University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is the people. I attended another university before UCCS, and many of the people who were there were extremely arrogant and snobby. The people at UCCS are much more understanding and friendl. I have made some excellent friends who are great people, and I think having a support group during school is one of the most important things to success.


The best thing about UCCS the diversity is the students and degrees. The student body at UCCS is engaged and friendly. I have yet to met a snobby person. Theres are hundreds of degrees that one can choose from when appling to UCCS.


It offers the major I want!


The atmosphere is aboslutely wonderful. The campus feels open, serene, and majestic. I was torn between attending the University of Colorado Denver and UCCS, and the atmosphere at UCCS is what helped me make my final decision. I not only feel safe on campus but the beauty of the scenery is not lost on me.


Small size


I think the best thing about the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is the location, it is in town but at the same time tucked away making it a great environment for learning.


The best thing at UCCS is the constant upgrades to the campus. Computers are everywhere and always up to date! Beautiful new buildings and additions to almost all original buildings. Campus activities are worth going to!! Lots of new friends made in each class!


The view from campus is amazing


The best thing about UCCS is the relaxed atmosphere. UCCS is an average-sized campus, but classes are generally small, allowing the professors to interact with students on a first name basis. UCCS does not only prepare you for your academic degree, but also for the real world of employment. As a sophomore business student, I am looking forward to the many internship options that I will be able to apply for next year.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is unique because it provides a setting in which students are driven to succeed. There is a competitive atmosphere which promotes hard work and a positive education community. It is great because there is less distraction, and it is easy to find support or help by simply going to the numerous success centers around campus. They provide tutors with a plethera of knowledge, and there are always students working hard right next to you.


The best thing about UCCS is the location. It is located in the middle of Colorado Springs, but everything you could ever want to do is less than two hours away, most of it being only 20 minutes away. There is camping, hiking, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, and things involved with the city life all very close.


The very best thing about UCCS is what we call "the spine"; the main pedestrian road on campus. I love it because it spans across campus, connects to almost every building, and has breathtaking views of the city and Rocky Mountains. However, I the reason I like the spine is because it is a place that I can talk to people I know, while still see new faces. UCCS has enough students to continuously be meeting new people, and yet stay connected with friends you've already made. The spine is a place where these things can happen.


For years I was told that in college where there are so many people that everyone especially professors will treat you as if you’re a number. At UCCS I have never felt like a number, professors actually care and always make you feel welcome and encourage you to reach higher for your goals.The professors are the most outstanding, helpful, encouraging people that truly want their students to succeed. They go to great lengths to make sure each student understands the information being presented. Without the support all over campus freshman year would have been a nightmear.


I love the people at my school. Everyone smiles and says hi.


I love the class sizes and attention the school grants its students. Whether it be in a class or when talking to a counselor I do not feel like I am just a face, but that I am consider a student and one of importance.


The size of the campus makes it easy to get to know professors and other students. There is plenty of support on campus in regards to just about any subject. Everywhere you look, people are willing to help!


I think the best thing about my school is that everyone actually cares about how well you do. There are offices on campus that exist solely to make sure you do well and will actually email you if they see you aren't doing well in order to help you succeed.


I think the sense of community due to the small campus feel.


I love the fact that I can easily choose my own schedule. My work and class schedules easily work into eachother, and the nonrestrictive schedule allows for strong feelings of independence. UCCS presents their students as adults pursuing their dreams, and the respect there feels so much greater.


For me, UCCS is in my hometown so I'm able to live at home for free while attending. This is definitely a plus, because when I started school in August, I was not in a financial position to move out.


smaller classes, approachable faculty


I think that my school is very safe because the campus police are always on duty and are always efficient.


Good quality education for a low price.


The faclulty is the best thing at this school becuase they are always willing to help students excel by being available via e-mail, office hours, and class time and by challenging students to think critically about what they are learning and how they might be able to apply this to their personal career goals.


The best thing about this campus is the professors. The professors are very helpful and give you extra help whenever is needed. The teachers have really helped me so far in college, because when I am ever falling behind my teacher is there to catch me up. It is great to have a professor work around your schedule.


I love the mountains. I love the openess of the people at UCCS. They are very accepting of new ways of thinking, acting and living, I love that. It makes me feel like i can be myself.


I love the resources available to students. These reources provide all students with an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.


The energy of professors. There is a small professor to student ratio so it is easy to get help and most professors want to help you succeed and tend to either still be working in their field or were once professionals in the field they teach.