University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's so big. Sometimes I sign up for a class and then end up dropping one because there is no way to get from one side of the campus to the other. It can also be frustrating because some lecture halls are so big with 100-200 students. Which doesn't allow for much teacher-student interaction.


There are not many concessions or opportunities for adult or non traditional learners which can make the process of completing your degree dificult. For example; if you would like to study abroad, which is usually a younger student's opportunity, but you are an adult learner, you must make it happen for yourself. This involves a lot of independent research online to find the oppotunities that work for you. There are many instances like this but with hard work and determination you can make it happen.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Cincinnati is that sometimes it can be hard to reach people in the financial aid office. Usually you get an automated system when you call.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tution amount, and the other expenses that it costs to attend there. With not having too much money, I've found it very hard to come up with the finances to pay for things.


The programs are all on a very tight schedule and not very flexible for people that change majors. I ran into a problem last year that resulted in me switching majors from Exercise Science to Psychology to Undecided/Business. I had found out that the school had placed me into a general Exercise Science Program instead of the right one without consulting me and it was going to cost me an extra year and a lot of money to fix the mistake and they did not apologize fo the huge inconvinience.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost to go there. I feel like the money I am putting in to go there is not worth the experience I recieved from attending this institution. The housing cost to much for poor quality living arrangments and I felt as though the quality of education I am recieving is subpar. This school does a poor job of making the students feel aware and wanted at this school. I feel as though once I give them my money, they got what they wanted and no longer seek to help me succeed.


The lack of diversity among the class room.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of required classes one must take in order to obtain a degree. I would have prefered to have had more liberty to choose more classes that I am interested in, rather than the classes in the requirement book.


The most frustrating thing would have to be not enough one on one time with your teachers. It is a very large university, with 200 in one of my classes, and I would love more time to talk with and get to know my professors.


The most frustrating thing about my school.....the 4hr driving distance from home.


The number of students! There are so many new students so I have to know all the "lesser known" libraries, computer labs and study spots to ensure there will be room for me.


how its like you need to fine help compare to help finding you like they would care if you drop out


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is located in a different state than the one I live.


The most frustrating thing is setting up advisor meetings and getting things figured out. There are many different people to talk to so you spend a full day running around talking to everyone to get one thing resolved. It becomes complicated with all the forms and what certain people want so then it becomes something stressful. Once you get something though, it becomes easier to do andthe process is easier for you to do things.


My school does not give enough resources for students to make friends with other students. It is hard to meet a group of people because there are not many activites presented by the school. I believe having friends is the most important aspect of a student because it shows how diverse you are. Not being able to communicate with other students is very frustrating to me.


I would honestly have to say the most frustrating thing is having to pay so much for little things (ex. parking). just for one quarter it cost me $225. Personally I think that that is ridiculous.


Every night, covered in sweat, I fall asleep. My dorm room in scolding hot and I have no controll over the thermostat. I leave my windows open 24/7, desperate for a cool breeze. Because of the windows staying open, I also lay awake at night to the yelling and partying students making their way back to the dorms each night. The thermometer in my room consistently reads above seventy-five degrees fahrenheit.


I get frustrated with scheduling classes. In my particular major, there tends to be only one section of every class offered. That means things can conflict very easily. Also, many classes are only offered one time per year, meaning that there is only one opportunity to take them, and if something conflicts, you won't have another chance. Also, for my major there are two campuses at which classes are offered. You have to take a shuttle to go between campuses, which can complicate scheduling even further.


One thing at the University of Cincinnati that does fustrate many people is their, as we call it, "Hurry up and Wait " policy. At this universit y they like to rush the students in getting in all of there information , and then make you wait long periods of time before you receive feed back. This is not true so much with the professor as it is with the financial aide.


