University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


USF: somewhere that managed to make a familiar city feel so foregin. Boulder: a place I will be proud to call my second home.


Does not perpare students for the current job market.


Beautiful. And it will never loose that. It is an amazing place to live. It also seems very big, but you will quickly learn how to get around on bike or foot. It is also big in the sense of population. CU is home to thousands of students, which can seem frightening. But what it really is, is an opportunity to meet tons of diverse people! Get involved! Even joining one club will introduce you to tons of interested people and lasting friendships.


When driving in on the main highway into Boulder, the view is spectacular. To your left you see the massive Flat Irons which give way to the Rocky Mountains. To your right you can see the overall outline of the University. Driving into the campus, the buildings are so beautiful. All the buildings are made with the same materials so there is a sense of cohesiveness. As you walk through the campus, you see students walking from one class to next while studying, talking on the phone, or mingling with friends. On all the grassy areas on campus you can see students studying with classmates, playing with their dogs, playing ultimate frisbee, or just taking a nap between classes. the CU Boulder environment is very relaxed and laid back. Everyone is happy and going about their daily routines. With over 600 acres of land, CU is a massive campus. Even though this is a lot of land, there are tons of buildings as well as beautiful scenic areas. From sitting on a bench under the oldest tree on campus, to studying in the quiet the Norlin Library, anyone can find a perfect place on campus.


The brick buildings are true to original buildings and some even look like castles! The Flatirons and mountains complete a scenic and gorgeous view and there's still plenty of city to have fun in


Our college campus is probably one of the top schools to look at in the country. We have beautiful architectural work surrounded by a backdrop of the Flatiron mountains. When I first saw the campus I was amazed by how big it was and in awe of how well kept it was for the years that it has been around. Many people would probably imagine the school to be smaller for the location it is in the town. However, the size and beauty of the school is what draws in a lot of incoming students and is in a great location for wherever you live.


We're nestled between the gorgeous flatirons and the charming medium sized town feel that is Boulder. Seasons are all gorgeous. The architecture is really pretty as well, with all tan brick buildings. If you haven't seen Boulder, you're missing out.


The scenery in Boulder is breath-taking. There isn't a view that doesn't make you appreciate how lucky you are to be at CU.


If you are interested in anything outdoors, CU-Boulder is the school for you. The proximity to some of the best hiking, biking and climbing in the country are within minutes of the campus, and there are countless clubs (both affliated with CU-Boulder and non-affliated) that cater to active and athletic college students. Some of my greatest friends were made when I participated in outdoor activities, and it certainly was a healthier option than attending frat parties and the "Hill" for drinking.


CU is a strong school, creating well rounded students and lifelong friendships.


CU Boulder is a beautiful, environmentally-conscious school located in the mountains of Colorado, where students can participate in a huge variety of activities - from snowboarding to a capella choirs - and find their own place no matter what their personal views and attributes may be.


Although CU Boulder has a party-school stigma, people forget how academic our school really is. Many of my professors are involved in cutting-edge research and have so much knowledge to offer. I am very challeneged at this school and am getting a lot out of it.


If i could describe CU in one word, i would say: different. YOu walk on our campus once and you see such an array of people, all different in ther own way. I love walking around campus with so many new people to meet, so many new stories to hear. Every professor i have met at CU has been amazing, defying the sterotype of your normal college professor, they are really determined to see everyone succeed.


A party school where people have to want to succeed and must seek out resources to help themselves.


CU-Boulder is a place where you can see many people of diverse backgrounds and interests working and playing together in a way you would have never thought possible; in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine.


It was a very large, general studies, accredited school with a wide variety of majors and programs of study, and emphasized a traditional theory based curriculum.


The University of Colorado at Boulder is a school designed to teach and inspire individuals who appreciate education and want to do more for others than themselves.


Take some mountains, add some buildings with red-tiled roofs, add 28,000 students from across the nation, plus a few thousand bikes and you got yourself University of Colorado at Boulder - relaxed, big and beautiful!


The University of Colorado at Boulder is a successful school and your education is what you make it however, it is easy to get distracted.


The school is AMAZING! The buildings, campus and facilities are well taken care of. The campus has many places to recycle at helping the environment. THe campus is a great place to hang out, get work done and just walk around. The beautiful scenery makes it possible for you to de-stress whenever you need to, but the many libraries and study rooms here also help keep you on track and provide great study locations all over campus. The faculty here are always willing to help when your having trouble with anything as well. This campus is amazing.


CU is fantastic!


A beautiful, perfect place to learn and belong.




CU Boulder is the new melting pot of America, hundreds of gay, lesbian, black, white, hispanic, straight, athletes, non-atheltes, party people, and non-party people call this unique school home.


The University of Colorado is an excellent school for anyone who wishes to explore any field of interest.


The Univesity of Colorado, Boulder is an outstanding university for academics, personal discovery, social networking, and extra-curricular activities.


My school is an amazing free spirit place where you can make mistakes, make improvements on yourself, and even discover the person you never thought you were.


CU Boulder is a fun and energetic school that provides the students with a lot of fun and exciting things to do yet it does not lack a high expectation for actual school work that needs to be done.


The University of Colorado promotes and encourages forward-thinking in all aspects of life.


Even though education is the most important aspect the University of Colorado at Boulder is a haven for learning in many more ways that just academic.


As seen throughout the classrooms and outcome of students, the University of Colorado is an institution based on integrity, merit, and scholarship


The University of Colorado at boulder is the single most amazing place i have ever spend time at, and i've been around!


The people's republic of Boulder invites you to come and be a part of the CU experience. Here you'll learn how to succeed in life through adversity. You may choose any number of people to help your though this or go it alone. In any event your experience will change you and make you a better person.


A very fun place to live although some parts of school are a little frustrating and the fraternities are lame.


It has a great friendly atmosphere that is one of a kind.


The universtiy of colorado at boulder is a beautiful campus setting that is comboned with a strong academic atmosphere and a laid back and friendly social life.


It's a large, closed-minded, liberal-because-it's trendy, partying university.


Its a big school with a small school feel to it, the students are mostly middle to upper class, enviornmentally friendly, love outdoors and the mountains and like to party but can also keep up with school work.


The University of Colorado is very green, always has lots of social and extracurricular events going on, yet is a world-class institution for many programs.




My school is beautiful and the best place to explore all my creative needs.


A slice of heaven on earth, maybe two.


A lot of learning with a whole lot of fun.


I woke up every day and was blown away by the beauty I got to live in every day.


CU is an excellent school full of opportunities, located in a beautiful city, on a beautiful campus, and populated by an amazing community of students and professors alike.


Accpeting only when you meet the right people.


CU Boulder is a great school to attend in terms of the wide range of great professors and a colorful, unique atmosphere, but the society of students are a little out-of-hand on the political level.



It is the most beautiful school i have ever seen and the stigma surrounding the school are very unique.


Students are often athletic, love the outdoors, have a strong sense of community, friendly, active, and is a true college town.