University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly brag about the campus and the city of Boulder. I will also brag about the Physics program here at CU as it is one of the best in the nation.


I tell them that my school is one of the most free spirited schools there is in America. Boulder chooses to do what they feel like and they want to do things differently then the rest of the state and the country. They are unique and that why I believe that I would fit right in. Also the school is located in one of the most fit cities in the country which I find admirable because I love to stay active.


The scenery and night life around campus is fantastic. It is great having the best of both worlds: the beautiful mountains and the close proximity to Denver.


I tend to brag about the demanding and well ranked status of the Leeds school of business. These aspects are what drew me to the campus and are what keep me encouraged about the time I have invested at the school.


I love the area. Boulder is a fantastic place. The campus is truly beautiful, the mountains, the architecture...LOVE it. My friends from high school visit and are blown away by the setting.


I brag about the beautiful campus the most. Also my amazing science professors doing cutting-edge research.


I brag about the high academic standard that is constantly upheld at CU. Most of my friends attend CSU, who is our major rivel and we have created the chant "if you can't go to college go to state." A little innaproperate perhaps but the rigerous academic schedules at CU really keep students on their toes. But at the same time, we know how to have a good time outside of studying and manage having a social like and a successful academic career. CU has a lot of school spirit for both our academic achievements and out social ones.


I tend to brag about my school's diverse eduational programs and majors. My school made it very easy to find a major that suited my eduational and career desires. There was never just one 'math' major, one 'science' major, but a plethora of different majors being offered to better ensure that every student finds a path to their liking.


Beautiful campus


The campus is practicially the city itself and therefore there are all kinds of shops, eateries, museums and other activities accessible to students.


I brag primarily about the very strong philosophy program at CU.


My school is ranked in the top 100 public schools every year. The professors here are all very qualified to teach and they make class interesting. The town in so much fun and when you're not occupied with school work, there is plenty of things to do here, like hiking, skiing, going to the infamous Pearl Street and many other things. It is a great school and a great college town.


I brag about my school having top notch academics as well as a very well rounded approach to extracurriculars that helped me to broaden my outlook on life, culture, and the people involved in the world.


The beautiful location, the friendly attitudes, the surrounding location, the friendships. I love CU!


Our campus has a lot of student pride, and a great location if you enjoy the outdoors. The students are always productive, getting involved and volunteering. Greek life isn't huge and there are many ways to get involved and meet new friends. The professors are eager to help you out, and very experienced as they have to get their field research done as well. There are lots of opportunities to find work in your field of study and internships available. Boulder has a friendly, lively and encouraging atmosphere to accommodate anyone who is willing to put forth the effort.


When I tell my friends about my school, I like to brag about the wonderful atmosphere of Boulder. The area surrounding the campus is so inviting and appealing to anyone who enjoys nature. The residents in the county are ever so friendly with an up beat attitude and welcoming vibe. Here in Boulder, Colorado, residents enjoy the four beautiful seasons as the weather never bores those who reside within the area.


It is a beautiful campus with a wide variety of majors and interests. The University of Colorado at Boulder offers a very large, accommodating range of undergraduate-accessable research programs. These programs are not available everywhere, and are extremely valuable for experience in the fields of interest. In addition, the University of Colorado is highly respected outside as a credible source of research information. On another note, the university is also well-known for its environmental awareness.


I tell my friends about the gorgeous surroundings the school has and how it is in the middle of the perfect college town where everything one needs is within walking distance. The people are extremely friendly and very environmentally conscious and noone is afraid to say hello when you walk past, even if it's a complete stranger. The music scene is very diverse and concerts are a big part of the social life. Also the Rocky Mountains provide some of the best skiing/snowboarding the entire United States has to offer, and they're only an hour away.


It is a beautiful campus with wonderful weather. I have very few complaints about the professors who for the most part are knowledgeable and passionate about their research and teaching.


The beauty of the campus and surrounding area, the diversity of activites, greek life, and diversity of student body.


