University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We have amazing professors who will give a lot of encouragement and help.


The school seems to be best known for the engineering programs that it offers. However, I feel that this school is a local secret. I do not feel that there is a ton on publicity for the school yet the enrollment keeps growing but it seems that it is local people who attend the school. Perhaps this school is best known as a local favorite per se.


Medical and Engineering programs


My school is best known for its superior nursing program. And for its killer view of Pike's Peak.


UCCS is best known for its grad programs in engineering, nursing, and business, particularly the ones that are offered online during each semester.


UCCS is best known as a communter school. There are dorms, and more under construction, so there is living on campus. The largest university/college in the city of Colorado Springs. Campus is SAFE! Even when walking around at night there is nothing sketchy or creepy. There is a small police force that works exclusivly on campus.


UCCS is best known for being a quickly-growing, mostly non-traditional/commuter college that focuses heavily on sustainability, nursing/medical degrees, and engineering.


Its engineering and Computer Science programs are some of the best in the country, and from personal experience, I'd say its political science program isnt far behind.


In all honesty, UCCS is not a well-known university in Colorado. None of my friends had even heard of the campus until I told them that I would be attending it. Though the school may not be well-known it does not stop it from being a great institution with a beautiful campus, full of engaging actitivities, and friendly people.


My school is relatively small, so we havent really established a name for ourselves yet. However, we have an excellent nursing program.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is best known for the engineering program which is ranked 7th in the nation and it is also best known for the NCAA athletics.


UCCS is best known for being one of the fastest growing universities in the Springs! Also for having one of the most spectacular views of Pikes Peak. Not only is it a beautiful university but an affordable one for Colorado residents. Who could pass up over 300 days of sunshine majoring in your desired field on an ever-growing campus with an amazing staff? The answer should be NO ONE!


In Colorado Springs, UCCS is best known for their sports and their engineering.


My school is known best for a beautiful campus close to the mountains and several military bases. So there are a lot of people from the military that go there. Also it's well known for its nursing program.


Being a local highly credited and rank school and does not cost an arm and a leg.


Being a commuter school transtioning into a more traditional school


MY school is known for it's location. It is on top of a hill with an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It is known for being a commuter school. Many of the student commute from smaller town and various locations through out the city. Although there are dorms and apartments on campus, I would say majority of the students live somewhere else. I have also been told that my school is know for their match and engineering programs, although I would not know because that's not my major.


My school is best know for its science and engineering programs.


My school is known for the engineering program here. It was in the top like 5 schools for the program. It is in the University of Colorado system, so it is still a well known school, since it is part of the big name.


My school is known for its strong academics and great location in the Rockies. Also, it has a strong Political Science program.


UCCS is best known for their Beth-El College of Nursing, their College of Business, and their College of education. Were also a great place for transfer students.


Being a great school in many areas of study. Nursing is probably its most well known program


It's engineering program and small class sizes are the most well-known things.


UCCS is probably best known for its emphasis on business and nursing degrees, as well as its location on a hillside overlooking Colorado Springs.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) was best known for being a part time college with older students. Although this preception is changing as it now attracts younger students. UCCS is growing at an alarming rate, though it appears to be trying to become more like its sister school, the University of Colorado at Boulder, in that UCCS is expanding in on-campus residents and is expanding in the departments by building new facilities and buying new research equipment.


This school is best known for the beautiful campus and the fact that it is close to the mountains.


UCCS Is generally known for it's fantasctic engineering , nursing and business programs. It is in the top 30 schools for engineering.


Our school is known for its great classroom sizes, the great different fields of study and the different opportunities it offers us students. They are focusing it more on the students than on what they think would be best for them in the future. It's great!