University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is very active. A vast majority of the students at CU Boulder are very active and participate in many activites especially hiking and skiing. The campus of CU Boulder is only ten minutes walking distance from the flatirons, which are numerous hiking trails along a mountain range in Boulder. This type of environment attracts active students who participate in everything from hiking and working out at the rec center to being a student athlete for club or D1 sports.


I would recommend that any student from any diversity should attend CU Boulder.


An entrepreneur and a real people pleaser. This is a school for friendly people who love to be active and to hang out with friends.


Outgoing, adventurous people who love trying new things will fit right in at this school. Those who are quiet will have a tougher time but if you look for a club you are interested in you will find others who share your interests.


There is not one kind of person who attends CU Boulder because it is such a large, diverse school. However, it does have a bit of a reputation of being a tree-hugging, marijuana smoking school. The tree-hugging part is mostly true. But that does not mean every student here is a hippie or an activist. CU just provides avenues for all students to help the enviroment. As for the smoking part, there are students who do drugs but this is not the majority. Those students are just very public with their drug-use.


The sort of person who is interested in liberal arts, law, medicine... Also, the sort of person who likes to be outdoors and is environmentally consciensus and who likes ethnic diversity.


If you plan on attending CU Boulder, then you should come prepared to learn. For every class you take no matter how easy or hard you have to try your best. This means actually studying and doin homework every night. If you are able to do this, then you should be good and ready for CU Boulder.


Intelligent, ambitious, motivated, eccentric, active, passionate people


A person who loves majestic nature while having the ability to understand liberality and artistic expression. A person who wants to learn but also learn through mistakes and independence.


Anyone will to work hard and play hard . The school offeres a variety an array of college programs and offers one of the best environments, literally, to study in. Many top companies recruit from this school but if your looking for a Goldman Sachs, you have a better chance at another school. The one down side of this school is its ulumni network. Simply put its terrable. Ulumni should be one of the key aspects when selecting a school and CU falls short in this category.


This school offers a very diverse campus. The person who attends this school should be looking to their future because it is a great school that has high demands. The person who attends should be able to focus on their studies during the week and their social life on the weekends. Partying constantly probably won't go well, but its not so hard as you can't have the weekend to do what you want.


I think an individual who wants to be at an school with lots of opportuninities and is motivated to to go to classes in the first two years would do very well. There are many clubs, sports, academic tutors, and resources here that realy fit to everyone. However, because it is a large university, a student must be motivated to seek out these opportunities.


Someone wanting to learn, have fun, and meet new people in beautiful colorado!


The University of Colorado at Boulder is a very liberal and diverse school; thus, one should be open-minded and flexible to controversial topics. This school is also academically challenging, accredited as a Public Ivy, so one should also be academically motivated. Nonetheless, it is also recognized as a "Party School" by the public, so one can be balanced with academics and a social life.


A person who desires to have many opportunities to find their niche, including opportunities to conduct research with professionals. The person doesn't need to know exactly what they want to do major wise, the school will help them make the best choice. The person should be willing to invest a fair amount of time and energy into studying on their own and expect a lot of support from professors and fellow students. A person who desires a diverse social, non-academic life may also be interested, as the school offers an abundance of clubs and extra-curricular activities.


The person that should attend this school is one that is motivated to become a better person by their own interest, and self motivated to have a potential future job that makes more than 7.25 dollars an hour. Really anyone, no matter how they are, as long as they have self interest and motivation, should attend for greater education.


Well balanced people should attend this school. The person needs to be both social and studious. It is easy to get lost in the crowd and fail if either one of these factors is neglected. For some, It's easy to get destracted by the campus community/social education. For others, school can totally consume them, making burnout likely. Outgoing people need to attend this school in order to access the resourses available to them. Otherwise, the person may slip by unnoticed, and underserved.


I think that Boulder is a great college for anyone, but especially those who care about their education. Boulder has a great business program so prospective business students should attend University of Colorado at Boulder. I feel that this college is very accepting of all ethnicities, races, religions, creeds, or what have you. So in a broad sense, anyone who is willing to work for their education should attend this college.


