University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known more about the campus life before coming, its not bad but it could be more spirit.


I wish that I would have known how small it actually is, I knew it was going to be small but who knew I would see the same faces on a daily basis. I went to a huge High school and am ready for the larger university feel of things.


What the town was like... It turned out to be all rich, stuck up people and most of the students are local.


I wish that I had known how good of a school it was when I graduated from high school. I did not start out at this school. I ended transferring here and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do coming out of high school. So, I ended up going to the school that my best friend attended. It was a nice school, but oit wan't until I transferred to UCO that I started to realize my own potential to achieve my own goals.


I wish that I would have known what I wanted to do. I wasted a whole year taking classes that do not pertain to what I want to do with my life, and those classes also made my GPA lower than what it could be.


The only thing I wish I had known was how extensive and time consuming the enrollment process can be for an incoming freshman, so be patient because you will only see benefits after those first two weeks.


I wish I had known how great UCO really is. Growing up in Oklahoma City, I thought it was more just like a community college. UCO is a great school, and I wouldn't have gone anone else! The class sizes are smaller, so it is easier to adjust and get to know people.


One thing I wish I had known before I attended college is that as a college student you have to be flexible and willing to make changes in your study habits and living habits.


I wish I had known about


I really dont wish for anything different. It is a great place to be and the campus is nice and the teachers are very helpful


I wish I had known how hard college science classes like organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, etc. we're going to be. I also wish I had known how to really study, ahead of time not the night before, before I came to college. And the peer pressure, people say there's temptation, but they do not emphasize that it's a daily thing.


The only thing I wish I knew before attending this school is what I wanted to do in terms of careers. I am a junior and have switched my major several times. I just wish I had more information regarding different careers.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be. It is a big transition from highschool into college, but I am not sure there was anything that could have prepared me more.


I wish I would have known more about the schools class options.


I wish I had known how it compares to other universities in the state and in the region in certain areas of study such as education, buisness, or any other comparable field of study in the area.


I wish I had known what I wanted to do when I first started.


That some of the professors are not helpful and fail most of there students.


Before coming to school, I wished I would have known that school wasn't has hard as people made it seem. I was told that school was going to stressful, I wasn't going to have time to have a social life, they made me believe that all I was going to do in school was study. Once I started, I learned that that was not the truth. Yes, you do have to study but only for test, you have to make time for papers but the class work isnt hard. Just know the difference between party and study time.


I wish I had known that the Broadcasting program really was not as nice as it was made out to be.


I wish I had known more about the different kinds of not-for-profit and Christan student organizations on campus. Faith is an important part of my life, and I would have liked more avenues by which to make friends who are likeminded.


IF it was anything like my highschool?


I wish that I had known how good some of the departments are like communication and business and how bad others are like family life education.


How welcoming it was to everyone from every kind of background. At this university, everyone has a chance to succeed. This place literally cares for you unlike most universities.


Partying and not going to class is a bad idea