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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


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Take advantage of your performance from high school and don't wait to go to school!! You could have saved yourself a decade of hard work and challenges if you just focused on being responsible. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun and be social and there is no need to wait. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. Don't be afraid of failure. Taking, what seemed to be, the easy path just ended up causing more headaches down the road. If you put your mind to it, you can balance and accomplish a tremendous amount at one time.


If I could go back and give myself advice, I think the first thing I would say is not to worry. College was an intimidating thing to think about in high school, but after experiencing college, it is not that bad. I would tell myself that teachers are your friends and a great resource to have in college. Use them towards your advantage, they can help you out with most situations, give advice and help make, especially your first year, a little easier. Another is enjoy all of the free time you get. College gets crazy with deadlines, projects and papers that you sometimes have to sacrifice that Friday or Saturday night, and that’s okay because you're setting yourself up for greater success. An important piece of advice I would give myself is to be aware of finances. Now knowing that I attend an out of home state school, I would have been more cautious on my spending due to out of state fees and tuition. Overall I would make myself aware that it is important to remember that a lot more goes into college than what my high school self, thought but it is all worth it.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self, I would give myself the advice to branch out and make new friends from the beginning. When you get to a new place with new people it can be a bit overwhelming. I was really homesick and felt very alone. I made a few great friends, but one of them decided not to come back and I was left without one the only new friends I made. I joined a sorority, and my best friend I made in there turned out to be not so great of a friend, leaving me with basically no one. If I made more new friends from the beginning I would not be in this rough situation. If I could go back in time I would definately try to make new friends in my dorm and go to different events where there are lots of new students trying to meet new people. I consider that a lesson learned.


Apply to more scholarships. Start studying earlier for your collegic career!


I would tell myself to not worry about college itself, but focus more on what exactly it is that I want to accomplish. For me I wanted to get a job as a software engineer. I felt that I couldn't really begin that goal until college began. As I look back I realize there was a lot of self teaching I could have been doing to better my skills as a software programmer. Having these skills would have given me a competitve edge over other studetns when seeking internships and also would make class much easier. Thankfully the amount of work I did on my own during college help me land a great internship, but looking back I realize I could have gone into the search feeling much more prepared.


The advice that I would have given myself would have been simple, people are the greatest resource that you have. This is something that I have learned more from co-op than anything but there are definitely elements of this that are seen in the college world. One thing that i have learned and was told to me by the vice president of engineering at the company that I co-op at is to become very good at a few things rather than be mediocre at alot of things. This lends itself to the advice that I would give to myself when i was a senior in high school. The reason I say that people are the greatest resource you have is because there is always someone that is an expert on a certain topic and learning how to utilize someone else's skilll set to mesh wirth your own will make you the most successsful person you can be.


My dear Allison, I know life has dealt you a difficult hand of cards, and sometimes it seems like you'll never be good enough to overcome these things. I'd like to let you know, that it really does get better, but only if you change your attitude. Also, stop working 25+ hours a week, it's killing your grades and getting in the way of scholarships you'll be able to apply for in the future. Oh, and give mom and dad a break, they're doing the bes tthey know how. They won't ever really understand you, but you won't ever really understand them either. The most important thing though, is to keep your grades up. The second most important thing, don't talk to that boy-he's gonna end up cheating on you with your twin sister. Love Always, Allison P.S. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.


As a senior in high school way back in Ghana, West Africa, I had hopes and dreams of making it to the best colleges in the United States knowing I was going to move over to America. What I did not realize in all my days as a senior was that hard work, dedication and commitment not only to your education but aslo extra-curriculum activities paid off in the future. Not that I was a bad student, but I did not pay attention to any other activity apart from class activities. While others combined music and art or sports to their education, I just burried my head in books. Now, I'm in college and I'm grateful but college would have been better if I had an extra-curriculum activity that would make me a better student, influencing or adding to my school in a field that I enjoy very much. Not only my school but the people around me because it's not all about the GPA but how you can influence society. If i could go back, I would try an extra-curriculum activity and be good at it.


