University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is the ethnic diversity and the fantasic programs they have here for everyone.


Many hands on labs including a cadaver lab.


One of the reasons I chose to go to Boulder was the atmosphere. The campus is absolutely stunning year round from the red and orange leaves in autumn to the snow covered grounds in winter. In addition to scenery, the location itself is ideal. The campus falls in a college town where most stores are a short walk or bus ride away. Being from Phoenix, sometimes I crave being back in a big city life but that is not a problem because Denver is just an hour bus ride away. At Boulder, I get the best of both worlds.


Its rigourous academic life.


CU Boulder is one of the greenest and most friendly school I have ever visited. And i love it.


The mountains surrounding the school leave you with an unbelievable amount of opportunities outdoors. If ouddoor activities arent what you enjoy doing then Denver is only a 20 minute drive if the city of Boulder isnt big enough for your taste.


School spirit is huge. Going to school games is made very affordable for students and even if you don't like sports, it's a fun atmosphere. The beginning of the year means tons of fun and free events. Every semester there is a zombie vs. humans game all across campus. Made safe, but very fun. CU Boulder is beautiful. The architecture of the campus is astounding and the back drop of the mountains is breath-taking. Many students leave on weekends to ski or snowboard (there's even a club!). There are tons of beautiful, peaceful places to study on campus and many great places to hang out as well.


The people! Everyone is so active and enthusiastic about Boulder. I have yet to hear one person say they don't like it here. Of course, everyone has their bad days and their grievances, but for the most part what's unique about CU is that everyone is happy.


CU's campus is probably one of my favorite things about the entire school. It is very well-manicured and even beautiful. CU possesses strikingly similar buildings to those of UCLA, with red shingle roofs and tall, impressive structures. The lawns are also a sight to behold, whether freshly watered and mowed or covered in thin layers of snow. In the fall, red and orange leaves overtake the campus, which goes to create a very classic college university look.


The best thing about this school is its environment. CU is a huge school, but because of its programs it feels like a small school. The culture and environment are great for that reason. Boulder is beautiful and the campus is great. As far as location goes, Boulder is hard to beat! Their engineering programs are top-notch as well.


Campus has many buildings for the many career interests it offers classes for and buildings that provide the resources for career-building. We have different libraries for multiple departments, a health center, recreation center, book store, University Memorial Center, and class buildings/lecture halls. Most buildings are in a ten to fifteen-minute walking distance across campus and we have many paths for both bikers and pedestrians.


Campus has many buildings for the many career interests it offers classes for and buildings that provide the resources for career-building. We have different libraries for multiple departments, a health center, recreation center, book store, University Memorial Center, and class buildings/lecture halls. Most buildings are in a ten to fifteen-minute walking distance across campus and we have many paths for both bikers and pedestrians.


The best thing about my school is the campus itself. With such inspirational and admireable surroundings, motivation increases dramatically here at CU Boulder. Waking up going to class every morning with the view of mountains, trees, snow and the beatuteous campus right out your window, makes studying and getting a degree here simply more gratifying. With a creek 1 mile away from campus, a ski resort 20 miles away, bike trails covering every street in Boulder, and hiking trails only 10 minutes or less away from your classroom it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with the campus.


I think the best thing about CU Boulder is the diversity it has. There are student from all walks of life and different backgrounds making up the main student body. I feel that this gives an incredible experience because it fully prepares you for dealing with the real world. High school does not fully expose you to the many differences of the world, and I feel that the school is doing an excellent job of promoting diversity and tolerance, both of which I feel the world can use more of.


The best thing about CU Boulder is the amount of opportunity that is presented. There are always multiple options for every flavor of person to persue or find a passion. There are endless amounts of doors and windows to open to find and create the person that you really are. Because the campus is so large and diverse, the university is able to offer exciting classes that other smaller universities would not be able to support. With this wide range of classes, students can craft their own major and really fulfill the academic experience that they wish to experience.


The best thing about the University of Colorado at Boulder is that it is a very rigorous program. It keeps me very busy and pushes me to do my best. Even though the lecture classes are big, the recitations allow personal contact with the instructor that is very helpful in allowing me to succeed in the class. There is a lot of competition so I never feel like I can slack off, which is important to me. I also love Boulder, it provides a good atmosphere for the college.


The best thing about my school is the divesity of people and the comfortable, college atomosphere. There is no social norm here in Boulder. Everyone is so unique and there is a place for everyone to fit in. Boulder is so laid back and comfortable that it's easy for international students, out of state students, and instate students to feel welcome.


I love that there's something for everyone here: between the hundreds of clubs, the different outdoor activities, and the culture of Boulder and its surrounding areas, "bored" can be easily erased from a CU student's vocabulary.


I love the environmental awareness and the outdoor/active lifestyle that so many people at the university have.


