University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known the value of time and money management. I would have like to been aware of the general immaturity of my peers and myself. It would have been advantageous to understand the concepts of institutional professionalism. Most of all, I wish I would have realized that the world is vast and in need of exploration.


I wish I had known that commuting truly is not for me. Since there are no dorms at UCBA all the students there either commute or travel up from the main campus. I also wish I knew of the lack of recreational activities at the Blue Ash campus as well. There is not much to do between classes except sit around. That to me is the biggest problems with UCBA, the fact that it is a commuter school and that there are not many activities to get involved in on the campus itself.


College is NOTHING like high school. You get to choose your professors, your classes, and the times you want to have class. Students have much, much more freedom when it comes to education in college.