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University of Cincinnati is unique because of the programs that are available and the campus. UC offers tons of majors the chance to intern for semesters throughout your college career. This opens so many paths for students to network themselves and set themselves up for a career once college is over. The campus is also unique with its football stadium dug into the center of campus and the environmentally friendly perks around campus.


Are campus is very artistic in nature, so a lot of facilities are designed around art instead of functionality. This gives it a very unique feel. Also this is a huge research campus, so you know that very advanced stuff is going on, and it feels great to be a part of that.


The campus is beautiful. There are many organizations to join. The admissions office is very helpful with any questions you may have. It does not feel like you are in the middle of a busy city and everything you could need is located on or within walking distnce of the campus.


The atmosphere, UC students have the perfect balance of knowing when to work hard and when to play hard.


There are so many unique characteristics about my university. The one special thing that really sold me on it would be the atmosphere. It's such a close-knit campus and the way it's built really makes it feel like home. The architechture is so unique and user friendly. The way the campus is built and arranged is the one thing that really had me set on attending UC.


The thing that is unique about UC is that the people are absolutely amazing. I have never been anywhere that people are always helping out and being considerate. I have been short on money for a vending machine and these people went ahead and paid for my soda! Amazing people in an amazing school.


Very diverse


The University of Cincinnati is unique because it has a spectacular combination of classes and student activities. All of the classes are interesting and highly educational and the student activities are fun and socially helpful for the good and respectable students of the school.


The prcie of tuition.


I chose the University of Cincinnati, specifically their DAAP program, because they are a pioneer in the cooperative education program. I wanted a school that would offer career experience as well as an intense learning program.


The Co-op program is what makes the University of Cincinnati unique. Students will have the chance to work with a company in their prospective field before they graduate. This is extremely beneficial becuase the student will get to see if he/she will enjoy the field they are going into, which gives them a chance to change majors if they are unsatisfied. Also it lets students relate what they are learning in class to real world problems which can make learning much easier. Finally students get work experience which gives them a leg up on graduates of other colleges.


The unique aspect that the University of Cincinnati has to offer is its ability to be a larger school while at the same time making a person feel comfortable and included in their surroundings.


The most unique thing about the University of Cincinnati is the diversity of the students as well as the diversity of majors. We have nationally ranked majors ranging from the College of Business to College Conservitory of Music. The most outstanding aspect to the University of Cincinnati is the Co-Op prgoram. Our majors that have the co-op program as an option gives the students an opportunity to gain experience in their chosen academic field while in college. We will graduate having not only a better understanding of our career goals, but also with experience!


When comparing my school to other educational choices the University of Cincinnati outranked them in academic prestige for my intended major and degree. I fell in love with the campus right from the very begining when I visited, and the distance from home was much easier to deal with then my other choices. While I was recieving the lowest amount of scholarships from Cincinnati, they were still the school that caught my eye in the end. The atmosphere at the campus while you are there made all the difference to me.


The unique part about the University of Cincinnati is the campus. Every building is different in the design. The campus is colorful and live! There is so much interaction that goes on and you meet someone new everyday.




My school is big enough where I do not know everyone that goes there, but it is not overwhelming in the sense that I feel like I am living in an entire city. I love how there is always activities for students to do on and off campus. At UC I felt that is was much more diverse than it was in my home town which was also a nice change in pace. I liked being able to meet all sorts of different people that I couldn't meet in my home town.


Our location is unique. We are located in the middle of the city. We are also 10 minutes from Kentucky and 20 minutes away from Indiana. It's possible to travel through 3 states in less than one hour!


The Co-op opportunities that are available to students. The program and local companies seem to work well together flawlessly.


This school has a renowned cooperative education program, which is an excellent way to enhance the learning experience, as well as gain relevant career related experience.


When i first visted UC and still to this day whenever i am on campus or any school funtion one thing i notice most is diviersity. You can find individuals from virtually all over the world that attend UC. There is so many things to learn and individuals are willing to teach you about their differences, and almost everyone gets alone no matter how diverse they are.


It is much bigger than the other schools I considered going to for my undergraduate degree. As a result though, it has more programs than any of the other schools I considered and thus classes that the others could never imagine having (ie. LGBT Studies, which is a pretty unique class that most colleges do not offer and could not dream of offering).


