University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone can attend University of Cincinnati and feel right at home. UC is a very proud community so they have to be someone who is ready to cheer on their Bearcats for any activity. UC also has so many programs, majors and activities that it is hard to not be involved in the university.


The University of Cincinnati is a big school with such a beautiful architecture. I feel the type of person who should attend this school should be very independent, and not mind always having people around them. It is also a school that is very urban and therefore a student applying here should like the city and going out with people. There is so much to do both on campus and off of campus, and student who come here should want to explore it all.


The people that attend this school should be the kind of people who work hard, and know what they want to do in the future. They are kind and will help people in need and will get help if needed.


An individual that is driven to maximize their future options for a career. Someone that is confident in themselves and is persistent with their instructors for additional assistance and help. I also suggest an individual that is not intimidated by large crowds and large classroom sizes.


Anybody would be able to attend UC. There is a large variety of possible majors for someone to get into and clubs for their free time. The only double-edged sword that UC has is that it has 26,000 students, so its pretty big.


Only a person who is prepared to be getting overcharged and go on wild goose chases for his or her degree should attend this school.


Someone who wants a quality education for a reasonable price. And also someone who desires to come out of college with valuable on the job experience that comes from the schools well established co-op program.


A person that wants to attend the University of Cincinnati should be a person that is looking forward to the city lifestyle. It's a school that is big enough to have enough new people to meet, but it is not too big in the sense that it is it's own city. If you are wanting to take college seriously in an educational perspective, than UC is the school for you.


one that is strong and know what he or she wants out of life and has to know how to talk to people.


A student who is willing to take risks, try different majors and discover what they really and truly wish to do. And become who they want to be, embodying the strength and bearcat determination to take on the challenges in today's world, here and abroad. Bearcat pride!


Any person can attend this college. They offer so many different clubs and organizations so no one has to feel left out. UC strives to make everyone "a family", encouraging new relationships with people. For example, random roommate assignment in the dorms. This is a great way to meet new people different from you. There academics are extremely well ranging from art, to music to engineering to any other major one could think of. I would highly recommend this school to anyone! They have set me up with a possible job in the future.


The type of individual that attends UC needs to be goal oriented and focused on a plan they have for their future. They also need to be aware of their surroundings, as this campus is located in an area where crime does occur on occassion. Keeping an open mind to other's ideas is also really important, as this campus is very diverse and very large. It is good to have a blend of street savy, and literal intellect to fit in with where this campus is located in Cincinnati.


If you look at race or gender than it seems as if many different kinds of people attend the University of Cincinnati, but that is not the case. At the University of Cincinnati all of the students have something in common, and that is that we're all trying to make the best out of our lives. Everyone here wants to be successful in whatever field they may be in, and they won't let anything stop them. If you aren't devoted to becoming a great scholar and an even better person University of Cincinnati is not for you.


If you are interested in any sort of engineering, I recommend that you attend the University of Cincinnati. Put simply, the co-op education plan cannot be beaten and there is no substitute for it. I find it hard to believe that I have a high percentage chance of leaving college with a full-time job lined up.


Must be very self directed, have high academic standards, open to work as hard as you can, be prepared for long hours of study and sleepless nights, must be very focus because the course load is very heavy


A person who likes to live in or near the city with much to do close by should pick this school. UC is idealy located near plenty of stores, restaurants, and other places of interest that one may easily access by bus, shuttle, or walking. And although the school is a large university with mostly large classes, it does provide opportunities for students to be in smaller, more personalized classes too if they so choose. We also have great school spirit!


Someone who wants to be pushed academically and is unsure of what of what they want to do. UC has alot of programs and academic adviors willing to help you figure out what direction to go in and what major would be suited best for you.


Someone who loves diversity and is dedicated to their future! Someone who definately knows what they want and isn't afraid to put in the hard work it takes to get there. You have to be dedicated to yourself and not be afraid of who you are becoming and what other people think. It's a great place to spread your wings and fly.


The kind of person that should attend UC is goal-oriented, but fun as well. It's a great place to academically achieve, but it's also a great place to have the college experience. It's not so big that students don't know one another, but it's big enough to have a booming weekend or a great athletic event. Honestly, UC is a place that anybody could attend and find their niche. It's so diverse and open that anybody can find where they belong. There are so many opportunities to be discovered at UC.


