University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Thugs, for the most part the stereo is accurate but we rally have smart students and professor here at the university


When I first came to UC many people told me how everyone at UC must be really “ghetto” and that’s not true at all. Most students here are the average college kid. You have your preps, and you have some people are working class. But mostly its middle class born and raised. I don’t think there really is one stereotype of students at UC. This is a big school with over 40,000 students, so you have a little bit of everything—the partiers, Greek Life, though CCM you get many musicians, and though DAAP there are many creative open minded artistic people. There really is everything at UC.


The stereotypes that occur at the University of Cincinnati usually occur due to what college you are a part of. For those in CCM, the automatic stereotype is that you're Asian or you're snobby. If you're in DAAP, usually people think you have no time to do anything else than your artwork and projects and that you're very artsy. In the business college, you're considered a partier because you have a lot of free time since people don't think that you have a lot of work to do as a business major. If there are stereotypes of students due to their race, it's usually that is you're Asian, you're in CCM for violin or piano or that you're a pre-med student. If you're Indian then you're assumed to have been a TA for a class. Then there's you average, you look at a person and just think they're a jock or stoner or geek by the way they look. It doesn't really change from high school.


The University of Cincinnati is an extremely diverse campus. There are students of every different race, origin, age, style, etc. I am certain that there is a place and crows for every student at UC. There are also several different majors and specialties that UC is famous for. No matter who you are, UC is a wonderful place to learn more about who you are and how you can fit in. It is very easy to make friends at UC especially because of all of the different student groups and associations that you can join as well!



We currently have group of Asian students. Female Asian students can be easily identified; first: by their facial looks, secong and more importantly: by their dress styles. Although they have a good sense of fashion, sometimes I wonder if it really is appropriate to wear at school. Very dark, shiny black hair -mostly done, very heavy makeup -usually black eye shadow shaded towards the eyebrows, heavy mascara,either a thin high heels, or wedge pumps, mini skirts and expensive hand bags. Thanks to them for making our campus more diverse!


While there are different stereotypes for the campus location, and things of those nature, the student body of the University of Cincinnati is very diverse and does not seem to have a stereotype. The diversity represented in the approximate 43,000 undergraduate students eliminates the possibility of the University to have a specific "mold" you need to fill or "type" of students that attend. This diversity is something that I believe really positively impacts student life on this campus.


Being a large school, UC doesn't really have an over-riding stereotypes. That being said, there is certainly a healthy mix of all of the stereotypes that you will find at any other school. I'm probably friends with at least one or two of each.


I honestly can't think about what the stereotypes are of UC students. Though the diversity here is low compared to some schools (and I may be biased coming from an extremely diverse high school), there are people from many walks of life and I don't think it's very easy to generalize about UC students.