University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The quality of education you receive is unparalleled to others, comparatively price wise. It is great for all students who are looking to go to a smaller university where you are considered a person not just a number.


beautiful campus, great people, great location


I don't brag.


I brag about the advisors, both financial and academic. They really take the time to figure out whats best for your needs and then work around any obstacles that may present a problem in your schedule and/or financial situation. They are also very easy to get ahold of through both email and appointments.


I love the contact that is available between staff and students. Out of all the schools I was looking into going to, this was the best school when it applies to staff contact. The best way to ensure success is to have a good relationship with your professors and to ask them for help with any issues. Your grades will be the best and you will understand the most. UCCS Professors almost always have office hours that every student can get to and if not, then the professors are very willing to make time for you individually.


When I understand something complex that I learned that day, or when I do good in my classses.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the amazing teachers. Everyone before I went to college told me that the teachers could not care less about their students and how awful they were. Those people must have gone to the wrong school because professors at UCCS are engaging, hilarious, caring, availiable. There are many ways to be in contact with the teachers, and they let the students know that. The teachers really stay on the the students level because for them, it is not only about teaching. The teachers are there to learn and discover too.


The science learnimg center and the food in the cafeteria. Every now and then I do mention the basketball games and little intermural sports leagues they have sometimes.


very clean nice and alot of activities


I don't brag. I believe UCCS is a great school, but I'm not the type of person to brag about things!


the location


The views. Colorado Springs lies just below the beautiful Pikes Peak located within the Rocky Mountains. Cloaked in a hat of white, and personifying the majestic purple hue of perfection, the mountain is beautiful. Beyond that, Colorado skies are always a crytal blue, painted with breathtaking clouds, the scenery in undoubtably beautfiul. The campus itself represents the sheer independence of Colorado!


The top to things I brag about is the safety and how nice the campus is. This campus is not all spread out like most colleges and it is really effective and a gorgeous campus to go to school at. I constantly brag about how quickly and safely I am able to walk from one side of the campus to the other. Safety is a huge issue to me. I am proud to say that since UCCS is so small it is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.


It's a great place to go lots to do


That it is modern. We have a new recreational center and just opened our new Event Center last week! It is so exciting to see this university grow! They are always making new buildings to accomodate the students better.


The academic atmosphere at UCCS is absolutely amazing, and every professor I have had thus far has been respectful and responsive to all of my needs and those of other students. I would say there is a definite desire to learn and expand one's horizons significantly and develop a functional global understanding. If I had to sum up the best aspects of UCCS, I would say every person, professor and student, has an unwavering desire to learn and teach on a completely unique level.


Reasonable tuition costs. Strong drama program with many theatre programs staged during the school year. Various ages of students create a diversity.


We have one of the best nursing programs in the nation and are fairly afforadable and a good size. Not too big, not too small. If you want to exceed there is great opportunity here.


I always tell them how much fun certain classes are and how many cool people i have befriended in class.


I had a great relationship with my professors and the school faculty, something my friends said was near impossible on their campuses. It seemed like everyone at my school was eager to lend a helping hand, and the professors were always available, whether you needed to contact them by e-mail, phone, or face-to-face. They really encouraged students to succeed in not only class, but all areas of life. The campus itself was also completely up-to-date, which made it enjoyable to stay and study in the library and computer labs.


I have heard the nursing program is in the top 10 in the United States. I love the scenic view of Pikes Peak. The anatomy class uses human cadavers in the lab. The science and learning labs have a lot of hands-on learning materials. The learning labs are user friendly and there is always help for anyone who asks for it. Mostly the professors are very approachable, friendly, and ready to help and inspire any student that needs help or wants more information about the subject.


The quality of education I got. I like that people realize I am an educated smart woman when they meet me.


Low cost, small (but efficient) time spent in class.


The ability to talk to the professors and get to know them well. There is ample opportunity in the science department to do research, and several professors engage in discussions outside of class with their students. The student governments (SGA, OCA, RHA) do care about the students, and make a huge effort to get people involved on campus.


I brag about the relationship that I have with my professors the most.


The class are great here most not being or 60 stundets minus a few intro corses. The profressors are great they really here for the students and they teach there own classes. This campus is really growing since I have been here there are six no building with great class room space and non or the new rooms are bigger than 100 students. If you are not willing to work around all the new constuction this might not be your place though. Come check out UCCS it is one of the best school in the state.