 minute walk across campus. The campus has great up keep and looks gorgeous in all the seasons of the year.


I really like how centralized everything is. It's easy to find everything that you're looking for. I think that can be a big problem with the bigger campuses - it's too easy to get lost there.


The most unique thing about our campus is the diversity. Everybody seems to get along. What makes my school stand out are the amazing teachers.


I find the size of the school the best thing about it, it's not a huge school but it's not itty bitty either; it's the perfect size to get to know others on campus and see them often, you get to see most people on campus, unlike a large school where you would only see those that were on the part of campus that you are at the most. The campus is also very beautiful.


The best thing about Central Missouri is the proximity of the classes to the dorms. Everything is easy to get to, and doesn't take more than 5 minutes walking time.


The best thing about UCM is how dedicated the facilty and staff are to the university. They are this way because they believe in what the goals of the university are and do everything they can to help the students achieve.


The People at my school is what makes my school, they come from all walks of live and most are generous whole-hearted people.


The best thing about UCM that I really like is the campus size and the arrangement of campus. UCM has a relatively small campus size there are only about 14,000 students on campus which makes the classes small and more individually based as well as having the college feel of "new" and "different setting than high school". The arrangement of campus is nice too, it is all in one location, so you do not have classes all over town and everything is in walking distance about 15 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other.


University of Central Missouri has a classic university feel but it also feels small town and personal. Attending this school gives you a sense of pride in that it feels like a legitimate state university but doesn't have the overwhelming effect that a lot of the bigger state universities have.


The best this about UCM would be the learning enviroment because everyone is geared to do well and is every encouraging to those who don't.


The best thing I consider about my current school is that all of the professors are willing to help you when you are in need of it. The faculty office hours are very easy to work around and fit your schedule. I transferred from a junior college and my first semester at a university was nerve-wrecking, but with the convenience the university had, it helped me visit my instructors when I was in great need of it.


The departments that fall within the liberal arts category are excellent. The professors are available and have a good sense of humor. If you prove to be a dedicated student, you will never have trouble finding help if you need it.


Always getting to meet new people and staying with the people going into your similar field. Best part about staying with people you know, you can compare notes so things are not so awkward.


It's helpfulness, the location, the jobs available, the dorms are in great shape, just overall a friendly enviornment.


The best thing would have to be the sense of community. It is a smaller school and in just one year I am able to walk around campus and see several people I know on my way to class.


The campus itself, but the undergraduate programs are great too. I love this campus its what made me want to come here. Its the perfect size and its completely beautiful with the all the buildings. I also came here because i herd really good things about the academics.


The friends you will make.


The Honor's Program has high expectations for the student but these are also resonable expectations. All students, campus wide, are encouraged to be involved in social and study groups along with Intramural sports which helps everyone feel at home. As an Honor's College student I am able to have first choice of the next semester classes and am able to have some flexibility as to what classes will fit the required course work. The education I am receiving is worth way more than I am paying.


Layout of the campus. The classes and buildings are in the middle and the dorms are on the out skirts of the campus, making it easier to go to class to class.