University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?




The University of Cincinnati is a school which promotes hard work and integrity. Students who will do anything to get their grades are the ones who really enjoy it here. Basically lazy and careless students cannot thrive in the kind of conditions and standards that the University has set for itself. A person who is not willing to go the extra mile to get their grades up and careless about homework and work done outside class is not welcome. Not that they cannot meet up the expectations but because they cannot be consistent and that can cause them much.


University of Cincinnati is not for people who are uncomfortable with being around many people. The school hold about 42,000 students, so there is always people around. A person who doesnt enjoy the city life should refrain from apply to Cincinnati. The campus is very urban both in its architecture and in its surroundings. A person who does not enjoy interaction and being a part of the Bearcat family here at University of Cincinnati may not want to apply here.


a person who does not want to study hard for what they want to achieve.


Someone who is reserved. This school you need to be out going to make friends. The students are not overly friendly so it is up to you to find them.


A person who needs individualized attention probably should not attend this school. Most class sizes are large and professors are not able to give much individualized attention. Also students who are more hands on learners probably should not attend. Most classes are lectures with no projects or group work. Finally students who do not do well on tests should not attend. Most classes tests make up 70-90 percent of the grade so if you do not do well on test you will not be successful here.


Someone who likes to be alone a lot and doesn't want to be involved. There are so many people and so many things to do on and off campus


I think that everybody should attend this school. It 's all about if you have the money to pay for it.




The type of person who should not attend this school is a lazy one. At this university, it requires that you spend time getting to know what you are learning about in all of your classes and spend time studying for tests.


Students at the University of Cincinnati are in college to improve their lives, therefore a person who is attending college because they are only forced by a person other than themselves, want to just get away from home, or are not willing to put in the effort to strive in their major should not attend UC.


People who do not like city life should not attend U.C. because we are located right next to downtown Cincinnati so we are subject to much traffic and other negatives of living in a city.


I don't think anyone would not love and want to attend UC. The university has a large populaion and you discover new friends turning every corner. Every culture, ethnicity, and style of people walk the campus daily. Also, there are programs and clubs offered for just about anything, and if you wanted to start one you could even do that. The only reason that could hold someone back might be if you don't like winter and snow, since Cincinnati does get cold in the winter.


Someone with a closed mind, unwilling to learn about both academics and human character should not consider The University of Cincinnati. There is a lot going on outside of the classroom at UC, in both student organizations and social activities. Somebody only looking to sit in a lecture hall to learn without taking a step into the community to serve or in the real world to gain work experience should not attend UC. UC is for the student looking to go outside the box, and to learn in more ways than one.


Cincinnati is a school that really allows a self-motivated leader to flourish. It is a commuter-driven urban campus with a myriad of leadership and social opportunities. It is only those who live on or around campus that tend to take advantage of the assets that UC provides.


The only reason not to attend this school would be if that person doesn't want to go to a big school. There are a lot of people here on campus during the week. That is the only reason because the University of Cincinnati is an awesome school!


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person that is open to new ideas and that like a diverse crowd. People that are willing to work hard but can also balance social and academic life.


A person who is not willing to work hard, and without a positive attitude.


I dont think it's entirley fair to say what type of person should not attend this school but if I had to absolutly pick a type it would be the type of person who has had everything handed to them on a sliver platter, school is paid for and they waist it away. For students like myself that have to work hard for every penny to pay for school, its hard to see a person like that drinking, smoking, or waisting away their life.


Students that are nto used to diversity would most likely not feel confortable here.


quiet, shy people, people that prefer quiet and small universities, people that aren't willing to wor hard to get good grades


Someone who expects to do the minimum amount of work and doesn't put in the effort needed to complete the coursework.


someone who likes the country and wide open spaces, the school in an urban setting


Someone who doesn't have a desire to learn. If someoone isn't interested in learning, then why bother.


This school is diverse and good for everyone.


A person who wants very close interactions with teachers without putting in much effort should not attend this school; one must take time to speak to teachers at the University of Cincinnati.


The University of Cincinnati is not for students who really like small classes and lots of direct, one-on-one time with professors. A lot of the general education classes are in auditoriums, and your professor will not know your name, and often times may not even recognize you.


Someone who is looking for an easy degree with little work involved should look else where. At the University of Cincinnati we believe in a strong work ethic and we believe a student should earn their degree. If you want to come here, be prepared to earn your degree.




I think that this college is great for most people. I do believe that the school is a bit rural for some people, but a great place of higher education.


People that are looking for an extremely high quality degree should not go here because it is no Harvard. Also, people that want to live in a smaller community should avoid going here. UC has around 25,000 students and is located in a major city.


A stuffy, snobby kind of person that judges people based on looks, someone that is very insecure, and someone that cannot take constructive criticism.


The school is for open-minded, creative, and self-motivated individuals.


anyone who is not going to major in architecture, graphics, fashion, music, medicine, or engineering


UC is located on an urban campus and is very diverse, so if you aren't comfortable with ethnic or socieo-economic diversity you may not feel comfortable.


A person who is interested in a quality education and a career.


Someone that is not open to other races, religions and sexual preferences


person(s) with little or no funds to spend on education, a person with no flexible hours to accommodate the class schedules, people with full-time jobs, people in a hurry to get their degree


Someone who doesn't want to do any co-op or be involved.




I think that someone who is not open-minded and willing to work hard should not go to this school. UC is be no means ivy-league but you will need to do your work and study to do well. I feel that is the case with any college. You get out of it, exactly what you put in.


Someone who is Greek-oriented, narrow-minded, and used to a small community feel.


A person who isn't motivated to do anything with their life. A person who doesn't like to drink or have a good time. A person who is scared of the ghetto.


A person who is scared easily or feels uneasy with the city culture, as there is a fair amount of violence near campus and throughout the city. Also, someone who is not accepting of racial and ethnic diversity because the University of Cincinnati is a very diverse campus.


someone who is not willing to be friends with or meet someone that is different from them.


The "typical art student" thing doesn't really fit here like at most art schools- this is much more career-oriented and practical problem solving rather than out-there artistic.


While the campus tries its best, it is not very handicap accessible. Most classes are too spread apart and the terrain is mostly stairs between buildings.


Anyone who has no school spirit, or is conservative, or not open to diversity.


A shy person, the school is so huge, there are a ton of people there. It's not hard to fit in with people, you just have to be outgoing enough to find them first.


I wouldn't reccommend attending this school if you're not a city kind of person and would rather be at a school with a more nature view.