University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

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There is a wide range of diversity offered at University of Colorado Denver. We have international students attending from places all over the world, such as Bejing and countries in the Middle East. It is nice walking arond a campus full of so many different faces, and very fulfilling to exposed to different types of cultures on a daily basis.


The University of Colorado College of Nursing has one of the top ranked nursing programs in the nation. The University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) is also nationally ranked and is a magnet hospital, which is considered the Nobel Peace Prize for hospitals. In addition, since it is a state school, the tuition is much less than the other top ranked school in the area, Regis University.


Compared to other schools, nothing beats learning in the heart of the mile high city! I enjoy the luxury of being able to eat and explore downtown between breaks during my class days.


It is extremely acedemically focussed and will thoroughly prepare me for medical school. The location is in the beautiful city of Denver and right next to the Rocky Mountains. It is close to my home and friends.


A unique aspect that drew me to this school was that it is in the heart of downtown denver, yet still has some what of a college campus field. I love the location. Other schools I condsidered were more agriculutral campuses that I would expect out of a college. Yet this school is a 4 year, accredited college, in the hear of a major city.


University of Colorado at Denver was unique because it was close to home, a commuter school that had an Education program that interested me at an accredited university.


My school is an unique schools because it is one of the only schools in the nation, that offers a bachelors degree in Music that is based off strict music business and music performance combined, other schools that were in the area only had bachelors in music performance and music education, and thats not what I wanted to do in my life.


My first college was out in a smallish town far away from the big city. At my college now, we are right in the heart of downtown. I find it easier to concentrate when it doesn't feel like you are the only thing out there. I have places that I can go and people around that like the big city vib.


The support among the student body is unique at my school compared to the other schools that I had considered. Although the students on campus are very hard working and competitive, they all support and help out their fellow classmates. Everyone is friendly and helps out one another when it comes to academics and even with things that are not school related.


The Writing program is completely unique in Colorado.


The University of Colorado at Denver is a very urban school. If you consider the upbeat city lifestyle this is the school for you. UCD is a very culturally diverse school with an exceptional staff and student base that will help you succeed and have fun at the same time. If you are into the arts, UCD has many cultural and artistic events that occur regularly. Events may include, guest lectures, breakdance compeitions, and art showcases.


good location/ good professors


It shares a campus with two other colleges.


This University is a commuter campus; most of the students live outside the downtown-area. Therefore, they rely on public transportation to get to school. Here, most of the instructors are working professionals, which in turn affects their teaching characteristics in an appropriate way. There is an enormous amount of diversity on this campus; no one feels left out.


It was strictly a commuter campus, housing was available beginning my third? year. The student body is really diverse and accepting. I love that is downtown, there is so much to do between classes. I found so many neat places to study and hang out.


The value of the education in relation to the money spent is great! The students at CU Denver are all independent and are serious about their success. I find the students quite mature and that is extremely satisfying.


The unique thing about my school compared to others I have considered is that my school is not a party school. There are no dorms here. There are a few on campus living facilities, like on campus apartments. Mostly all the students who go here are very serious about their school work and are planning on attending some kind of graduate school. I like that our school isn't a typical "party" school. School is hard enough while working full time without having to add the peer pressure of partying every night.


Our school just moved campuses so it is brand new. We have state of the art equipment, labs, and simulation labs.