University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Smart, caring and very motivated students.


Dedicated in learning the knowledge needed to pursue their dreams and obtain their goals. Drive and ambition to succeed and help their classmates along the way.


UC students are actively engagedon campus and within the community, concerned with the overall quality of the time they spend at UC, and challenge traditional, and care about their education.


They were typically all caucasian and they would not interact or speak to me, yet they would interact with eachother and speak to eachother.


My classmates are the opposite of me mostly white and middle class.


My classmates were open-minded and well-rounded students who brought fresh ideas to my classes.and with us there was quite a bit of debate that was critical but not harsh, more beneficial to us and our work than anything.


Frugal in speech.


Fun, energitic and very talkative!!


My classmates are very introvert and afraid to network with people that they do not know.


As an RA I realize how much this university stresses diversity. This diversity includes social economic status, religion, sexuality, race, gender, and so on. If you are a CCM major (music related) you will probably go to class dressed nice because you are constantly putting on performances, or practicing for one. As a DAAP student (art/architecture) major you will probably dress very expressive, and individualistic. Engineers usually dress very down to earth, and most other majors vary all over the place. People walk around campus in Camo, or Air force uniforms if they are in ROTC. There are many different organizations on campus that represent all different diversities—religious organizations. The RAAP program (Racial awareness program) covers racial, SES and sexuality issues—and is one of the largest organizations on campus. Most of the students are from Ohio, or Kentucky. But I have met students from almost anywhere—including many from India, Japan, or China.


There is such a variety of students that are at the University of Cincinnati. There are students who come from ten minutes away to students who are coming from half way across the world. Just by observing, you can kind of tell what students might feel out of place here, such as students who aren't fluent in English. They tend to hang with those who speak the same language as them so it is easier to communicate and talk about things. Even though one might not be fluent in English, students here definitely help one another out to feel welcomed whether it's in class or taking them out somewhere like a party. It seems like most students here are from Ohio since UC is one of the main campuses that people think of in Ohio. It doesn't seem like financial gain is a main topic at UC. All students are here for the major and jobs that they want to pursue whether it will get them a lot of money in the future or not.


We have a very large diversity in our school. You can see just about every culture. One of the best things is that there are not that many "clicks" within these groups. Asians hang out with Americans, Indians hang out with Africans, etc. when you look at a table in the dining area, you can see at least four to five different ethnic background. No racism, no discrimination or excluding certain individuals. They all care about their grades and graduation. they are involved in clubs, social activities, they care a lot about building their resumes and network while in college. There isn't a huge gap between the students as far as the financial background. You may not know that one of your team members is from a milionaire family. or one maybe from a very poor family. Even if you know, it doesn't change anything. They all look at eachother as same.


Thats all I can say. Students come from every edge of the spectrum. Most of my experiences have been with politically aware, socially open students. DAAP tends to house students that are open minded and predominately left.


I've met people from all sorts of backgrounds, but so far, mostly what I've seen is a university that is primarily white, middle class, center-right students. I sometimes feel out of place just as a white, upper middle class, left-winger. However, this being the Midwest, most everyone is very friendly, which can almost be unsettling for someone coming from the uptight east coast like me.


The classmates at the University of Cincinnati can be described as hardworking, committed to excellence, and some of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Fun and down-to-earth people that are enthusiastic about their education while still able to relax and have a good time.


Extremely talented and hard working in their craft


My classmates are very helpful and friendly.


There was a whole lot of them at first, then somewhere in there they all disappeared by your last year. If you have a hard time with classes with alot of students, they all dont finish with you.


The people that surround me are motivated students, who are here to learn but don't mind having fun either.


Most of my classmates are very nice. They are also helpful in the aspect that if anyone needs help they can try and figure it out with them or ask someone else.


My classmates are very diverse, and intelligent.


My classmates in CCM are already my family after only six weeks, and I've never met more adventurous, artistic, curious, friendly and vivacious people; the general UC population is also an incredibly diverse, talented and amazing group of people.


My classmates were intelligent, determined, and compassionate.


The students on this campus represent culture; from the College Conservatory of Music students to the Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning sttudents, to the students of Criminal Justice, the vast array of students and student interests gives off a wonderful feeling of student diversity


My classmates are hardworking team players, who balance work with play, and keep college fun for me even in the hardest of times.


I haven't started school yet, I don't have classmates.


Engergtetic and down to earth with everyone there for the same reason, to succeed in their education and career goals.


For the most part everyone is very friendly and helpful, there isn't a lot of competition in the classrooms.


Most classmates of mine at the University of Cincinnati are attentive, diligent, determined students, who take advantage of the opportunity to attended college to further their education, and become an asset to their community.


Diversity in action.


My classmates are very nice and because I see many of the same people in my studio classes, it has become sort of like a family.


My classmates are spirited all the time, there is always something happening, whether there is a rally on the main street of campus, or live music on the steps of the university office, the people I attend UC with are full of life.


Absolutely dedicated to not only their OWN success but to the success of each of person around them who is driven to succeed on their chosen career path(s).


They are, in general, either not very interested in school but merely what comes after, specifically careers, or they are interested in seeming as if they are top notch students at a prominent university when really they would never survive at one.


My classmates come from a diverse background and each have their own perspective on life and school.


My classmates are cool, helpful, and for the most part on the same mission im on, and thats getting our education.


They are a group of very gifted and friendly people who are very hard workers and good teammates and people.


My classmates are generally party animals, they love to party but when it comes to doing there school work they make sure that is done before the partying.


My classmates that are at class are motivated and studious and those who don't go to class don't care.


Bring new ideas and perspectives to the classroom


My classmates are friendly and willing to help when asked but for the most part stick to themself or stay within their groups.


My classmates are hard-working and come from a variety of backgrounds.


My classmates were all very close and almost like family, we worked and spent nearly every minute of the day with each other.


Abitious and ready for success.


My clasemates are hard workers and are willing to help out whenever I need it.


My classmates were kind, helpful, and fun.


My classmates are friendly and good natured; they provide support, yet give positive criticism that is insightful, intelligent, and beneficial.


The students of my school are very diverse, there are people from all ages as well as all ethnicities and religions.


Diverse and open to new ideas.