University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I absolutely love the University of Cincinnati! The overall campus is not too big and not too small, I consider it a perfect size. There are so many great restaurants and fun things to do around campus. For example, we just had a big snow storm and everyone was outside sledding and having a blast. The new football stadium is going to be amazing and I cannot wait to go to football games next year. UC also has many great organizations and amazing Greek Life opportunities. No one is ever bored at UC!


The University of Cincinnati is a great place to find out who or what it is you want to be.


The University of Cincinnati is a school which cares about individual sucess but requires alot of self motivation and self reliance to get where you want to be.


The University of Cincinnati is an engerized, involved campus thanks to the work of President Ono, focusing on the merit of the overall college experience — housing and dining options, student organizations, community engagement, academics, Greek life, athletics, career development — and not solely on academic requirements.


Great learning space.




A fast-pace environment that is committed to building determined, contributing indivdiuals for the betterment of society.


Urban on-campus feel, without being unsafe.


The school has a lot of diversity and has a great education system.


My school offers a lot of opportunities to make the best out of your future goals.


UC looks Urban, modern, and high tech. The campus is very compact, but always has something going on. On a football gameday, it can often look as prestigious as OSU with the tailgating that is going on all around, and within, the campus.


Very great school with much emphasis placed in experiential learning on the job and amazing research opportunities.


Not only is UC a large public university with a huge amount of resources and opportunities, it also proudly contains one of the top nursing and engineering programs in the country, and the prestigious DAAP and CCM schools for architecture and performing arts respectively; UC is an architectural masterpiece with great facilities, attentive teachers, friendly students and a welcoming vibe... GO BEARCATS!


UC has an excellent teacher education program.


My school is Capella University. It offers virtual online courses to those who want to get a quality education within the comforts of their home.


The people at the Universtiy of Cincinnati have very diverse culturals, styles, political/religious views, and personalities.


Diverse, good choice of degree programs, friendly, lots of school spirit


UC is very friendly and the perfect size.


My school has so much to offer whether it be academics, sports, organizations, or social aspects.


The University of Cincinnati has one of the better atmosphers for learning that I've come across. The main campus has lots of interesting people, and during class almost all of them pay attention (unlike high school). As for the College of Business to graduate one must take courses on a variety of topics in business. No one will simply just study their major.


The University of Cincinnati is a great instituion to get an awesome education, meet knew people, and have a great college experience where


It is a well rounded school with an excellent engineering program.


UC is one of the most diverse and interesting places that I have ever visited, there are always new things to discover and explore when you're in the urban main campus.


It is a relatively large school of about 40,000 but it's a pretty compact campus and isn't sprawled out like Ohio State University.


I would consider my school to be a mixture beween geniuses, potheads, and jocks.


UC is an open and diverse area where students are provided with a good education and lots of opportunity for less money than most others require


My University is a school of such great knowledge and diversity, from different ethnicities to the highly prestigious colleges within the university, I feel honored and truly privileged to attend such a wonderful school.


My school is extremely focused on your future career and very involved in sports.


Very big and interesting with a lot of things to do.


My school is spacious, envirommentally accessable, and mentally statisifactory.


Urban community with great school spirit and academic achievement.


At my school the most important thing is that you attend class. If you do this and keep up with your reading you will be just fine.




The best school for me.


My school is a fun rural place of great education in the middle of the queen city that is great for minorities and people alike.


I would advise fthem to study hard, stay focused and have fun with predetermined limits. Explore yourself, your college, your classmates and your environment. This a period of life in which you need to have a direction and a destination, but it is not necessary to have a roadmap. Visualize what you want and when, find pictures that match these ideas, post them somewhere you'll look often on a daily basis. This helps you get what you want in the time you want to get it. Keep God in all that you do. Live life with no regrets.


DAAP is where I have met the most artistic, intelligent, and inspiring people and has given me the opportunity to thrive in a career choice that I love, even though art is not a lucritive professional choice.


The campus is beautiful, the faculty is caring, and the school is very diverse and accepting.


There are many different kinds of people studying many different subjects at UC; there are a lot of specialized programs and it's only 10,000 a year in state tuituion.


Hard for transfer students who live off campus to have a vibrant social life who aren't social butterflies.


The University of Cincinnati provides students a comfortable unique urban atmosphere, learning opportunities, and a fantastic co-op experience.


What is the sound of one hand clapping in a deserted forest.


my school is very diverse.


More of a business than a school.


The University of Cincinnati is an expensive way to waste your time, learn little to nothing, and accumulate debt.


UC is a diverse, accepting, and challenging college that promotes growth academically and socially.


It is very knowledge based.




UC is a great value for the quality of my education, and has a unique campus which feels safe and secure.


UC is just about the best school I could have picked because I hate being the center of attention and a school as big and as diverse as UC offers that.