Stay focused and believe in yourself. I didn't have the confidence to do what I really wanted to do when I first started college. I wish I could tell my past self that it's ok to be challenged. Sometimes you learn the most when you are challenged and making it through makes it feel all that much better when you're pushed. It's ok to be scared and not know what you want to do. Try out a few different things. That's what college is about. Learning new skills and discovering what it is we truely want to do. But it's also ok to change your mind but at least try. But most of all don't forget to enjoy it and have fun.


Innocent RaeLena, Believe it or not I am you from the future. I understand that you are very confused right now about where life is taking you and you feel trapped into certain career paths. This is simply not true. Do not worry about boyfriends and 'starting a life' because in the future you will have a great husband who adores you and two beautiful children. Instead focus on the opportunities that exist right in front of you. I can honestly tell you that you need to think differently about the educational opportunities you have right now. In my time, I am a full time student working toward a degree in Anthropology. Why am i doing this? Because WE didn't take full advantage of the possibilities of our future. If we had, I would be traveling the world right now and making discoveries that would affect humanity. Do not waste this time because I will regret it. Go away to college, take your degree seriously, and keep going until you have a Phd. You will benefit the world better that way. Oh, and be nice to mom, sometimes she is actually right. Regretful RaeLena


If i were able to go back and give my high school self advice, i would tell myself that the small stuff doesnt matter. In high school every aspect of your life seems like such a big deal, but when one looks back on it you relize that you were focusing on the things that were not important. I would tell myself to focus on school, because it really does matter. When you are in college you are always going to wish that you tried harder in high school and didn't spend all of your time worrying about things that would seem so irrelevant after high school. However, the biggest thing i would tell myself is to worry about yourself and your goals, and not what other people are doing. As much as people in high school try to focus on what others are doing. i think that focusing on myself and my goals would have helped me a lot in high school, and ultimitly would have better prepared me for the transition into college.


I would tell myself that the girl I was with wasn’t who I would end up with. I gave up a lot of opportunities because of her. I don’t regret it, but it did hold me back a couple years from getting fully involved on campus. Now that I have branched out everything has changed for the better. I have more friends, I am now the president of a fraternity, and my grades have increased dramatically because I have a huge support system around me now. I don’t regret those early years, but I would tell myself to not pass up on many great opportunities that I was presented with at an early age.


Dear high school me, College is way different than high school. High school seems hard now, but just wait. In college, you will have a false sense of freetime. You need to take that freetime and study. I'm not joking. You will only have 17 hours of in class time during the week. That seemed like a piece of cake in the beginning. But professors expect you to do practice problems from the book and read ahead for the next class without having to be reminded. I thought it would be a cake walk, but now I see how much self-discipline and thinking ahead on my part there is to school now. My overall advice would be to not waste your time. Stay off social media until all the homework is done for that day. You will be much better off and your grades will reflect that. Remember the goal. Love, College Me


I would have told myself to not get caught up in the party scene and focused on my studies, would have said to save my money and prepare for the future a lot better than I did my first round of school. I would have advised to get more involved on campus and volunteer for community service. And not to take life too seriously and have fun be still be responsible.


Going back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I was extremely nervous about starting college. I was still immature in some ways, and did not know what to expect. Now that I am going into my 3rd and last year of college, I would give the advice to my past self to apply for more scholarships. I haven't recieved one, and my family and I have been struggling with money lately. I am trying to find a job so I am able to pay off all of my loans when I graduate, but it is not as easy as some people think. Many people get things handed to them so it can be frustrating at times. I would tell my past self to apply for more scholarships and also to simply relax and tell yourself it will be fine. I have grown up a lot, and have become more responsible. I have made friends for life, and have the most caring people to help me along the way. I can't tell my future right now, but I know if I work hard for what I want then maybe I will get just that.


I would tell myself to not be afraid of filling out scholarship essays in December before Christmas break- because that time definitely came in handy. I applied to 19 schools and was accepted by 18. Knowing what I know now, I would have taken tour of those schools, made that list smaller and applied maybe to 4 schools that offered programs I was interested in. If possible, I would do an over night or weekend stay at the school I wanted to attend. You really get to see how a school really is when someone is not giving you a tour. I would also tell myself to be wiser with money. Whether my money comes from a job, loans, tuition reimbursement, refunds, etc. - SAVE IT! As a young adult I saw any money as the opportunity to treat myself and my family, because I grew up low income. Knowing what I know now, I would have saved at least 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of every bit of money I acquired. I could have used that money for a car, for Grad school, for a house, and to enjoy myself. The last thing I would tell myself is to HAVE FUN!


