University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Having the opportunity to provide myself guidance for the navigation of my educational experience would afford me to ability to advise the following: read the syllabi, stay several days ahead of the syllabi schedules, use scholarships and grants but invest loans and receive the dividends after the loan is paid back, budget your educational time in order to provide recreational time, save all of your mid-course money and travel the world at the end of course, always dress well, be polite, having one mouth and two ears means that you should talk less and listen more, never be afraid to talk to someone new, discard your biases, open your mind, don’t stress out too often, and have fun.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would have several things to tell myself. First of all I would say to truly think about commuting. I would warn myself that this is not the college experience you expected and that I should look for other schools to go to as well. I am however currently applying to a traditional four year school to live on campus. The second thing I would tell myself is that I need to do more scholarship work. As a senior in high school I did not put much time and effort into scholarships or scholarship searches. I now realize that every little bit will help even if it is only for five hundred dollars. The other thing I would tell myself is to not be scared of getting involved or talking to other people. I was very quiet in high school, and I am glad that I am no longer that way, because meeting new people and learning how to be on your own is half the experience of college. Lastly I would tell myself to have fun, and if you want a change, go make it happen.


Don't be afraid. I was so, so worried about what college would be like. I didn't even have the transition a lot of kids do: I still live at home and commute! I thought it would be so much work, that all professors simpy didn't care whether you passed the clas or not, and that the only grades you ever had were the midterm and final. I have yet to take a class by a heartless professor and have yet to have a class were only two grades were taken. College is a lot of work, but it's no where near as bad as what I imagined it would be my senior year.


I would tell myself not to screw off and keep up with my school work! Homework comes before social life. If you goof off in high school it majorly hurts you once you are in college. It makes it harder to get into a good school and you may have to retake classes except pay for them this time. Take as many college level courses as you can while it is free!


I would tell myself to go to college right out of high school. I graduated high school 10 years ago and it would have been much easier to go to college then, instead of now, a husband and 5 kids later! On the other hand, I would also encourage myself to be sure I was ready. I don't think that I would have put as much effort into it then as I am now. All in all, I think I still would have made the same decision, I feel really good about what I am doing now and the life I've led up until now.


I would tell myself stay focused, and utilize my time. Also I would tell myself to not pay attention to what people say about your career, just go ahead and stay in school.