University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I do not think that there is not a single person who should not attend the University of Central Oklahoma. I say this because the professors offer a ton of help to their students and there is also tutors available.


it's not that great for introverts. The school pushes the professors to focus on group work and class presentations which are very stressful for shy people.


Some that doesn't want to be interactive within the school itself also someone that doesn't really want to do work or study because if you just want to drink and party you will not pass the class with good grades, you might not pass at all.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they do not like closeness with their professors or small class sizes. A person shouldn't attend this school if they like getting lost in a crowd and rather be a number than a name. A person should not attend here if they do not enjoy kindness of other people. A person should not attend here if they enjoy not ever recieving help. A person should however attend here if they want all of these things.


I would not advise students who come from a small town , very close to their families, shy or not use to large cities to come to the University of Central Oklahoma. It is a fairly large commuter college with not alot of student life. Students who do live on campus come from upper class families and are not that interested in making friends with outsiders. Edmond is a fairly large city and anyone not used to driving or comfortable getting around in a large city might not want to come to UCO.


University of Central Oklahoma is a school with open arms to all. While strolling through our campus, one would see a wide range of diversity that many schools long to desire. Excluding anybody from the opportunities that University of Oklahoma has to offer would be unfortunate and unjust, everybody should attend this school.


Honestly, if you're just going to school to have a good time with Mom and Dad's money, don't choose UCO. There isn't a lot of "partying" that goes on. Most of the students here are serious about getting a good eduction for their future careers.


Students expecting a university setting seen in popular movies should not attend this university. The population is relatively small compared to other major universityies in this state. This is also not a football collage. Academics are the main focus at this university. Athletics are just recreational and not highly emphasized. Being the president of one of the many academic clubs will make you a more recognizable student than being the star quarterback or head cheerleader.


Probably a student who is into the party scene. UCO is not a big party school.




The people that shouldn't attend this school are people who have the desire to breeze their way through and get an easy degree. Bottom line, irresponsible students.




One who loves school spirit should not attend this university.


One who plans to succeed, loves campus life, and appreciates diversity.


If you don't want to work hard, this probably isn't the school for you. While we have lots of fun here, we are also serious about academic acheivement. The aura here is one of individuality and creativity. People are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.


Some one who wants a true academics school like Duke or Harvard. This is a good school and you will get a good job, but it isn't very scholarly.


N/A. Everyone should attend UCO!


I think that any type of person should attend this school.If you want a smaller university with a middle size town this is the perfect college!