Looking back now, I wish I would have taken more college prep classes or classes that would count as college credits. With the cost of college every little credit would help. Having a full load in college and being considered a full time student is not only a financial burden it is hard and I think the whole college freshman year is a learning experience and having a jump on the credit hours that I needed would have been really nice. I also would have worked more hours at my job. I have had a part time job since I was 16 but had I worked more I could have saved up more money and had to borrow less. Although college life is fun, I think that this will be 4 of the hardest years of my life as it prepares me to take on the world. I cannot wait to see what I do!!


I think I would tell myself to be more prepared. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, and so by choosing UC as my college I did not really think about it being a huge change. I feel like I was unprepared not only personally, but professionally, academically and financially. During my first semester at UC I commuted to campus, meaning I would basically spend all of my time the way I would during high school. I would relax, work and spend too much money not focus on my schoolwork or growing as a leader on campus. To say I was shocked when I got my first exam back would be an understatement. If I could tell myself one piece of advice I would try to tell myself to wake up and smell the roses! This is college, not high school. You are now held to a high standard, not only as a student, but as an adult in charge of their own future; so start acting like it!


Looking back at my college experience, if I could give myself a piece of advice as a high school senior I would have stressed the importance in obtaining scholarships. I have graduated and entered the workforce but my income isn’t as high as I expected an individual that possess a bachelors degree to be. I have discovered what my student loan monthly payments will be and it has made me realize that I don’t generate enough income to pay for my student loan debt. Scholarships are out here for a reason, to help. I wish that I could go back and stress how important it was to help myself in the present because it would help me in the future. If I could give a piece of advice to a high school senior today, I’d tell them that sacrificing your time and energy seeking and applying for various grants and scholarships is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} worth it because it will only help you in the long run.


I would have advised myself to put my focus on the things that i know now are important. I was very fortunate to go to a highschool that offered alot of assistence in applying for schools, discovering your interests, etc. and I wasnt focused enough at the time to realize what an awsome oppurtunity that was. Growing up is about discovery, knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life doesnt come easy for everyone, its about digging deeper into whats available and realizing that there is so much more then you first realized. So many people dont go to college because they havent figured out whats worth investing so much money and time into. Ive come to learn that investing some extra time (and unfortunately money sometimes) is the ONLY way to begin to figure it out. If i would have realized this from the beginning, things would be different, but its all about the journey!


To be completely honest, I had a rough time transitioning into college. I was so terrified of being on my own and making new friends that I spent the first month of school in my dorm room, leaving only for class. I did not know anyone and was miserable. I wanted friends to just magically appear, but I soon realized that was not going to happen. So, one day after Calculus, I saw a group of students from my class going to lunch. I quickly caught up with them and asked if I could tag along. Every day after that, I would go to lunch with this group. Now, these people are my closest friends. All it took was a little stepping outside of my comfort zone and asking to go to lunch with people I barely knew. I only wish I had asked them sooner, to save myself the complete isolation I had felt before. So if I could only give my senior-self one piece of advice, it would be this: do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. College may seem scary at first, but with an open mind, it won’t be.


Breathe. My senior year was one of the most stressful times of my life and, in many ways, I did it to myself. Stop focusing on each little thing that must be done — you will never see the beauty of a stained glass window if you only focus on the individual shards of glass. Look at the big picture and know everything will work out the way it is intended to. I have been blessed with an incredible support system of individuals who are invested in my life and want what is best for me. Looking back, I should have used the people in my life as a chance to grow and learn more about myself and the opportunities I have around me.


