University of Central Oklahoma Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about my school is the people. Everyone here is so kind and wonderful. The faculty really does care and have an interest in the students' lives and they want to see the students succeed. The students in turn work hard and have pride in this wonderful university.


The professors and the relationships. All the professors are skilled in their area and have had real life experience. It's rare to find professors who have been in the field, especially in mass communications. The professors are so easy to bulid relationships with and are always available outside of class. It's much more enjoyable to learn when it is from a friend.


The best thing about UCO is the small class size, it really gives the students an opportunity to connect with the professors and get help whenever it is needed.


I think the best thing about my school is the class size; the class sizes are about the size of high school classes. I would also have to say how the professors care about their students and helping them network.


I believe the best thing about the University of Central Oklahoma is the activities that goes on. My school host a lot of school activities and famous artist also come to perform. There is always something educational and fun to do on campus during the weekends, and as a out-of-state student I always feel welcomed to join clubs and participant in things.


I love UCO because the professors really care about their students. Also, each student is able to be themselves, without being judged. The student body is very diverse.


The University of Central Oklahoma offers a wonderful campus experience; the size is ideal. It's not so large that you have to allow twenty minutes to get to your next class, but you also don't feel like you're suffocating! I live in the dorms, and I absolutely love it. I was nervous about sharing a bathroom with my hall, but it's great! I also love my room, which is so much larger than I anticipated. UCO is in Edmond, which is a perfect college town, and it's just minutes from downtown Oklahoma City!


The best thing about my school is that there are so many diffrent races that go there. I went to a predominantly white high school and I wasn?t exposed to many people from different races; now that I go to UCO, I continually find myself in the company of many people who are of different races. It is a very new experience and I have learned so much about other cultures and customs.


The University of Central Oklahoma has offered me an avenue to use my Psychology degree in an interesting way and that is applying it to the field of Forensic Science. They have a stellar program with the most impressive group of instructors I have ever had the honor and fortune to be around.


I love my school so much. They are very good about letting students know what is going on around campus and they have so many opportunities for different people to get involved. No matter where you are on campus, there's always someone there to help you with any and everything. Also, the teachers are great beyond words and they really care about their students.


The best thing about UCO is the students that attend. I really didn't think they were anything remarkable until I started to meet a lot of the friends my former high school classmates and my sister were making at their schools. I feel as if the students who attend UCO know themselves and what they want much better than many of those students. It may sound silly to say this, but on the whole, students at UCO are wiser than students I've met from other schools.


I consider the variety of degrees one of the best things about my school. There are several degrees that are available at UCO that are not available at any other school in the state. Those degree programs are thorough and give you the knowledge you need to succeed in that industry.


The size and beauty of the campus is amazing. The class sizes are small, which allow one on one learning, however there are still lots of people on campus. The campus itself is covered in trees, beautiful architecture, and wonderful landscaping.


It's not too big or small, you can get from building to building on time but it still feels like a college campus


It's a small campus, and the classes are small as well, so most of the time the professors have time for individual consultation, as long as you make an appointment. Plus, it's a Green university, and the campus is beautiful (even though there's a bit of construction going on at the moment).


I love the teacher to student ratio. I feel like I learn more here than I would on a larger campus. It seems like teachers are more available and willing to help me than they are at bigger schools.


The best thing about The Univeristy of Central Oklahoma is that it is a medium size school with a big school feel. They offer several degree programs and are continuing to expand them as well. The difference between the University of Central Oklahoma and other unvirsities is that it does have small classrooms and professors that work with students to acheive the students goals.


I consider the best thing about my campus to be the ethnic diversity amoung the individuals.


The small class sizes along with the teachers making it a point to get to know you.


The best thing about this school is the academic program. This school allows individuals to learn the necessary principles that will help them in their career.


The cost. It is far cheaper than surrounding schools for an education that is almost as good.


The best thing about my school is how easy a lot of the classes are. It is only necessary to have a 2.5 GPA to graduate, and it is easy to get admitted to the college. It is a good school for people who still have to work to pay bills.


There are several different opportunities to get involved outside of campus and take on leadership roles on campus. Edmond is only ten miles from downtown Oklahoma City and the state capitol, which makes it easier for students to take internships. Since the campus is not as big as OU or OSU, students have a better opportunity to take on leadership roles in student organizations.


Music program is the best. Many ways to express yourself


The size, with a smaller school there are smaller class. Smaller classes give the profesores a better chance to get to know each of the students. Helping the students with grades and actauly help them learn what is most needed in there major.


The best things about UCO are the students and faculty. The students are incredibly down to earth, unlike students at some different schools, and the faculty seem to truly have the interest of the students at heart. Also, most faculty members will do anything and everything they can to help students.


The best thing about the school is that it has small classes, and it is not too demanding.


The Variety- There is so muche of everyything you always feel a sence of home weather your from Japan, America to Saudi Arabia there is so many people here they all bring a peice of home and it seeps into the university and the variety of people gives it the most welcoming appeal.


Envinronmental focus.


Great degree program




I really enjoy the environment, the facilites, the dorms, the varieties of people, and the variety/qualities of courses offered.