University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a small campus, located at the base of Pike's Peak. The worst thing about the campus is that there is limited parking- perhaps this is by design to encourage carpooling.


The worst thing about my school is that it consists of a lot of commuters who live at home, so it is hard to make friends. There is also no football team and has a very little selection of clubs.


Again, like most schools, paperwork and registration is all over the place, with administrators and career advisors giving you more than one set of instructions on how to apply for the college, for financial aid, and in general, making sure all your paperwork is in order. It's up to you to verify everything you need to attend and complete college, and you'd better verify several times with more than one person on more than one day, in order to cover your bum.


I wish my school offered more on-campus activities and events to meet new people. The events they often put on are fun, but there just isn't enough going on during the weekends on campus.


That the school is not well known. I wish more people knew about it because it really is an amazing school


The worst thing about my school is definitely the parking and the cost of parking passes. Its much more efficient to just use the bus transportation to and from school.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the social heirarchy. Some students have very different personalities when on and off campus depending on the people they are surrounded by. As a result, they can act entirely different around a group than they would act around an individual as a way to associate themselves among the "upper" class of people.


I think my only real complaint about my school is the parking. I have to park 2 miles away from the school and then hike to a shuttle bus to be taken up to the school. Or I could pay $200/ semester to park closer but not have a gaurenteed space anyway.


not all classes offered when i need them to be


The worst thing about this school is it's lack of activities everyday and parking!!


The worst thing about my school in the school spirit. Many students do not attend the events that are on campus, and I wish more people would just become more involved.


I'm not used to a school this small or this much attention. But it's starting to grow on me.


The worst thing about UCCS, is that some of the departments are really only limited to a few staff members, so some of the required classes cannot be offered every semester.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of making one feel like a valued individual. For example, if one were a customer to a large corperation, one usually doesnt receive the personal quality service as one would receive from a smaller company.


The worst thing about my school is the general layout. As it is along the side of a steep slope, it is fairly small, without many grassy areas. There aren't many places to sit outside to work on homework or to read for classes.


The support services, like financial aid, the records department, and academic advising, are not effective. I rarely get straight answers when I ask questions and I often don't receive the correct relevant information about my situation until it's too late. I've had problems with my records being lost and having to be resubmitted, financial aid officers giving me faulty information, getting different answers about my credit hour requirements from different academic advisers, and so on and so forth.


The English classes because they don't tailor to fit one's individuality, i.e. one's major or interest(s).


The worst thing about school is the priceses of everything like text books and studyguides. They cost way too much and a lot of us can't afford to get them


i can not think of anything


The worst thing about UCCS is that it needs more available parking on campus that is conviently located, such as an additional parking garage.


Currently, there is a lot of construction around campus and it draws away from the available space. Our student population is also increasing which makes the class size larger but overall, nothing is so negative that it takes away from the amazing things our campus have to offer.


The advidors are not very helpful unless you are an engineering student. I had a hard time getting one to give me an appointment.


The worst thing about my school would be how every one of the professors want you to succeed and so do the academic advisors, but they don't seem to really care.


There are limited extracurricular activities, the school is so small there isn't even a football team. There is little socialization unless you live on campus.


Because the school isn't very large and most of the students come from the Colorado Springs area, most students either live at home with their parents or on off-campus housing. Because of that. the campus is dead on the weekends. Students who aren't involved in campus activities always complain that there is nothing to do on campus, so there isn't a very large feeling of unity among the student body. However, the school is definitely making great strides to change that.


There are several different departments within the school. I am attempting to get a major in Engineering with a minor in foreign language (Spanish or Japanese) and chemistry. However, the difficulty of scheduling and the corse load has made me reconsider getting a minor in a foreign language. And my chemistry minor is being pushed back farther because of the classes required for my Mechanical Engineering degree. The only other complaint I possess about UCCS is the lack of financial aid. However, the complaint is not unique to my university.


The one thing i hear most of my peers complain about this school is that there is not that much to do. The school really doesn't have that many activities compared to other schools. On the weekends, the only thing to do is to go off campus. I think most students that go off to college expect to have some fun on campus when they don't have any work to do. I know i sure did. And the fact that it doesn't makes it less appealing.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the town that it is located in. It is a very conservative town and I feel like that affects the school. Also there is not a lot to do for the students in terms of extracurricular activities if they don't have a lot of money.


The worst thing about my school would probably have to be the difficulty of my classes. Although I am learning a lot, my classes are very difficult. This helps me stay focused, because if I don't my grades will suffer. I believe that the classes must be very difficult for the students to get the full potential of college. Therefore the difficulty is a bad thing mostly because it causes the student to devote all of his time to school work.


The only down fall is that it is a big commuter school and it is very hard for commuting students to get involved with the school, but in part that is their fault because they don't do anything to invlove themselves. The school does a great job in school involvement.


Conservative city it is placed within. It doesn't seem to affect it too much but it does somewhat, esepcially this year during campaign season.


It is a big commuter school so there isn't a whole lot going on on campus. Most people live off campus so it is very hard to become friends with people who are not in your classes.


The campus life is very dead. During the week any activities that they host trying to get students involved attract only a handfull of students and on the weekends the campus is dead. Hardly anyone lives on campus and of those that do the majority go home on the weekends.


There is no access to any off campus activities within walking distance. This makes it very hard for UCCS to attract freshmen and encourage them to live on campus because they will either have the additional expense of buying a car or they are stuck on campus with no social life.


Parking is horrible. Lot of commuter students.


The advising for the nursing program although it's getting better. And the amount of campus life, it has a commuter campus feel.