University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about University of Central Oklahoma?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation. There aren't enough spaces for all of the students, and the parking permits limit you to only one or two lots. I have a housing permit because I live on campus and I got a ticket for parking in another lot, even though I live here and pay to park!


Occasionally enrollment can be frustrating, because the wait for meeting with advisor's takes a large chunk out of my day.


The only frustrating thing would be parking, what campus doesn't have terrrible parking?


Trying to work and go to school full time is frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about UCO is that your freshman year, you arent assigned to one advisor. If you need to go see an advisor or councelor for something you could meet with a number of people, so its hard to get to know them and vise versa.


I have to admit that I have had a few problems this first year. This is a degree-oriented problem, but my theatre professors have been a disappointment. Although some are wonderful, the two technical directors, which are the people I interact with most as a tech/design major, are not very helpful and are often so immature they only frustrate and occasionally offend. Although they're very talented individuals, they're terrible at offering advice for students who are struggling to find direction. This has turned me off to the theatre program at UCO, which is a great disapointment.


The most frustrating about my school is the lack of challenge in the first year classes. If you know the subjects, than it is very easy. If you are a student that is older and returning from the workplace you may find it lacking in the stimulation department. Even so though, It just means a higher gpa going into your junior and senior level classes. So overall, you won't hear many complaining.


Though I try not to focus on the negative aspects of my school, I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about it is the parking. Parking is always an issue at every college campus, but at UCO, the parking is very limited. This really makes things difficult for a student like me who has a job and has to leave campus during the evenings. Struggling to get to class on time adds a whole new level of stress when I'm parked fifteen minutes away.


Unhelpful student workers in offices, they tend to not know what is going on and will make you run to several buildings just to get sent back to them originally.


I wish more students would get involved. Many students come to class and go home. They miss the whole experience of college. They complain that UCO is just a commuter campus, but coming from someone who is extremely involved, I know how untrue this is.