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There are many things that make the University of Colorado at Boulder unique from any other school I visited but in my opinion the most unique part of CU Boulder is the campus and community of Boulder. The town of Boulder, Colorado is a very environmentally friendly community mostly due to the policies enforced by the university. CU Boulder’s goal as a university is to be as environmentally friendly as possible and in return is one of the most “green” universities in the country. The amazing scenery of Boulder also makes CU Boulder unique.


My school is unique compared to other schools because of the diversity. Although many consider CU Boulder not to be diverse it is. Diversity is not just determined by race, but by different perspectives, ethnicities, languages, and talents. The University of Colorado Boulder consists of students from all over the world. This in it of itself brings four different types of diversity: linguistically, culturally, ethnically, and prospectively. There are also many different types of religions, passions, and disabilities represented at this school. Everyday I meet someone new at this school and learn from their diversity.


It was close to home and it had the degree that I wanted. It was also a very beautiful campus to consider and makes one feel safe.


What is unique about CU is the city it is tucked away in, Boulder. The city of Boulder is incredibly passionate about health and wellness and offers multiple opportunities for students to be physically active within the community at no cost. Boulder also offers nationally ranked restaurants that cater to the appetites of its residents, such as vegans or competitive eaters. Lastly, Boulder is dedicated to the well being of animals and any students interested in studying them would find incredible resources to do so. By attending CU students get the opprotunity to take advantage of this incredibly unique city.


The university of colorado at boulder is the perfect combination of education, community, and the love for the outdoors.


University of Colorado at Boulder is best known as research school. Engineering and physics is also really great. So, whatever your major is you will get a lot of oppturtinities to develop professionalism in this school. Similarly, there are various types of academic programmes like McNeil program that will aide academic success. There are lot of sources of scholarships in campus. The campous environment is more natural since this campus lies on lap of boulder mountains. Overall this campus is one of the best school in nation.


Very fun atmosphere and a general lack of pretentiousness.


CU Boulder is surrounded by beautiful scenery, hiking trails, skiing/snowboarding, and a really eccentric earth-conscious city. It has clear blue sky most days of the year and it has a gorgeous campus full of trees and plush lawns to lay on. I fell in love with the campus and I still love it.


I'm not sure, truthfully, I wanted to attend a liberal university because I am interested in psychology and wanted to pursue a career that emphasized western and integrative perspectives. However, I feel that Boulder wants to be more liberal than it really is. Many kids on campus don't really care about their future careers and its a little disappointing when I know students are cheating... it frustrates me that they are wasting an educational opportunity that many people in the U.S. only dream of.


The dorms are the worst place in the world. It was nothing like I was expecting. If you like partying and having a good time, you can count on getting in trouble for alcohol and weed.


The location is beautiful and the city is a perfect size, in addition, students had adequate access to campus resources and funding to establish student groups and cultural events on campus


CU-Boulder, while large, still provides students with the opportunity to have a smaller college feel. Upper-level classes are small and typically discussion based, there are many activites/clubs/sports to get involved with, faculty is inviting, and you are encouraged to do things outside your area of study. Additionally, there are many opportunities for research, grants, and study abroad. If you want to do something, the University of Colorado will find ways to support you and help.


University of Colorado is not your typical college, because no matter what day of the week or what time of the day there is always something going on. From Waterpollo to Belly Dancing, from Nap Time Club to World on Confrence Affairs Week you will find the activity you'll want to be part of. Many of my friends in other colleges can't say the same , because you what's better than CU-Boulder where the sun shine 300 days a year!


For me personally it was close to home. Also, the weather and surrounding areas provide for many diverse outdoor activities, and the students who choose to go to school here ususally like to spend time outdoors either skiing or hiking or rockclimbing.


I think that my school is unique in various ways that include things like where it is located, the diversity of the students that CU-boulder has and its programs. The University of Colorado is located along the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Every day i go outside when i am getting out of class I see the beautiful mountains that give you a sense of peace. At CU you find every race and that is what makes it unique. There are over 200 programs and that gives students freedom to choose the correct career path for them.


What is unique about the University of Colorado at Boulder is that students don?t have to be involved in athletics, fraternities or sororities, or student counsel to be accepted, as there is a niche for everyone. Even though there may not be a lot of racial diversity, there is a profound sense of community with a many different religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and values that bind our students together. Not everyone is devoted to getting A?s on their term papers, but every single person is persistent and devoted to their interests.


Though CU is a big school, there's a sence of family here. Nobody is a jerk to anyone else and with the huge number of students, everyone can find their place. We have great classes and awesome teachers, but the real fun comes after class. No other school gives students the opportunity to see and experience the outdoors like CU does. With our location near the Rockies, and multiple programs to get you there, CU is an outdoor lover's dream. And of course we can party like none other.


The best and most unique thing about CU Boulder is that is is so Eco/green friendly. Everyone walks or rides bikes, recycling is a daily part of life and the college experience. Here they have green down to an art, especially the newer pieces of campus where the toliet are even water saving!


I wanted to stay in state for my college experience. The University of Colorado at Boulder is situated in an environment that gives the feeling of being away from home yet not too far away from family and friends.


