University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

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The University of Central Oklahoma is one of the most saught after schools a person could find. Compared to other schools, UCO has many neat things hard to find anywhere else. The library has many purposes, including a music section with record players, old records, and movies. There are also many other things, like a gym, delicious meal plan, lots of service centers, and plenty of motivational words around this campus. This schools wide variety of opportunities can only be found in places like dreams, and to have them here is a dream come true.


It is the only school in Oklahoma that has a facility dedicated to the Forensic Science fiel and it taught by retired Law enforcement/FBI/OSBI employees.


As of now, I will not be attending the University of Central Oklahoma next year. While many students love UCO, I never felt comfortable there. Unlike many universities, there is not much of a campus community. It is fairly difficult to meet other people outside of classes due to the majority of students being commuters. However, many of my fellow students loved UCO because it is in the middle of Oklahoma and within driving distance from all cities.


Small campus with a big University mentality. Very caring faculty and staff.


Nothing really unique.




Good academic advicement srvices


UCO has been given milliions of dollars to develop their Forensics Science program in addition to assembling an impressive group of staff and faculty. The new Forensic Science building is positioned across the street from the new OSBI Forenics lab. Grad school students are afforded the opportunity to obtain internships at the OSBI. I can foresee that the Foresic Science Institue at UCO will help to propel Oklahoma's OSBI Forensic Lab as one of the nation's future leaders.


It was the first school with an emphasis on teaching education. Because of this, it is still considered one of the best universities in Oklahoma for an education major. The campus is beautiful and the instructors are very helpful. Classes are smaller than other Oklahoma Universities, which enables a more direct approach from instructors. Advisors are very informative and helpful, as well as very professional and kind. You are treated like a person and not a number. It is clear that a wonderful education will be received.


Level of Student involvement on campus.


My school provides a learning environment with state of the art equipment. We have young, experienced professors and faculty. The environment is casual which makes school way more fun and way less intimidating. My school provides plenty of opportunities for us to get experience in our field of study to help further our resume.


I really liked the size of the school. It is easy to get around and find your classes. The classes sizes are small and i like that part.


It is in an awesome town and its class sizes are perfect. The location is ideal.


I'm a native of Edmond, so it is close to home. The Mass Communication programs (I am a Broadcasting major) are well-respected, as well as the Education programs.


I only considered UCO because of my major but, I believe we are one of the top school in Oklahoma with international students.


The quality of education the school provides is priceless since it offers many small sized classes with intensive work schedule which makes you learn.


Compared to other schools, I believe my school is unique because of its size. Many believe you have to go to a major /big university to get the education you need to be successful however, thats not true. At the University of Central Oklahoma you get the same eduaction, just a cheaper cost. At bigger University your class size consist of 150 to 200 people and the professors do not get to know each student indiviually unless they go up to the m after class. Here the, class sizes are just right and the professor gets to know each student.


The most unique thing about UCO are the people. The people make this university. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help and encourage others.


My school is not too large to where I am able to make from class to class on time. It is a very relationship oriented between professors and students and the professors care about there students. It is a safe campus to go to school at with the campus security.


I have a good friendship with many of the professors along with most of the students here do. I also have a great relationship with the President of the university. He is extremely caring about the students and success. This place of course wants you to succeed academically but they really want you to achieve in the world not by grades alone but by being a leader in something whether if it is in an organization or in a community.