I haven't actually attended the school yet, I start in March. UC's Raymond Walters campus makes it a lot seasier for someone like me to attend school. I am a full-time working adult and mother who never went to college. I am a little nervous about going back to school with people half my age and younger, but everyone is so nice and very enouraging. I am very excited to start working on my college education - It is something I have alwyas dreamed of.


The University of Cincinnati has one the friendliest, relaxed campuses in the general area. Our university has been one of the leading contributors to the medical field. Many famous individuals have their roots at the University of Cincinnati. Here, among the hilly city of Cincinnati lies a bright gem, with many opportunities for your personal life as well as, career advancement. The opportunity here alone at the University of Cincinnati is what drew me in.


To me the Architecture of the school speaks for itself. alomg with the beautiful campus, the atmosphere present on campus on a day to day basis would make anyones day. Also the cafeteria food I believe up way above average compred to other schools I considered.


Their art school. I am an art major and its standards and reputation made me want to go to University of Cincinnati.


UC has a very wide variety of programs and makes it very easy to explore different learning tracks.


The diversity of students is unique.


UC is larger than the other schools I looked at.


very diverse. you will meet alot of people from all walks of life on this campus.


Wow. There is just so much unique about UC. They have awesome architecture, the people are friendly and eager to help. Even though it's a public university it has all the familial warmth you would expect from a smaller university once you find your niche. And it is VERY easy to find out where you fit in at UC.


The DAAP program is amazing and ranked one of the best in the country. I was very excited to be accepted into the program.


The diversity of majors it offers without being too big. I looked at Ohio State and the campus and school was way too big. It felt impersonal. I have changed majors three times and most schools don't offer the program I am in now so without the vast number of majors I would never have found Construction Management.


My school for one is close to home. It's not as expensive because I live in state, even though I still have trouble paying for it . It is just all around fun. We are extremely school spirited. We love our football especially. Great professors who care. It's just a wonderful school in general.




The location and the college of DAAP.


I love how UC's campus isn't overwhelming and large, but yet you still get the feeling of a large school. The main campus isn't too spread out and overwhelming, and there's really good transportation to get to the other campuses. The entire Cincinnati community comes together to support the school, and there's many, many activities for students to do off campus with the community, which is really neat.


We offer the most majors in the state with diverse viewpoints. At the University of Cincinnati we place a strong emphasis on academics and real life expiriences. We are the home of co-op learning and are striving everyday to become a better research university.


small, and easy going. Everyone is so friendly!


I love the atmosphere of my school, there is just enough diversity. The campus is very clean. They are student oriented, the class sizes are just right. The campus it self is just beautiful.


It's a nicely renovated, close and smaller campus so walking to class isn't too far.


The reason I chose UC was that it was close to my home so I could live at home to save money. Also, the in-state tuition is very reasonable when the education we are receiving is considered. The football team is also becoming one of the more elite teams in the country, so that is exciting.


It's just the right size and offers great classes that are small and accomodate everyone.


It is asthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. It has a lot of amazing academic prgrams in a variety of areas.


It is a large campus but easy to navigate. It has a well stocked library, convenient student center and helpful conseling center.


The buildings on campus


One thing that is unigue about our school is that our football stadium is in the heart of our campus. This does not mean that it is our main focus of the school, but it does bring a school spirit to everyone. It allows for people to get to enjoy our campus when they do attend the sporting events. It is also unique that all students can go on the stadium at any time and enjoy it, just not the athletes.


We are big but not overwhelmingly so. The University of Cincinnati has a great balance of career preparation via Co-op programs and internships (we are responsible for the invention Co-op back in 1906) and social, extracurricular activities. Partners include P&G, GE, and others. We are an Urban Research University with awesome opportunities for student research. Our programs are highly ranked including the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), and College of Business with a solid MBA option. One of only 20 schools worldwide to compete in 2007 Solar Decathlon.


our school does not have a stereotype because there are students from all backgrounds, races, genders, and social classes.


The University of Cincinnati has a very big coop program that allows the students a wide variety of jobs in many places across the world. The other schools i looked at did not have a coop program as extensive as this one and i think it is very important to have experience in a job before you commit to the career.