Lovers of cincinnati, as everyone from this city is obsessed with it. Also those interested in gaining first hand experience with co-op.


Someone who is interested in getting a great education, while experiencing a very interactive urban atmosphere. At UC, the student population is so diverse that you are bound to make all sorts of friends.


As i said about, the University of Cincinnati is such a diverse and incredible school, anyone can attend. If you are a theator major or engineer major you will find a home at this university.


A person who canwork well in big classroom and who can read their book to understand most of the material. A person who can work by themselves or in a study group to gain knowlegde that they have to know for that specific class.


The kind of person that should attend this school are the students that are serious about learning, that want to have an enjoyable college experience and for those who want to get a job after college and be able to afford whatever life they wish to live.


One needs to be very open minded if they attend this school. We are composed of very different minded individuals that each have their own respective ways of thinking.


People who are looking for an adventurous, creative, and challenging environment will thoroughly enjoy the University of Cincinnati. There is nothing more important than the Bearcat Pride on campus from freshmen to senior faculty; the perfect mix between a lot of city life and just the right amount of environmental beauty, if you know where to look! Fast-paced and always looking to move forward, UC has some of the best resources available to students; (University Hospital, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the CCM and DAAP programs, and finally the Co-Op program- all of these are well-known and accredited.)


The kind of person that should attend Raymond Walters College is a an outgoing, self determined, group dynamic, with goals that can be completed in two to three years so that the student can move on to further their education. This is a college to help students transition from high school to college, then to a university. This school is developed to help students achieve higher learning beyond the traditional learning techniques of a regular community college. The person should be ambitious and talented.


strong minded who is not going to care what people think of them.


I recommend everyone who has a desires to continue their education to attend this school. A community college is a great place to start because the tuition is two times lower than a university's tuition. If the person is scared of goin to a university, he or she can always go to a community college and get transfer later on.


Any there is a program for any mind and it can be as hard as you make it.


Bright person who wants a bright future


Someone who is social, independent and career oriented


Some who wants to get work experience while in school


Students that are driven and willing to take full advantage of all the resources the campus has.


Any person. There are enough different things going on and people that anyone can find a niche.


A person wanting to experience the field they are studying, and be ensured that their education will be used to the utmost potential.


Someone who is open minded and willing to work hard. If all you want to do is drink and party then go to Cincinnati State because if you do that at UC you will probably fail.


Someone who wants to co-op and be involved in school and make better of themselves.


outgoing and focused that likes to have fun


someone who enjoys city life and is very open to change.


People who attend this school need to be outgoing in order to really find friends. Being able to afford to live on campus also seems to help drastically in this area. You really don't have to study hard for this school.


Someone who doesn't mind living and interacting in a diverse situation, who feels comfortable at a decent sized school, and who is prepared to learn, but to also have fun.


The person should make sure they have lots of financial backing and generally this school is for anyone looking to further their education and get the most out of their classes.




Everyone! There is definitely something for people from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of life goals. There are so many ways to get involved in campus life. Whether for personal edification by joining one of approximately 35 club sports, not including intramural sports (most institutions have 10-15), promoting school spirit through on-campus organizations, or academic advancement through top-notch research and strong faculty-student relations. A person who is self-driven and highly motivated will find the large atmosphere beneficial in providing vast opportunities but small enough to call UC home. Loyalty to the Varsity!


A student who is completely focused on their academic work. Someone who is outgoing, friendly and someone who can make friends easily because students at UC are outgoing and free spirited. Other than being serious academically, if you enjoy meeting new people, attending social events or sporting events and enjoy getting involved, UC is the school for you. Its a big campus, but it is beautiful.


I think any person, of any calliber would fit in at UC. In college you find your own nitch, you're not forced to choose your friends from a few dozen or a few hundred, but a few thousand people that have the same interests , cares and problems as you. College is a huge part of defining who you are, and I've met plenty of different people that have excelled at UC because of its diversity and committment to a just community.


If someone is going to enroll in the DAAP program (the college I attended) they need to be creative, smart, ambitious and willing to learn.


I think anyone that wants to attend a big college with a diverse group of people should attend this college. I enjoy a big college because I went to a big high school and one thing I really wanted was a big college to match that. Professors are usually very willing to help you with your studies and questions you have outside of classes.


Anyone who seeks a great learning experience from a design school should enroll in DAAP at UC. It's prepared me well for the architecture job I had this summer after just 1 year at UC.