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What are the academics like at your school?


Right now I am currently getting my Bachelor’s degree in Communication. I also plan to get my Public Relations certificate, and my deaf Studies certificate. I really like the Communications department, and I think it is one of the better known majors on campus as far as interest, and teacher quality. I have grown close with many of the teachers here, despite so many students being on this campus. As a freshmen I was in some bigger classes, and now that I am getting more specific into my major the class sizes gets smaller, and many of my teachers know my name, or my face if they were to see me around campus. I spend time with two of my teachers outside of class. One is the leader of The Navigators in which I am a part in, so I spend a lot of time with him. The other teacher is an adjacent professor who has background of doing Youth Ministry. This professor (named Zac) found out that this is something I would like to do, and he approached me and asked if I would like to meet up and discuss ministry. Zac has given me much insight, and is seen as a mentor in my life. In my major, in class participation is very common. The amount of time students spend studying varies greatly. This depends on their major, as well as how they are able to study. There are also competitive students—as an RA I know many other RA’s who are super competitive and driven. I have learned so much more in college than in high school, and I actually get better grades despite how much harder the class material is. This is because the material really interests me, and I see how it applies to my life.


The academics at the University of Cincinnati aren't bad. Depending on the size of your class will determine whether the professor knows your name. If it's a big lecture hall with tons of students, unless you really interact with the professor, they won't know your name. If it's a smaller classroom though with about 15 or 20 students, the professors usually try to learn your name. My favorite class right now would be Musculoskeletal anatomy. Although it can be a difficult class because of everything you have to memorize, learning to palpate the muscles and what each do is very cool. My least favorite is physics because it's so hard for me to grasp what's going on sometimes.The amount of time that each student spends studying differs with the person, but you will always see students in the library at any time of the day studying. The class participation again depends on the size of the class. Usually in a larger class, the same students answer the professors questions, but in a smaller classroom, more students speak up. My major is Health Science/Pre-med so I take some difficult classes and some not so difficult classes and some classes that are very interesting and some that aren't so much. I know that everything I am taking and am going to take is important in my future and trying to get into medical school. They make sure that I take the classes where it is necessary for me to learn the material for the MCATs.


Every single one of my professors know my first name, most of them know my last name. My favorate class is my Co-Op for Business Administration. And my least favorite class is Effective Public Speaking. Students don't wait until the day before the exam. my classmates seem to be well prepared at all times. All of my classes have high class participation which makes us feel a part of the class and the lecture. Yes, every student I engage in conversation seem to have knowledge in different areas, politics, social life, medical, business, technical, etc. Students are competitive. They don't want to just pass the class. They are working hard to pass it with an A. The most unique class I've taken was the Business Foundations. I loved the way our professor was teaching the history of management, details, starting up a business, videos in class, case studies, quiz at every class from every chapter, she made the topics very interesting. I am double majoring in Finance and Accounting, minoring in French and I am a native Turkish speaker. With these, I am the Vice President of the International Business Club at our university. My professors from the College of Business, my advisor and some of my professors from other departments are supporting me greatly. they are a big part of the reason that I can be included in Dean's list. There is a great support from my department towards my career goals and personal enhancement and I greatly appreciate it. I always visit my professors, whether its class related or career related. and most of my professors seem to be interested in my personal career life and my achievements, they ask questions and listen to my experiences with great interest. I am still in touch with my previous professors. Some of the course prerequisites seem unnecessary, or makes my education time a lot longer that it can be. But everything else is well designed. Our education prepares students in the best way they can towards achieving a successful career, great personality, becoming well educated individuals and it gives us a great chance to experience work life while still in college (with our co-op programs). it values foreign language education as well as internships, co-op rotations, leadership programs and much more. Everything is to build a strong individual for business life.


I am in DAAP, and I really enjoy the culture of this college. DAAP students seem to be more interested in their studies than other students (not to say anything poorly of other colleges). All of my professors know me by name, and many even hand out their cell phone numbers. Because UC is such a large school with so many student groups and events, you are bound to find people that are as interested in your area of study as you are. The main attraction to UC for me was the co-op program. Academics here prepare you very well for the professional world, and employers know that. UC has had lots of success in placing students in paid positions during co-op quarters, earning them valuable experience (think resume!) and enough money to help pay for school.


I'm in DAAP, the School of Design, Architecture, Arts, and Planning, and it's extremely challenging, but my professors are all very good. The design classes are very small and hands-on, and keep us engaged even through the 3 hour studio classes. DAAP is not a series of classes, however - it is a lifestyle, and you have to be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} committed. My friends in other departments seem to have far less work - they actually have time to go out and have fun often - I'm lucky if I can eat two meals some days. The education here seems to be really geared towards getting us jobs later on, which is clear from the Co-Op program, the main reason I came here. Many of the programs here are very highly ranked, especially in DAAP and CCM, the Conservatory of Music, and people graduating from these programs seem to get very good jobs later on.