An outgoing and open person who is interested in diversity should attend this school. They should be willing to branch out and be ready to learn new things. They should be ready to meet new people and look forward to finding an rgnization that best suits them.


A person who is serious about obtaining their education. This school is too expensive and the caliber of professors that are here are not to be taken lightly. Be true to yourself and to whoever is paying your bill. if you are not serious about your education, then do not attend CU.


Admission decisions in CU are based on a number of different factors, the person should have a good grade point average, he/she should past standardized test scores, he/she should meet the minimum academic preparation standards (MAPS), he/she should trend in grades, he/she should have personal achievement, special talents, and extracurricular activities.


The kind of person that should attend this school include those who like to play hard and work hard. In and out of the classroom, much reading, homework, papers, tests, and midterms are given. Outside of the classroom, much partying is going on around campus with many students experimenting with drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, crack, cigarettes, and alcohol. Not to mention the massive amounts of sex that takes place here at this university. However, it does foster many activities and social/community engagements. In short, the kind of person who wants to become well rounded in life.


I think that someone who is looking for a fast-paced social life would be well suited for this school. Though they also need to be a person who can easily balance their social life and their personal life with their academic life, because it's extremely easy to lose track of your priorities on a big campus like this one. Also, because it's situated in a beautiful mountain community there is a constant temptation to be outside with all the other students, so this campus is best for a student who can make some adjustments comforatably and easily.


People who are outgoing, love making friends and going out on weekends. People who love nature and the mountains, skiing and snowboarding.


I believe Lewis University is open to anyone wanting to further their education. Like I stated in the previous quesiton, Lewis is open to different religions and backgrounds, so everyone will feel welcome if they attend here. Walking around Lewis on any given day, you will see so many different people from different nationalities roaming around the campus. Lewis wants anyone who wants a bright future.


Someone who wants to be close to the mountains and meet good people.


CU is for those who really want a classmates with a sense of school pride. It is an extremely liberal campus, so if your views are strongly to the left, you'll feel right at home. Generally students here are laid back.


Outdoorsy and someone who is very social




awesome people


someone who is outdoorsy, sociable, outgoing, and independent.


It offers things for each type of person. Someone who is social, it is big but similar people attract. REALLY FUN PLACE




outdoors, self modivated, athletic, anyone wanting bang for their buck (get a lot for what you pay) ,


This school is perfect for rich kids who enjoy binge drinking and smoking marijuana. It's also great for people who would rather party than focus on academics.


somone who loves the outdoors and enjoys a large social atmosphere. DOn't think you can skip class though the school is prety tough but if you can balance school and a social life this school is a good fit.


Someone that is outdoorsey, likes to drink and outgoing.


Someone who likes to drink, smoke pot, ski, hike, and who likes yoga.


white people.


A person who is open-minded and self motivated.


People who like the mountains, are not trying to go to a greek school, and enjoy new experiences


smart adventurous ones


If you are liberal and outgoing. It is important to be nice and friendly to everyone you may meet. If you are involved in outdoor activiteis you would enjoy this area. Also as a student, if you like the concept of "just being another number" come here, but if you want to be more involved with students and teachers go to a smaller school where the teachers actually care about you as an individual student.


Students who are outgoing and want to have a good social life will really enjoy this school. There are so many fun and exciting things that always go on here like football games, the night life, concerts on campus, etc.


Most people that attend CU Boulder are very outgoing. They want to do something with their lives and live to the best that they can. Most people here have a great outlook on live. They want to help the world in any way they can. Studying is also important for students here at CU. Most people here are very academically minded, but they also like being in the community. CU students are always helping each other whether it?s in sports, video games, studying, helping around town, or just hanging out.


I think the type of person that is open-minded, responsible, active, and focussed will have the best time at CU. There are many places someone can go wrong, but thats a part of college. CU is a great place to meet like-minded people, if you're the type that's easy going and looking to have fun. There's alot to do on and off campus besides studying. Colorado is great for anyone that loves the outdoors.