The campus life is a lot different from the other schools which I looked into. The atmosphere here in Boulder is extraordinary. There are so many diverse students that attend the university. The culture also play a big part in the diversity. It is easy to learn and hear about ceratin people's culture background. It is a magnificent place to learn. I encourage that every high school student should have the Unviversity of Colorado, Boulder in their choices of attendance.


Well the other school I considered was ASU. CU is unique because of Colorado's crazy weather and I get to look at the beautiful flatirons everyday.


What is unique about the University of Colorado at Boulder is that it is a very green campus. Everywhere in campus is an area where you can recycle, in fact we are one of the greenest campuses in Colorado. There are also a great deal of volunteer opportunities that would enhance one's experience as a college stuent. These two aspects truly make the University of Colorado at Boulder a unique campus.


Last semester I attended the University of Hawaii, and tranferred back to Colorado because the ciriculum is more difficult, the people are more unique, and Boulder is a beautiful place to live.


The school is in located by the foothills so it has become a very active campus, either skiing or hiking every weekend. The school is completely gorgeous in spring/fall/summer/winter and the diversity makes it the school it is.


the environment is amazing, everyone is really laid back, you go to bars in sweatpants and it's not overrun with hippies like people think.


CU Boulder is a huge party school. It does offer a ton of financial aid, and there are many programs for underprivaledged or ethnic students who can easily get involved.


Huge campus that is completely contained. Beautiful place, all buildings look the same and reminds people of a private school. There are people from every part of the US and world. You can ski at the world's greatest resorts.


University of Colorado at Boulder is a school of opportunity and enjoyment. It offers a plethora of programs in which assist you to suceed. In life, success is completly up to the individual and at the University of Colorado at Boulder, they open the individuals eyes to see life is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling when you unite and synergize.


The cohesive appearance of the campus makes it unique. In the Mid-1900s the Board of Regents agreed on a Tuscan Vernacular design rather than the traditional English Collegiate Gothic. The result is a relatively uniform campus. The overwhelming majority of buildings have ?indigenous sandstone walls, red barrel tile roofs, limestone framed wall openings, and black wrought iron accents?. Additionally the design represents local materials and climate, while providing an astonishing skyline. The Campus? Tuscan Vernacular design creates a feeling of continuity and community within the university. Essentially The University of Colorado at Boulder is a world within a city.


The University of Colorado has a positive and sunny (literally and figuratively) atmosphere. There is so much to do in the area, outdoors, and at the university that all types of students can find what they are looking for.


I like that this school is small. The classes average about 20 students which makes it easier to learn and get the extra help needed to learn. I liked that the staff is very helpful and friendly. There is a variety of different organizations on campus and many different majors to choose from if one is undecided. The staff is helping me choose the correct classes needed to achieve my major in psycology. I like that it is a private university and open to different religions and backgrounds.


Lots of spirit and wide range of people


Boulder is an extremely unique town in which CU is located with Pearl Street Mall which is a downtown area with shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques, there is the FOX THEATRE which holds many popular shows, and of course amazing skii access that draw many to the school which also provides down to earth friendly professors who are easy to relate to and not to mention the campus is beautiful!


Many of the classroom buildings on campus are very new and state of the art.


This school is located in an absolutely beautiful place. Its in an urban area but 15 minutes of driving just about any direction and you get to beautiful hiking, biking, and nature.


It has a wider range of academic study available, which was very important to me. Campus is gorgeous, and CU is committed to being environmentally friendly. It's a very hip campus.


There is no other city in the country like Boulder, and no other campus like CU Boulder!! The campus is gorgeous, the community friendly, and the level of environmental consciousness is unreal.


An open minded campus full of people who love to engage each other in both political and free-spirited conversation.


The location.


The enviroment the school is in really attracted me to it. Being able to be outdoors amd active was something that was really unique about this school. All about location.


Its location and wide range of classes offered to appeal to students


The beautiful mountains and ski areas. There is no other school that offers such a wonderful and eclectic outdoor life.


It is a big state university, but it is near the mountains, very beautiful and it has a unique atmosphere. People here are really socially responsible, but still fun and adventerous.


Boulder is a beautiful place to live, the mountains are so close with so many recreational opportunities in the out of doors.


The studnet body here is really closeknit. The students form a special bond thats different from most schools. Alwmost everyone gets along here and most people are in a cheery mood most of the time. Its easy to relate and talk to students at CU because evreyone is so laid back and easy going.


This school has an excellent international program, especially compared to other schools in the region.


I hope this all doesn't sound too negative... Just trying to be real about life at a big university. I knew many students that thrived in their programs, and many that didn't make it to the end of their first year. Do yourself a favor, declare a major as quick as possible, get a ski pass, don't smoke pot in your dorm room, and watch out for dirty hippies.


Boulder can ultimately be a pretty lonely place if you don't like to drink to extinction every single weekend, if you like art and culture, or if you're not wealthy and in perfect shape. If you're in-state and can't afford another college, you can make a lot out of the school, but be forewarned, you'll have to really work at it.


there's always something to do, it's beautiful, and it's a world class academic institution


What separates CU from other campuses is the overall sense of community. CU students are very proud of their university and we welcome new members of the community with open arms. Everyone here is very friendly and despite the campus' large size, it has the close-knit feel of a small town, but the heart and social connectivitry of a big city.