How beautiful the campus is. All the buildings are made of these beautiful red bricks and red roof tiles imported from Italy, and there's a lot of green lawns that students gather on when the weather is nice. Which it usually is. Even when it's snowing the campus is so pretty. The mountains provide the perfect backdrop too. Every day I walk through campus I look toward the mountains and love the sight of them. The maintainence of the campus is very high and it shows, and it is appreciated.


How beautiful the school is an how friendly and relaxed the environment is


Location is the most bragable part about CU, CU is close to the mountians yet it still is close enough to bigger cities making it a town that is not in the middle of now where.


I brag most about the fact that this campus is beautiful and very liberal. The whole town is surrounded by mountains and it's sunny nearly everyday. I also personally enjoy the liberal attitude Boulder takes on issues like Gay marriage and taking care of the environment. In that respect at least, this campus is very accepting of others.


Beautiful campus Really helpful librarians Good professors Lots of opportunities if you look for them


The thing I brag about the most when talking about my school is how beautiful the campus is and how nice it is to be living in Boulder so close to the mountains.


It is on the brink of the mountains.


CU's affordable for a state school, and it's a fairly decent research institution.


That I'm living my college career to the fullest and I'm enjoying meeting new people and having fun. Also that I hangout with my friends a lot.


I brag most about how well ranked my school is for almost every major it offers. I"m in the engineering school and it is definitely a school employers give prestige for. Also, I believe I attend one of the most beautiful campuses around. It is gorgeous in the Summer, has vibrant colors in the Fall, is peaceful and serene in the Winter, and has amazing foliage in the Spring.


How well ranked we are internationally. Our programs are internationally recognized, more so than some more so-called prestigious schools.


The campus at CU is absolutely amazing! The gorgeous view of the mountains and hard brick buildings make CU beautiful. When talking to my friends, I brag about the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I applied to the school as early as I could (Fall 2007) and was accepted immediately. In the school there are only about 600-700 students and it is very competitive. I feel very honored to be a member of the J-School.


The amazing opportunities that arrise from attending a large school. As an engineering student, I can take courses in Farsi, Dance or Political Science, and be learning from the top professors in those departments. Many of my friends attend engineering-only colleges, where their arts and humanities courses (if even offered) are taught by second-rate professors. I also brag about the fact that our school is huge but can easily feel small once you get involved with a group or two; I never spend a day on campus without running into at least 3 people I know.


I brag most about how 3 Nobel laureates come from the same organization that I word at and is associated with the University of Colorado: JILA.


I brag most about how much I am learning in my classes. I always bring up all the things we are learning and it seems to shock everyone because they have never heard about what I am talking about. I try to broaden their world too, like mine was with learning at this school.


The beauty and proximity to skiing.


How beautiful my campus is and how wonderful the people are. Boulder is an absolutely amazing place to live and the university is fun and open.


While there isn't a whole lot of pressure to do well, there are many chances to succeed. And the freedom to do what you want.


I brag about all the cool friends I have made and how much fun my classes are.


There is always a ton of events going on campus and in Boulder as well. There is always something to do, either hiking the flat irons, going down to pearl street mall to go window shopping or just going to one of the football or basketball games, boulder and CU is always alot of fun.


mountains, climbing. off campus living. social freedom. music scene. drug availability. lots of friendly people to meet. ---- internship opportunities. machine shops/ hightech type labs in engineering center.


The surrounding area and the weather! the spirit and activides available


I talk about how beautiful the campus is, how amazing the music program is. I talk about the wonderful professors and the amazing TA's I have worked with. I also speak to how beautiful the students are here.


The amount of good looking girls and the amount of good food around the area.


I have the oprotunity to work with exceptional scientists, live in a beautiful area and get to be in CO


When talking to my friends about CU, I often emphasize the asthetic beauty of the campus and surrounding city. Boulder offers its residents 300+ sunny days per year and countless outdoor activities including snowboarding and skiing, hiking, biking, etc. Aside from the numerous outdoor activities, there are plenty of other entertainment options such as live music venues, museusm, and restaurants that provide alternative forms of leisure. With its close proximity, Denver also offers students the metropolitan city experience and even more entertainment options.


The campus is beautiful, the people are happy, the campus is active, and the sun shines, even in winter!


The academics. I have really enjoyed all of the major related classses I have taken at CU.