After attending my first semester at University of Cincinnati there are definitely a few things I wish I would have been prepared for and known ahead of time. I was a great student in high school; being able to get good grades for barely even doing any work was easy for me. I thought going into college it wouldn't be much different. I was wrong. If I could go back I would have really pushed myself to learn that just a little bit of studying does not cut it in college. You really have to crack open those books and work hard at it. I would also make myself more outgoing and a people person. College is such a social experience that if you don't branch out and make friends it can be very lonely. Having those few close friends is nice but in a college atomosphere there are so many strange faces that you'll see on a dailt basis and to befind them can really make college more enjoyable.


If could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say, don't allow your outside pressures to take time away from your studying. You are struggling to work and go to school and don't have the proper time management skills to succeed in college. You need to utilize the learning center for tutoring. Geometry in high school is not your strong point and don't ashamed to tell others that you need help. If you focus on your weak areas, you can graduate from high school with a 3.0 or better. You need apply for scholarships for college because student loans should be used in moderation. Give back to the community to help the youth and guide them in the right direction in life. Melvinia, don't associate with people who are not on the same path as you are because as grandmother said, "Birds of a feather flock together and if they aren't helping to stop hanging with them." In conclusion, if I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would use my time wisely, seek help with assignments, give back to the community, and seek positive individuals like myself.


I would tell myself to go out and seek scholorships and to save up money for school. I would tell my past self to study harder and to practice more for the ACT and SAT. Those would be my words of advice to my past self.




I would tell myself to save as much money for school as possible. Instead of worrying about petty drama, focus on working and earning as much as posible. I would also tell myself not to blow it and to cut out all unnessecary cost such as trips to Chipotle and Starbucks. I would have also told myself not to judge sororities and fraternities based off of movies Such as "House Bunny" or "Sydney White" because going Greek is what made my freshamn year as exciting as it was!


College life is a new world full of adventure to the Virginian eyes of a high school senior. A student only has two finite options in this collegiate world: conquer the discovery or get detoured by mirages and false road ways. Therefore the advice I would give to myself would be short and simple, but speak volumes! I would tell my high school self that being accepted and considered popular by your peers is NOT a prerequisite to accomplish your initial goal- to obtain your degree. From my personal experiences I know this statement to be true. I adamantly believe this statement warrants reiterating to future college students. Popularity is a surface acceptance and has a short-lived existence. Becoming a contributing member to society through ones acquired knowledge and skills is an acceptance that will sustain beyond the collegiate world.


If I could give advice to myself as a high school senior, it would be to keep my priorities straight and to focus on the future instead of the present. Back then, I was more worried about friends, boyfriend, etc. I did go to college straight of high school, but I didn't take it seriously at all. Now, six years later; I am a single mother trying to go to school and work full time just to secure a better future for me and my child. That boyfriend and most of those friends from six years ago is nowhere to be found. Now it's just me and my daughter that I have to worry about and I have my priorities very well in order. Still, I wish that I would have finished school way before now so that I would be financially stable. I would give this advice to anyone as a senior in high school because it is very easy to get wrapped up in the things that won't matter years from now. You have to worry about your future and focus on the things you want in your life.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to enjoy being that age while it lasts. Now that I am a college graduate, working in my field, and moving on to graduate school, I sometimes wish I could go back to being eighteen years old. There is just enough responsibility that you feel like an adult, but not so much that it is overwhelming. I now have to balance my career, personal life, finances, and relationships by myself.


Don’t believe the intense love you feel at 18 is the love of your life. You look at your parents and see an amazing marriage filled with love. The parts you didn’t see? Years of struggling to find themselves and years of struggling to find themselves through each other. There were many sleepless nights worrying about how to pay rent or fix the car brakes. When little blessing came along more worries too. Where they doing the right thing for that cough, were they instilling the right values? You see a perfect union in your parents but you don’t remember the hard times because as parents it was their job to protect you. Mr. Wonderful at 18 will grow into and become the kind of husband you’ve seen in your dad if given time to grow and mature. Even more significant- give yourself time to grow, mature, and become an educated person. If he really isn’t Mr. Wonderful then you have given yourself the greatest. You’ve given yourself the knowledge and education to recognize he isn’t the one and there are amazing things in life just waiting for you to discover them.