The admissions department at the University of Cincinnati is very ineffective. When I transferred into UC, I had to wait for a whole quarter before I started classes. If I started at the beginning of that year, I would be out of school in much less time, spending less money on more quarters of college tuition.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school, would be how long it takes them to communicate with people. They seem to em to be very slow to respond back and they are actually kind of hard to get a hold of.


It's very confusing to find buildings and classes at first.


The most frusterating thing about the University of Cincinnati is the quality of the area of Cincinnati surrounding campus. Although surviving "Clifton" is essential to building character, the safety of the students is hard to monitor by the university. On-campus housing is limited and therefore students are submerged into old run-down housing where robberies and assults are more than common. The crime, rape, and violence rates are dangerously scary and UC police can only tackle so much. UC police and the City of Cincinnati police recently joined forces only to have the many unreported cases flood their efforts.




The only thing that is frustrating is how intense the schedule can be. We spend endless hours rehearsing for shows, all the while balancing our academics, jobs, and anything else extracurricular. Sometimes you are so tired by the end of the day that you just wanna fall on the floor and not move for hours. But after the frustration settles you really feel rewarded. Once you sit back and acknowledge everything you've achieved, it feels good to know that you are pushing towards becoming a successful individual.


I would have to say the most fustrating thing about my school is city surrounding our campus. You have to walk quite a ways to get to the grocery store if you don't have a car. A shopping mall is about 15 miles away, so you have to take a bus. It's very diffucult to find parking if you want to eat somewhere around campus. Also the crime rate is a little high, so you feel like you always have to be prepared for that.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the way that everything is done online. Not necessarily the homework, but applications and many forms for things have to be done online. This may be beneficial to many other people, but I prefer to do things hands on and to complete them physically as they are in front of me. It seems that almost everything is done online.


Our onestop (financial advisors) are very busy and tend to be hard to get in contact with.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they don't give out many scholarships, even to students with high GPA's and ACT scores. It is very hard to receive a scholarship from the University of Cincinnati, making it expensive for many people.


PARKING!!! It is ridiculously expensive!


Some of the professors can be uncareing and down right crule but for the most part they are wonderful caring people


tuition is expensive


The meal plan options are very rigid, especially for first year students.


Sometimes it takes a long time to get from one class to the other. all the computers being used. lack of healthy food choices close by, and lack of environmental responsibility


In architecture there is no ONE answer so grading is subjective.


As far as scholarships go, it can be hard to get everything organized, sometimes the school can be unorganized with financial aid


The campus is very large. So, plan ahead and be timely. Come prepared to class every day. A student should spend a few hours a week per class. Start the program with well-defined goals. These goals will give the student something to work towards. Don't forget to take time for yourself. Specify one day or night a week that will be spent for hobbies, resting or socializing. If you do find yourself in trouble, get help immediately. Talk to your instructor, and if this is uncomfortable, then talk to a classmate.


I'm very satisfied with the school overall, but the most frustrating thing about UC's main campus is the limited availability of after-hours dining.


Lack of interest in some professors. Financial Aid services and billing services.


The staff are not very helpful at times.




The most frustrating thing is that the university does not offer roll over meal plans. If you have meals left on your card at the end of the semester, the university will not allow you to use them for the next semester.


Advising is not helpful. Cost of attendance. Lack of financial aid in my program/college allied health sciences. Lack of need-based funding from the schoool. lack of support for african american cultural research center and programs.


I would say trying to get a hold of your advisor, and just calling to try and get help in general. Usually the lines are busy, and you have to wait on hold for what seems to be forever!


its so big its sometimes hard to find out things.


I do get frustrated that the UC quarter schedule doesn't correspond to my friends' schedules (semester). I'm still home (early September) and most of my friends are back at school.


The most frusrating thing about UC is the part of town that it is in. It is not safe for less than 4 people to be walking anywhere at night, and a girl should really never walk anywhere by herself during the day. There is also a lot of crime and with UC being in the middle of the city it sometimes seems dirty. There are also a lot of homeless people around the campus.


The crime around campus.