University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known what I wanted to study.


That they only offer certain classes during certain semesters during the academic year.


Had a better idea of what i wanted my major to be.


There's a strong focus on sciences, frats and sororities.


I wish that someone would have told me how beneficial the free tutoring offered to freshman really was. All freshman living in the dorms get FREE tutoring throughout their freshman year if they want it. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Please do it!


I wish that someone would have told me how beneficial the free tutoring offered to freshman really was. All freshman living in the dorms get FREE tutoring throughout their freshman year if want it. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Please do it!


I wish I had known just how hard college actually is. It's very self-motivated, most teachers don't take attendance, and post their notes online so it makes me want to stay home and sleep. However, attending class is so important to success.


Before coming to CU, or college in general, I wish I would have been more prepared to be exptremely independant and be prepared to "face to world on my own". While I gradually developed this during the course of my first year at school, I still wish I would have been more prepared up front and expected to rely less on other people, including my friends from high school. However, from this experience I was able to grow as an adult and come to understand that people do not always act the way that we may think that they should.


I wish that I had been more proactive in reviewing the requirements needed for graduating, and the skills needed for job finding. I thought CU-Boulder did a poor job in preparing their students for graduation and for helping in making their students marketable. There is little help from counselors or advisors, and any placement programs or internships are hard to find or non-existant. The best way to prepare yourself professionally is to meet professionals in the community rather than relying on CU-Boulder for assistance.


I came from a school, whose main focus was to prepare me for college, all my classes main focus was to prepare me for college. When i went into college i felt like i knew it all, i knew what i could do to make my time in college successful. However my time in college has been a lot different, i didnt do to well my first semester i think manly i didnt realize how different it would be going to a large university. Its a bit overwhleming, but i looke forward to a great second semester.


Before I came to college I wish I had known how to better manage my schedule and my time. I found that in the first semester I was over-scheduling myself and not giving myself an adequate amount of time to study. If I had learned better scheduling skills I would have been better prepared for the workload that comes with going to college.


How much reading would be involved. I didn't feel like my high school prepared me for the amount of reading I would have to be doing on a daily basis at CU.


Most came to Colorado for the skiing. I have never skied in my life and wish I had. As a freshman, I have wanted to try a few times, but couldn't make that commitment and my school work came first. and still does.


I wish I would have known how to balance my money and time, as well as keeping up with the required readings, and spending more time on my homework. I wish someone told me the in and outs of campus life as well as all the responsibility that comes with being 18 and moving away from home. I wish I would have known that to get an higher education costs as much as selling your kidneys, and I wish someone told me the difficulty of getting recognized within a body of 30,000 other students.


I wish I new what dorms to apply for and the intra-college schools that you could be accepted into. Also, I though Boulder did not have an undeclared major option and I ended up in the Engineering school with the curriculum to be an Environmental Engineer. After finding my way through the transfer process I went to the Arts and Science college with an open option major, then transfered to the Environmental Design school where I'm currently studying to get my degree. If these processes were made more clear the start to my year would have been better.


I wish that I had known that this school was going to be very challenging. This school focuses alot on academic course work and is very competitve. I love the stress but sometimes it can get to you and it stresses you out more. However, i love challenges and I enjoy everyday that i attend CU- Boulder.


I wish I had known how to better involve myself in the various activites and progams at CU Boulder. There are so many opportunities that I didn't get involved with when I started college. I wish that I would have known more about the wide variety of activities so that I could meet more people and make friends with those people with the same interestes that I have.


I wish that i would have known how to study. Study habbits are the best way to succeed in college and in highschool I rearly studied. even so, I did well enough to get into college, but you can't just stroll your way though college. Also, the transition in living out of home is not as bad as it seems. getting that worries and nerve racking thoughts of being just another kid in college is no big deal. I am not alone.


That the people are friendly and open. You can find your place even in this big school, you just have to look.


I had no idea what to expect when entering my first year of college. If I could go back in time and tell my highschool self about my current college experience, I would make sure that I knew exactly how to manage my time. I would also tell myself that sleep is the most precious resource you can have at College.


Money is not everything but it is important. I wish I would have known that I wasn't gonna have enough money for the spring so I could have gotten it in the fall. I was still able to get the money i needed but it would have been easier if I got more sooner.


I wish I had known more about the financial process because I had a lot of trouble making all my payments last semester


The Cost of living in Boulder and the Cost of tuition.


the school facility, how to use my advisor


Take core classes first, even though it's not as fun. Switching majors limits the credits you can get.


I definitely wish I had known as an incoming transfer student to use my academic advisor more officially and more accurately. My first semester I believe one class, 3 credits out of my 15, actually applied to my major.


It's HUGE. Way bigger than any tour will lead you to believe. Make sure you're capable of assimilating to such a place. Also, off-campus rent is outrageously high.


That it is not an artisitcally focused school and there is not very much opportunity for those who tend to focus on the performing and visual arts!


More of the clubs and things to get involved in


To get more involved from the very beginning! Make sure to visit all the dorms before you choose one. Go in with smart study habits before you start. Always make time to have fun!


I wish I had known more about what I wanted to do as a major. The school perfectly accomodated students who did not yet have a major, but I felt lost in what I wanted to do. As far as information about the school, I can't really think of anything that I would have liked to have known before coming here.


how many students are from wealthy areas


Probably that even if you go to a college in the same state as your high school, it doesn't mean that you can keep your friends from high school. People drift apart and it's unfortunate, but it happens.


I wish I had known how much the university demands academically and how serious my peers were about their work




I wish I knew how big all of the classes would be, and the fact that getting a recitation leader who speaks English is really rare.


I've done my research before I came to this school.


I wish i would of really expirenced a day at CU, full on like classes, food and dorms.


I wish that i had know more that time not in class is not always free time, but needed for studying. I slacked off some. I also wish that i had know more about possible extra curriculars so that i could have chosen before i came instead of when i heard about them later


Nothing. There is nothing you need to know, just experience things as they come. And keep focused in school starting freshmen year because GPA is really hard to bring up. Also, know that the amount of work to get an A at CU is 100x harder than in high school.


I wish I would have know how lacking it was in ethnic diversity.


the high cost of living in Boulder and the small amount of racial diversity


Nothing really, I believe I was well informed about the university I attend by friends and advisors.


I wish I would have known how to ski better.


I wish I had known a little more about obtaining financial aid as well as what would be required in order to apply for special circumstances. I also wish I had a better understanding of my career path, or what would be expected of my major throughout the four year period I anticipated.


People kept telling me that the sun shiines 300 days a year, no one ever told me that half of those days there is snow on the ground, and it is freezing cold! I feel like there wasn't much though, I felt fairly informed about the school in general. .College is scary at first, but you find a niche, and it becomes amazing!


Not Sure


I wish I would have known that there is not one specific style of lecture and that some professors are different from others.


I wish that i had known that if you don't keep up with your readings in class than you can fall behind really quickly and it is hard to make it back to where you want to be.


How to better make friends because everyone here is very nice, but I missed out on some opportunities. By the way, even though alcohol is a big part of this school, it's still fairly easy to not drink and still be accepted. I also wish I had known what I wanted my major to be ahead of time and just declared it; it's easier that way.