University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person who should attend this University is the student who knows how to be independent in their school work and educational communication between professors and study centers. Studying and school work is relied completely on the student themselves. If there was any problem with scheduling or not knowing about assignments, full responsibility is put on the student.


The type of person that should attend UCCS is someone who wants a university education influenced with diversity, flexible class scheduling, great teachers, and a wide variety of activities. Our school is on a large hill and spread out, so someone who doesn't mind a long walk (but with great views!) would also be ideal.


Someone who is driven. If you can put the time and effort into the work this is a great school. There are many group projects once you get to to your higher classes and you should be able to split the work. You should be able to work efficiently by yourself as well as with others. Someone who is dependable in the work place. I have noticed that is something teachers look for. An outstanding person that isn't hiding in the shadows . A leader.


Someone who chooses to attend the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs should not only be ambitious and hard working, but I believe they should also be responsible. Responsible for everything they do as far as school and social life. Th person who chooses to attend this school should be mature and have much integrity.


People who love nature, and hikers.


Any person that is interested in a relaxed but interesting college/university environment that wants to discover what they are about. If you want a college that is interested in keeping the environment safe and that is also interested in being supportive of it's students, then this is the place for you.


Someone is determined to succeed and has an idea of what area they would like to earn a major. It is a great school with lots of learning opportunities and resources to help students succeed in each subject.


People who are self motivated to seek higher education or a degree.


UCCS is a school for students who want to have close connections with professors and other students, but also have the big campus environment of clubs and sports. Since UCCS is located in Colorado Springs, CO, both commuter students and those from out of town feel at home.


The type of person that should attend this school needs to be passionate about their education, dedicated to their responsibilities, and able to let loose.


Students should be serious about their education if they are interested in attending UCCS. Students should want to contribute to the UCCS community with whatever they can bring. If they attend UCCS, they should be kind and willing to make friends with diverse groups of people. There is an expectation that everyone is kind and respectful, and the high school cliquiness is no longer present. If you are interested in a unique college experience in which there is a close community of high achieving students, then UCCS is perfect for you.


In order to succeed at this University, the student must be a determined and disciplined person that is eager to learn new things. The student must also have solid organizational skills to manage his/her time during the school year. Being able to make new friends is also a wonderful skill that would benefit the student greatly at this University.


The people at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs are extremely nice and friendly. They enjoy being outside and trying new things. If someone was looking to attend this school, they should be outgoing and open to new experiences. A big activity in Colorado is to go hiking or camping, so a prospect student should like the outdoors and want to go on adventures. For out of state students like myself, there should also be a like fo cold weather because it does get very chilly here.


Anyone looking for a good education. The professors here are open-minded, and is located in the very beautiful conservative town on Colorado Springs. If you love outdoor activities, and enjoy people letting you be who you are, UCCS is the place to be!


Those who don't care for a football team or dorm life. People are always coming and going on campus so it isn't easy to make friends since people have to go to work or just go straight home after class.


The type of person that should attend this school would be one that is very dedicated. UCCS is no joke!


Someone who enjoys getting to know people in a "one on one" atmosphere as compared to huge group situations. Someone who likes to recognize their classmates around campus and who appreciates a small class. They should also be prepared to spend some money....


This school is a school for all types of people. I've seen students from ages 17 to 60, from all types of backgrounds. It's a great school for someone who wants to feel involved in their school. UCCS helps students one-on-one, and makes sure that you succeed.


Any person can attend UCCS. It is a good school for anybody that is looking for a relatively small school. They do not discriminate based on sexual orientatio, race, or anything else.


One that doesn't enjoy doing anything fun or social.


A driven and focused student.


A stuck up snob that makes mommy and daddy pay for their education.


People who should attend the school should be Caucasian and extremely conservative in their political views. Also very religious, but in a Christian way. Other religions, races and sexual orientations have been ridiculed openly, so if they are into that, then they should attend.


If someone were attend this school they should be very open minded, ready for diversity, and goal oriented.