The best thing about the University of Colorado at Boulder is the diversity. There is an organization and place for everyone to fit in no matter what there background is. It opes up an opportunity for me to start a new life and make something of myself.


The best thing about this school is the opportunity to learn from some of the best professors in whichever field you chose to study in. Professors at CU are always willing to lend a helping hand and to make sure you succeed.


CU Boulder is very organized. I love that they know what theyre doin. No nonsense! Theyve got the system down, and are always lookin out for their students!


The University of Colorado at Boulder is best known for being environmentally friendly and being a gorgeous campus. I completely agree with both and think that these make it a top choice for many kids. Being surrounded by mountains is a view that makes you feel like you are in heaven and don't deserve to wake up to that view every day.


The lofty ideaology that is aspired to if not fully realized.


The social and academic aspects. Socially, I am in a great fraternity and have lots of non-greek friends. I go out almost every night. But on the other hand, the school is academically challenging, so I must balance my social life and my academic life.


The best thing about the Boulder campus is how open-minded the people up here are. The large range of students and faculty on our campus can only coexist peacefully if we have an open-minded nature. I have found that I can just as easily have a polite yet interesting debate on religious issues from the Pagan Student Alliance and the Campus Crusade for Christ. I've spoken with the PSA about Christian theology and Cru about Paganism with the same amount of ease. It's nice not to have to holdback curiousity for fear of stepping on toes.


That there is always room to grow, improve, and expand ourselves not only as students, but as a body. There will always be opportunities for anyone.


The community and Boulder itself. Waking up every morning and seeing the Flatirons is the best feeling in the world. It is a great environment to earn a college education.


The fact that i am learning what I want to learn: film. Not just video or the most up to date tech--we learn that too, but film. Super 8, 16, etc. I like the arts emphasis on exploration and experimentation instead of cookie-cutter-career-path works.


Whatever a student needs or wants, he does not have to travel very far to find it, and very rarely will he/she even need to leave campus. Virtually anything, including sports, tutoring, grocery shopping, medical attention, etc. is available on campus and/or very close by. The convenience and accessability of everything makes it very easy for new students to settle in to campus life, as well as provide an "at home" feel for continuing students.


There is a place for everyone here. It doesn't really matter where you're from or what past you've had, if you put yourself out just a little bit and talk to just a few people, you can find a small community. It is an enormous school, but there are outlets for almost everything a person could want to do, inluding activities, volunteering, social situations like fraternities and sororities, outdoor clubs, even religion-driven and politically-driven organizations.


Nice campus in the foothills of the rockies.


The Atmosphere of the students


I love the people. Kids at CU are extremely laid back, eco conscious, fun, music appreciators, smart, and good-looking too! My friends are great, theres a place for everyone here.


I like the focus the school places on being environmentally responsible.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many things to do when you are not working. The mountains are right in our backyard and there is always something to do, whether it is running around with friends, snowboarding, skateboarding, walking around town, etc. There is always something exciting to do.


I love the weather here and the amount of activites around: concerts, skiing, hiking, shopping, parties, etc.


The best thing about CU is the ability to make your time there what you want it to be. It can be based on anything from full out academics to a very fullfilling social atmosphere. Basically you get out of it what you put into it.




The best thing about the University of Colorado is the campus. It is located in beautiful Boulder Colorado and once you come here you will never want to leave.


Goregous campus filled with mostly interesting and driven professors.


Location and campus. Boulder is a beatuiful school with great buildings surrounded by mountains. I like the fact that you do not need a car to get around, and the students are all so nice.


The area it is in because the city is a great place to live and the mountains are so close by.


I love the free spirit that students express here. There is no shortage of creativity or enthusiasm for learning all the different subjects offered. The campus has students from all walks of life, a super-diverse population that is accepting of everyone. It's very easy to make friends and find your niche within the university. Very cool place to live :).


I really appreciate the diversity and openness shared by the general population of Boulder. Everyone here seems to embrace a very positive attitude and a general love for life which is tends to be infectious. I think CU Boulder offers everyone on campus a home away from home by encouraging them to take an active role in being a part of the university, strive for academic excellence, and allowing them to feel comfortable and welcome regardless of their socio-economic status, race, religion, sexual preference, etc.


Location, location, location


The location. Boulder is located just a short drive away from some of the best skiing in the country. It is sunny almost every day here and the views are beautiful from all parts of campus. There are miles and miles of amazing hiking trails located within walking distance from campus. I can hike and snowboard almost any day of the week, and the social scene is amazing.


The atmosphere in Boulder is optimal for college. People on the Boulder are really active. I love all the activities that people are involved in and how everyone loves to be outdoors and play sports. Also, Boulder is the perfect location. It's got the mountains and a very short drive to some of the best ski resorts in the nation. Also, great camping and biking and the town of Boulder is awesome. The people here are really laid back and happy.