University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Career Driven and student sucess orientated, with a lot of oppurtunities for achievement.


University of Colorado at Denver, is a great place to learn, and full of diversity.


The University of Colorado Denver is a hidden gem with it's amazing programs, wonderful professors, and decent tuition cost.


CU Denver is very diverse, eco-friendly and urban.


UCD is a big school and can be kind of intimidating at first, but as soon as you are in a class room with 20-40 other students as nervous as you are everything gets better. The students are very welcoming and the professors are extremely excessable and want nothing more than for you to succeed.


The University of Colorado at Denver is practical.


My school is mainly a health sciences school, but it is diverse in the different feilds of health science with an emphasis on honors programs.


UCD on the Auraria campus is a mix of modern classroom building, nice green common areas and classic historical structures like the Tivoli Student Union, Victorian houses turned faculty office and even old churches turned event hall and chapel. On one side is a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and on the other the sky line of down town Denver. Also, Sports Authority Mile High Stadium (where the Broncos play), the Pepsi Center (concerts, Avalanche hockey & and Nuggets basketball are palyed here), and Elitch Gardens amusement park all neighbor our campus in the Platte Valley. There is an awesome bike/walking path along the Platte River and Confluence Park (where Cherry Creek and the Platte River meet) is a short walk away. This campus is gorgeous!


My school fun and enjoyable and has many programs for students.


University of Colorado at Denver is a diverse commuter school conveniently located in the heart of downtown Denver, accessible to students of all different backgrounds and communities that facilitates learning in many different environments laught by experienced and interested professors.


UCD is a school that encourages diversity, the pursuit of education, and the creation of bonds and friendship throughout your college career.


The University of Colorado at Denver is great for those who have to balance both school and a full-time job, and the students here are very career-oriented and focused.


The location is fabulous both for the college in the hustle and bustle of Denver businesses and for the socializing, and network of the hustle and bustle of Denver businesses.


My education there was very professional.


It is a highly academicly focused institution with little community because of how widely dispersed the student body is geographically, but it will train you well for your health science career.


A serious school with independent-minded students who are dedicated and diverse.


Commuter campus. Engineering labs and classes too antiquated. Classes not always offered. Professors helpful.


An upbeat campus located in the heart of Denver, surrounded by hustle and bustle, nestled in LoDo.


A commuter school with good ethnic and cultural diversity, but hardly any interaction between students, overcrowded and mediocre education.