University of Cincinnati-Clermont College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Class sizes are small, and the professors are very friendly and know students by name.


I typically brag about the small and personable campus and how close it is to home. The small campus allows for smaller, more hands-on classes, shorter walking time from class to class, and a short walk to the book store and cafeteria. I also brag about how much cheaper the tuition is compared to the main branch of my college as well as compared to other nearby universities, which allows for more opportunities for those who don't have a whole lot of money.


I brag most about the cost and my professors/teachers. It is affordable, close to home and the profs are great! I get a small classroom feel with a state college education! The teachers know me by name and actually care about how I am doing in their class versus being one of 300 students in an auditorium and disappearing in the crowd. It is the perfect school and a great transition between high school and college. I am actually doing a lot better in college than I did in high school!