I would tell myself to avoid fighting in high school because it took me eleven years and three attempts before I could get into the Military. I would let the younger version of myself know that enlisting and receiving a military honorable discharge will give you a better chance of completing a two or four year degree. The Military G.I. Bill will pay you a college stipend, pay for your tuition, books and help connect you with many services that are gained through military service. I would advise myself to volunteer in the community. Volunteering in the community, and seeking memberships in any societies are beneficial in getting leadership skills, and that being a well-rounded student will give you a wider perspective of how to succeed as a leader. I would tell him that learning is crucial in getting any task done. The younger version of myself has to know that time does not stand still and that being in the real world demands skills that are gain through education. He has to know that his future co-workers, professors, students and society will have problems that need cognitive skills to solve that will demand a college education.


The best advice I would give to myself is to improve my study habbits. In college it all depends on how you study. In high school everything was simple. We were given reviews and such to help us improve our studying but in college it's really about what you read from the book and how well of notes you take in lectures. Mapping out time to study for each subject and and making the effort to review materials before you get to class each day.


College is the beginning of your career. You will need to know what direction you want to go into in life. You will need to study hard and realize that your education is valuable for your future. College can be fun and you will meet many different people. Your counselors will be of great assistance to you in picking courses that are appropriate for your major. It is a great idea to see a counselor when you first start or before you start to plan out the courses you need to take for the time you will be there. It is important to look at the professors that are teaching the class and that the time of the class is not as important as the rating of the professor. You want to have a professor who will keep it interesting and work with you. College can be stressful at times but don't give up and keep in mind it's for your future and it will be worth it. You are not alone in this; your family, friends, professors, and counselors are always there for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for help.


If I could go back in time and speak to my high school self I would shout to her to get herself together. An important period in your life is about to begin and it is okay to be confused and not know what to do, but calm down and take life one step at a time. There will be allot of important deadlines and many important choices you will have to make, but in the mist of all the chaos that seems to be slowly consuming your life you will find yourself and what you really want to pursue in life. You can no longer just drift by in life and still do well it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Although it may seem like you have all the time in the world, you don’t. If you do not work hard now you will look up one day and realize the huge mistake you made by not grasping and fully embracing the path of higher education. So get focused, buckle down, and get ready for the ride, because it is a long one filled with many bumps in the road.


Make sure you look at different college options. Make sure you have more than one back up school and are confident in your choices. Also fill out as many scholarships that you can because the money will come in handy/


My advice to my senior self, if time travel was possible, is to study more and keep on trying to get a better score on the ACT. My ACT score wasn't the greatest and I couldnt get a lot of scholarship money. To get a plethora of scholarship money, good grades and a good ACT score is wanted from the people that offer the scholarship. They don't want to give the scholarship to some student who won't use the scholarship wisely. My GPA was a 3.5, so it wasn't too bad,, but my advice would only to be is to try to achieve a score of 28 or higher to get the maximum scholarship money that could be given to a student.


Hey, Ian! Yeah, you! Look, it's freshman year and you need to go and explore all of the different clubs, sports, and activities that Columbus North High has to offer you. Do not stay confined to what you currently enjoy doing and find something else that you will love to do. I participated in show choir for the first time my senior year and loved what we did and the people I met and befriended! I just wish I had done it sooner, but I guess it took me too long to come out of my shell. I beg of you, do not let yourself stay confined to the bubble you call your life. Pop the bubble and breathe fresh air with new people. Oh yeah, and work on those scholarships your senior year... College is expensive and you probably desire food, which you will not be able to afford. Cheer up, and move out soldier! You have got work to do, and that work starts now!


I definitely wish I would have applied for more scholarships in the beginning of my senior year instead of rushing to apply for as many as I could towards the end. I also wish I would have partcipated in more clubs, activities, and organizations so that I could have met more people. I also wish I would have broadened my horizons and applied for colleges out of state so that I could get new experiences and atmospheres.


I would definatly tell myself to get a job as soon as possible. Not only is tuition completely insane, books and supplies are incredibly expensive, and the bad part is is that they are necessary so you have no choice but to get them. I would also tell myself to try and start putting myself in a schedule so I can get used to it. It is the only way to fully function in college. Without a schedule you can get lost between your classes and may end up forgetting homework until the last minute, which may cause quite a bit of sleep loss and bad grades. I would also say to try and possibly see if I could get board on campus, because I know for a fact that I missed quite a bit of interactions with my fellow students because I didn't board at the school.


