University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a large greek life, sorority, or fraternity.


If you are the kind of person who is extremely set in your views and unwilling to accept the opinions of others, you should not go to UCCS. There are many people with different views, and if you are not used to differing views, then you are going to be in for a culture shock. While I give cuation to this, I think this matter is also one of the better things about UCCS because you are going to be exposed to many views and become better accultured to what the world is going to be like.


People who shouldn't attend this school are people who are judgmental of others or that want a severely fast paced and stressful college experience. This college is more based on discovering who you are as a person and bettering yourself as a human being.


The type of person who should attend UCCS is someone who wants a school bigger and more acredidted than a community college but smaller than some of the bigger universities. UCCS is not a small campus per say, but much smaller than CSU or CU boulder. The campus is great for people who enjoy out doors and classes are great for students who need to take classes at night. I would say a person who is looking for a smaller more hometown feel while still attendting a university, should consider the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who does not have the will to learn or the drive to try out new things and explore what the school has to offer them. An undetermined student would not have a successful career at this University.


Someone looking for a strong school spirit and variety of sports


Someone who doesn't like small campuses, should not attend this university.


Anyone who is not focused on getting a quality education and enhancing their knowledge in a desired field of study. If you are more concerned with partying and hanging out with friends, then this is not the school for you.


any type of person. This is a very friendly campus and I have seen no signs of prejudice towards anyone


Anyone who needs to communicate with the professors and loves being in a tight-knit support group in the community would love to attend this university. All majors and careers are supported here so anyone would benefit from attending this university, especially if they plan to go on to any sort of graduate school or medical/law school.


Someone who just wants to party or get really involved with their school socially should not attend UCCS.


People that want a large school atmosphere.


Those who want a large sports program probably shouldn't attend; we are too small to have a football team, and many other sports suffer from lack of either talent or participation.


someone who is wanting to go to college and get a degree and enter the job market based on their degree. It is a relatively inexpensive school, strongly encourages community and being "green" and has numberous outdoor activity clubs and social groups


A person who likes the big city and the city life should not attend this college. A person with very liberal views probably will not like it here either.


Come to UCCS if you want to learn and be good at your career. If you want to party go to CU boulder


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who is looking for a lot of campus activities and very active sororities and fraternities. There are many activities on campus, but they are sponsored by a variety of clubs, some large, some small. This school is located in a city where there isn't a lot to do (clubs, etc), but there are numerous outdoor activities as a result of the mountains right by it. People who lots of people and very large classes should also not apply.


The type of student who is looking for big fraternities and parties. You can find that social atmosphere with no trouble at all, and a lot of times it is nice to have, but it is not a central part of the campus or the environment. If you are looking for the 40,000-plus student body and the huge lectures, UCCS is not the place for you.




The type of person who should not attend UCCS is someone who is unwilling to learn and put in extra effort to succeed and make the best out of their college experience.


someone who wants to learn and is willing to work hard. someone upbeat and likes their world views challanged. someone who isnt afraid of being pushed to their limits at times as far as workload.


Its a true commuter school, so students looking for a more school spirited on campus experience should not attend this campus. Its very goal oriented and less of the "college" feel other campuses have.