Nobody denies, college is full of transitioning points and the only way to survive is to be prepared. GPA is very important in college, which will determine your college ready level courses. It is also important to practice how to stay on task, in order to prevent procrastination. Improving study habits is a necessity in college, since you are responsible for knowing the material in case an unscheduled quiz is given. Most importantly, having confidence will carry you along the way during your transitional points. Keep in mind to stay in touch with your advisors because they will be there to guide you when you are lost and give valuable information that you could use. Communicate with your teachers if you have questions, and take mutiple of notes. This will all be essential for your upcoming journey; so do all you can and take advantage.


I would go back in time and tell myself to take a year off to think about what it was that I want to do. I would also tell myself to open my mind up to all the possiblilities.


Time management is the greatest advice that I would give to my high school self. When I was in high school, I could procrastinate on an assignment, and still get it easily finished by the due date. College is definitely a different ball game. I need to work on every assignment as it is given to me, or else I will fall well behind my fellow classmates. If I had known this invaluable fact in high school, I possibly could have achieved even greater things in the beginning of my college career.


This Is the easy party just breeze through this and were on to ultimate sucess dont let the cost of college defer you from wanting to get there because its coming wethere you like it or not!!!


Knowing what I know now about the college life and making the transition I would tell myself as a high school senior to do some personal development. Find who you are before you transition into a college freshman and tell your mother to release her hold on you as a child becuase when a mother holds on to you she spoils your, therefore you do not know how to live without being dependent. When you are dependent you become very scared as to what to do next and you will find yourself lost as to what to do next. As far as being a college freshman I would tell myself to find one woman that is very intelligent and talk to her if you need a girlfriend. Females that do not have a good head on their shoulders will mess up your time management and thought process. Lastly, I would tell myself to really consider the college that you choose because this is an investment in your life, so make sure your money is spent correctly. No one is liable for your actions except for you and just know you must apply yourself to supply your wealth.


The question should actually be: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a high school senior, knowing what you know now, what wouldn't you tell yourself?! After being in college for almost two years now, I have learned so much about school and life in general that I thought I already knew as a senior in high school. It is because of my immaturity and ignorance (for lack of a better word) as a high school senior, that I missed out on some amazing experiences in college. The first thing I would tell my younger self, is to get my head out of "my own little world" that I lived in and open my eyes to the suffering and hurt in my community. Just because I am out of high school, does not mean my community service endeavors should stop when I receive that diploma. In addition, I would encourage my former self to apply for every scholarship that I come across, no matter how least likely the chances are. As an aspiring young professional, every little bit of assistance helps move you that much closer to your dreams and goals.


Going back in time I would tell myself to take more advanced placement classes and to get more involved in extra cirricular activities. I realize now taking Advanced Placement classes I could have gotten out of most of the general education classes universities make you take. This would not only have saved me a lot of time and money, but would give me a chance to either focus more on my core classes to get a higher GPA or take more classes and get ahead or minor in another subject. I would tell myself to get more involved, because it opens up so many more doors for you. Through community service and other organization, you are able to make friends and network which I realize now is an invaluable tool.


If I could go back in time and give myself a pep talk about college. I would tell myself that, "No matter what happens life goes on. Also, I can do all things if I believe in myself and have the determination to do so." I would also say, "You may have a learning disability, but that shouldn't stop you from your dreams because it is proven that people with learning deficits are above average." My final word of advice would be to, "Keep your chin up because there are so many people that are going to try and knock you down in life. Just know that deep down you out shine them. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed and accomplish your dreams."


I graduated a year early thinking I knew what I wanted to do. I started out in radiology and will now graduate with a dietetics degree to become a Registered Dietitian. If I could go back to high school and talk to myself, I'd tell myself to continue with high school and not skip my senior year and really seek out what exactly it is I wanted to do. I would have studied more my first year of college and not slacked off because I was not happy with my major choice. Now, that I am happy, I study extremely hard and am slowly bettering my GPA.